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Hawick Race Report August 2021


Race Report Hawick, Report by Jim Grieve

Photographs by Barry Gordon B&M photography and Peter Greenwood 

Scottish Twin Shock Round 5


Sunday 22nd August 2021 

Report by Jim Grieve

Moving onto Round 5 of the twin shock championship and I was amazed at the superb track that was laid out for us, terrifically prepared by the Graham family and the twin shock committee. To say that this track was fast, wide open and flowing would be an understatement. I did not hear one bad comment about this track all day. Maybe we can race here every week, just kidding.

So onto the racing and as usual the pre-77 class would lead us off for the day’s preceding’s and it would be Kyle McClure flying off to three straight wins, and basically riding in another postcode. He would be followed home by the ever improving Joe Mclean, ah! there is still life in the old dog yet. The third step on the podium would belong to Craig Mackenzie, who had misfortune in the second race, which denied him a better placing.

Moving onto our youth racers and it would be a hat trick of victories for Talon leask flying in the first moto and taking all three victories but it would be Mathew Duncan that would keep him honest in the other races and securing second overall with three consistent second place finishes, the rider taking the bronze would be Stewart Bagen and his newly rebuilt for this race, Husqvarna 125cc machine.

The four stroke class would see Sam Sibbald take his usual race into the lead but it would not work out as hoped for this event, as he had misfortunes in the second and third race. So jumping for joy would be Big Andy Malloch and his thunderous Armstrong machine taking the overall with two seconds and a first. Following him home would be Keith Birse taking one of his best overall finishes for second, and just behind Keith was his pal John Cockburn taking third, (better stop telling all those little secrets in the van Birsy).

The novice class would be represented by two riders, namely Jack Young and Anton Hughes, both showing some good form and gaining a great deal of experience, in the end it would be Jack Young in front of Anton Hughes.

For the open class twin shock riders, it would be a clean sweep of victories for Brian Alexander and the overall as well, but he would be chased home by both John Crawford and Paul Chiappa, albeit at a slight distance. So we would have John on the big bore Honda taking second from Maico mounted Paul Chiappa in third.

The under 300cc twin shock class would see myself taking three straight wins, luckily the rear wheel stayed together in the last race, as there were certainly a lot of jumps for these 42-year-old bikes to handle. In second would be Paul Ness, bringing home the 250 Yz and ever improving through the race, with Callum Sangster nursing home the quarter litre Maico for three consistent third places, after his machine troubles throughout the day.

In the evolution class we would have the very fast Bryan Mackenzie, Gavin Robertson and Tam Grant, unfortunately as Bryan is not a club member then he would not figure in the final points haul, but watching him flying around was certainly a great sight to see.

So it would be Gavin Robertson, equally as fast, taking three terrific wins and the overall, followed home by Tam Grant, Roy Potts and Peter Graham, with Tam taking home the silver trophy, with two seconds and a third and Roy would take the bronze, although both he and Peter would tie on points, but due to Peter’s slip in the first moto this would cost him in the final points tally.

For the Pre-90 125cc class it was a resounding overall victory for Graeme Farish and his nippy little quarter litre Suzuki, being kept honest by the Honda duo of Michael Mclarty and Jonathan Young and indeed this pair finished only a point apart at the final standings, with Michael taking second overall honours due in no little part to his race two win and Jonathan would take the third place spoils, well done guys.

In the over 50’s class it was three runaway victories for big Kenny Hope and his Maico mount being used to get some needed practice in for Farleigh. Also a very notable mention to the very fast Ian Wilson, who was the only one that could keep Kenny within sight all day, but the final tally would be Kenny in first place with Moron Hannah taking second place on the day, with good rides in race two and three, and Mr consistency for the meeting would be Mark “Kenzo” Kenny and his three straight third places for the last rung on the podium.

Onto the clubman class it was an emphatic victory for Stewart Ferguson taking the first overall, from an ever improving Connel Allardyce in second and Kyle Marshall rounding out the top three, it was also an unlucky event for first race winner Alex Mowat, who appeared to have issues in races two and three.

I watched the monoshock class with great enthusiasm as these booming four strokes shot around the grassy undulating circuit, and coming out on top and in total control of his immaculate Honda was Graham Blacklock with three straight wins after very impressive performances. In second consistently was Mark Glegg, riding very well but just unable to match Graham’s speed on the day and so he would command the second overall trophy. In third it was Jay Clark, pushing his KTM to the max and squeezing every inch of power possible out of it, onto the stubble fields next guys.

In the two stroke race it was again another hat trick of wins for the very fast Bryan Colligan and his trusty Yamaha mount. This set of racing would indeed be a game of three’s, with both Connor Paton taking three straight second places on the small KTM, and thanking David Page for the loan of a bike in the third race to get very close to Bryan at the chequered flag and Cameron Boan also taking three straight third places, albeit slightly astray from the leading two protagonists, but non the less some superb riding.

All this reporter can say, is what a “belter” of a track and some astounding racing on the day, so we will now move onto the last two stubble races, which are always well attended, so get your entries in early folks, look forward to seeing you there, don’t be shy and come and chat.



Pre-77 1) Kyle McClure 2) Joe Mclean 3) Craig MacKenzie 4) Donal Fullerton 5) John Fullerton

Four stroke 1) Andy Malloch 2) Keith Birse 3) John Cockburn 4) Sam Sibbald 5) Ricky Caldwell 5) Keith Stanford

Youth Class 1) Talon Leask 2) Mathew Duncan 3) Stewart Bagen 4) Bill Haddow 5) Cole Christie 6) Brandon Nisbet

Novice 1) Jack Young 2) Anton Hughes

Pre 90 125cc 1) Graham Farrish 2) Michael Mclarty 3) Jonathan Young 4) Damian Carter 5) Kevin Rosie 6) Callum Laird

Twin shock under 300cc 1) Jim Grieve 2) Paul Ness 3) Callum Sangster 4) Neil Litterick 5) David Stanford 6) Mike Dobie

Over 50’s 1) Kenny Hope 2) Morton Hannah3) Mark Kenny 4) Simon Graham 5) Andrew Leask 6) Brian Allardyce

Twin-shock open 1) Brian Alexander 2) John Crawford 3) Paul Chiappa 4) Craig Smith

Clubmen 1) Stewart Ferguson 2) Kyle Marshall 3) Connel Allardyce 4) Shaun Allan 5) Ian Sim 6) Liam Harvey

Evolution 1) Gavin Robertson 2) Tom Grant 3) Roy Potts 4) James Haddow 5) Peter Graham 6) Jordan Doherty

Two stroke open 1) Bryan Colligan 2) Connor Paton 3) Cameron Boan 4) James Walker 5) David Moodie 6) Sam Ness

Monoshock 1) Graham Blacklock 2) Mark Glegg 3) Jay Clark 4) Robert Smith jnr 5) Gordon Morrison 6) Jordan Mcdonald



Team dial-a-tow     =   444=656 =805

Jim Grieve                     114+60+60

John Hopton                   4+0+4

Craig Smith                   88+43+13

Paul Chiappa                   70+35+45

Barry Smith                    111+51+0

Dylan Mulligan             57+23+27

Dream Team     =           357=571=775

Rik Caldwell                     60+45+32

Tom Grant                       111+43+49

Tommi Mcmillan-Grant     31+25+12

Robbie Allan                      56+41+18

Brian Alexander                 99+60+60

Gordon Morrison                 0+0+33

Team Argyll     =         419=598=762

Kyle McClure                 111+60+60

Grant McClure                   0+0+0

Jordan McDonald           106+40+33

Gregg Maxwell                 60+0+0

Jordon Doherty                 54+29+31

Connel Allerdyce             88+50+40

Team Loudon     =           353=476=696

Kevin Rosie                       33+0+31

Jonathan Young                 29+0+47

John Lamont                       35+0+13

Roy Potts                           82+35+41

Stuart Hogg                       57+28+28

Bryan Colligan                 117+60+60

Factory Fixers   =        366=520=689

Damian Carter                  81+41+41

Keith Birse                     86+52+47

Neil Litterick                     50+0+36

John Cockburn                   3+1+45

William Penrice               44+60+0

Dean Rutherford              102+0+0

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