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Alloa / Glenochil 19-9-21


Race Report Glenochil Alloa, Report by Jim Grieve

Photographs by Barry Gordon B&M photography and Peter Greenwood

Scottish Twin Shock Round 6

Glenochil, Alloa

Sunday 19th September 2021

Report by Jim Grieve

So we moved onto the penultimate round at Alloa, and after a beautiful Saturday with a well designed and built track, we had a rain all night and were greeted on Sunday morning with a rather sodden race course, although this did not dampen the excitement during the racing one little bit.

The racing would prove to be very fast, with a nice flowing circuit, and it would be the Pre-77 class heading us off as usual, with young Kyle McClure taking an early advantage and two wins and a second, he would not only take the race but also the championship as well, showing a superb riding technique all through the year, well done Kyle. Bravely following him home in two races and actually winning the third race, would be, in my view the man of the match, riding with a scaphoid injury and displaying a herculean effort, it would be Barry Smith, absolutely sensational bud.

In third would be a great effort from Billy-boy Pentland on the old “Lugs” Can am machine, with three consistent positions taking the third rung on the podium ladder.

The youth classes would see Mathew Duncan flying into three magnanimous victories and a well-deserved 1st overall, with Stewart Bagen, riding superbly on his 125cc machine and having a great day to bring home the silver, also with some very consistent rides was Ben Jackson, taking third overall on the day.

Moving onto the old thunderous four stroke class, and it would see a win apiece for Andy Malloch and Sam Sibbald in races one and two respectively with it all to play for in the third encounter, but with bike issues in the third race, Andy Malloch would fly in and take the overall, with Sam only managing third overall on the day as an ever steady, consistent Keith Birse would capture second on the day and the lead in the championship, with it all to play for in the final round.

As we moved to the novice class it would be Jack Young in first, from Gareth Miller in second and Anton Hughes in third on the day, gaining great experience as they will move through their racing career.

Once again in the open class twin shock, it would be a clean sweep of victories for Brian Alexander, the big Honda powering around the sticky circuit, but he did not have it all his own way as John Crawford and Paul Chiappa would keep him honest and john almost snatched victory in race one, but on the day it was a resounding overall result for Brian, with Paul Chiappa, fighting tooth and nail for his second overall, and John Crawford taking home the bronze award on the day, well done guys.

In the under 300cc twin shock class it would be yours truly (me), taking the overall with three straight wins, and the championship to boot. For Paul ness, it would be three superb second places and second overall, giving his 250cc Yamaha “the beans”, with another Yamaha in third, ridden by David Stanford, taking the third prize for the day.

For the evolution class, it would be some of the most exciting racing of the day with Peter Graham, flying around on his quarter litre machine and bringing home the wins in race one and two and with his second in the third race it would be an overall first for Peter Graham, but there were so many great riders in this class now, and with Tam Grant taking the win in the third race and his two seconds, he would take the silver on the day, but Roy Potts was really pressing his Honda very hard indeed and closed to under a tenth of a second of Peter at the flag, in the final encounter, and this must have been one of the closest finishes of the season. Roy would take the final place on the podium with a well-deserved third overall.

For the Pre-90 12cc class we would have some interesting battles, between Ewan Campbell and Michael Mclarty, with Ewan just pipping Michael in the first race by the narrowest of margins, but he would follow this up with two more superb first place finishes for the overall on the day, with Michael Mclarty chasing very hard and putting in a resounding performance for second and an ever improving Callum Laird speeding his Honda into a superb third overall, to make it a Honda 1-2-3 for the eight litre machines/ Superb riding from all, with these tiddler machines screaming their way through the mud at breakneck speeds.

Moving onto the over 50’s class and with championship leader Kenny Hope out through injury (get well soon buddy), it would be all to play for in the penultimate race, but stepping up to the task were Morton Hannah, Mark Kenny, Robbie Allan, and Mark deeps Dempsey.

Ultimately pushing to the fore would be Morton Hannah pippin Mark “kenzo” Kenny for the win in the first race and with the second race win and a second, it would be Morton taking the overall with some super speedy rides, from an equally fast, just returned from battle in England, Mark Kenny.

In third it would be Robbie Allan, taking third on the day, revelling in the damp sticky conditions.

The clubman class would see many riders able to push their machines to the limit, and indeed the top six riders were very close when it came to the final points tally but at the flag with a win a second, and not so high scoring second race, it would be Alex Mowat, keeping his championship hopes alive, from Kyle Marshall on the same points haul but losing out due to Alex’s better third race position, and in third it would be Aaron Hamer taking the bronze.

The monoshock class was basically a Graham Blacklock benefit race, as he took three resounding victories and the overall, but fighting it out for the two other steps of the podium however, would be Jordan Mcdonald, Mark Glegg and Jay Clark, all within 5 points of each other at the final whistle, and every rider giving their all on this intensely difficult battlefield today, with Jordan coming out with a well-deserved silver trophy and his championship lead intact and Mark Glegg taking third, and it will be very interested for the final round at Glenfarg.

The two stroke class had Gregor Campbell making a very worthwhile long journey by securing three first places and the overall with some very scintillating performances,

And a great turn of speed.

The battle for the lower places would be won by Calum Kilgour taking second overall today, after an equally long trip to race and in third it would be Bryan Colligan and his just reward is the two stroke championship one round early, well done Bryan, but there are still lots to fight for in this championship. I am sure it will be worthwhile getting those entries in early for Glenfarg, as it is always a very popular event, so with some championships being wrapped up early and lots still to be decided, get along to the “farg”, stay safe and see you all at Glenfarg


Pre-77 1) Kyle McClure 2) Barry Smith 3) Billy Pentland 4) Joe Mclean 5) Donald Fullerton 6) Craig Mackenzie

Four stroke 1) Andy Malloch 2) Keith Birse 3) Sam Sibbald 4) Ricky Caldwell 5) John Cockburn 6) Keith Stanford

Youth Class 1) Mathew Duncan 2) Stewart Bagen 3) Ben Jackson 4) Cole Christie 5) Ronnie Ingram 6) Brandon Nisbet

Novice 1) Jack Young 2) Gareth Miller 3) Anton Hughes

Pre 90 125cc 1) Ewan Campbell 2) Michael Mclarty 3) Callum Laird 4) Damian Carter 5) Kevin Rosie 6) William Penrice

Twin shock under 300cc 1) Jim Grieve 2) Paul Ness 3) David Stanford 4) Neil Litterick

Over 50’s 1) Morton Hannah 2) Mark Kenny 3) Robbie Allan 4) Mark deeps Dempsey 5) Stuart Pullar 6) Douglas Lace

Twin-shock open 1) Brian Alexander 2) Paul Chiappa 3) John Crawford 4) Jim Colligan

Clubmen 1) Alex Mowat 2) Kyle Marshall 3) Aaron Hamer 4) Louis Tobin 5) Connel Allardyce 6) Liam Harvey

Evolution 1) Peter Graham 2) Tom Grant 3) Roy Potts 4) James Haddow 5) Jordan Doherty 6) Stuart Hogg

Two stroke open 1) Gregor Campbell 2) Calum Kilgour 3) Bryan Colligan 4) Jamie Bell 5) Paul Benham 6) Lee Mcalister

Monoshock 1) Graham Blacklock 2) Jordan Mcdonald 3) Mark Glegg 4) Jay Clark 5) Matthew Harper 6) Shaun Robertson


Dream Team     =           357=571=775=1020

Rik Caldwell                     60+45+32+39

Tom Grant                       111+43+49+52

Tommi Mcmillan-Grant     31+25+12+26

Robbie Allan                     56+41+18+43

Brian Alexander                 99+60+60+60

Gordon Morrison                 0+0+33+25

Team dial-a-tow     =   444=656 =805=1006

Jim Grieve                     114+60+60+60

John Hopton                     4+0+4+9

Craig Smith                     88+43+13+0

Paul Chiappa                   70+35+45+49

Barry Smith                   111+51+0+54

Dylan Mulligan               57+23+27+29

Team Argyll     =         419=598=762=873

Kyle McClure                 111+60+60+57

Grant McClure                   0+0+0+0

Jordan McDonald           106+40+33+45

Gregg Maxwell                 60+0+0

Jordon Doherty                 54+29+31+32

Connel Allerdyce             88+50+40+34

Factory Fixers   =         366=520=689=873

Damian Carter                   81+41+41+37

Keith Birse                       86+52+47+47

Neil Litterick                     50+0+36+39

John Cockburn                   3+1+45+35

William Penrice                44+60+0+26

Dean Rutherford               102+0+0+0

Team Loudon     =           353=476=696=836

Kevin Rosie                       33+0+31+31

Jonathan Young                 29+0+47+0

John Lamont                       35+0+13+0

Roy Potts                            82+35+41+45

Stuart Hogg                       57+28+28+31

Bryan Colligan                 117+60+60+43


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