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2024 Club Membership Registration & IOPD Licence are NOW available. click on the link below.  

Click on this link    APPLICATION FORMS   to print Club Membership & IOPD Licence forms.

To continue our streamlining process the Club Registration & IOPD licence are now combined into one payment of £60.00

To All who are interested in Joining for 2024 :

Just click on the link above & print off both forms and return them to the address provided , if you have queries / questions please contact me, my telephone number is on the forms.

Payment by Bank Transfer.  We still require the forms to be sent in !! .

***  However if you are a New Member please contact me first Before You Do A Bank Transfer to confirm a Race Number  ***.  07747446764

Virgin / Clydesdale Bank :  ACCOUNT CODE : 30050192     SORT CODE : 82 68 31

All Classes should self-explanatory. 

If you are interested in the Clubman Championship , ( Criteria being , Any Bike : however we ask that if you have finished in the top 6 of any of our Senior Championship Classes you are not eligible for the Clubman Class ) Also any new member entering this class please be aware that if you are too quick a rider & your times confirm this you will be moved to another class. !!


Ricky .


Transponders :   A brief update To those who are New to racing with us at The Scottish Twin Shock Club. We use Mylaps Electronic Timing to record our Race Results . In brief you will need a Transponder to record where you finish, points scored etc, for your Championship.    

No Transponder = No Trophy / No Info / No Points !!!

You can race without one No Problem but we will not be able to give you any info at all on where you finish in the race.

Please see below websites where these can be purchased from. There are different subscription packages available to suit all but please make sure you purchase the correct Transponder for Motocross !!

HS Sports :
or direct from ( import charges may now apply )

Mylaps TR2 MX Transponder Pack with a 1 Year subscription is appx  £90 inc. postage .

Once you have received your Transponder make sure you Register & Activate it via the software download then just let us know your Transponder number and we will update the system, simple !!

Hope this info is helpful .

Do not wait until the last minute to purchase one as race day is busy enough without trying to register transponders so you have been warned.

Hope this info is helpfull






Friday, June 21, 2024
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