March Update R1 2020


Round 1 Drumclog :

Due to the severe weather, storms and the amount of Rain we have had over the past months & are still receiving at the moment along with the forecast for next week we are trying to be Pro-active and not leaving this to the last minute . Currently we are still looking to go Racing on 22nd March as planned but the weather is going to play a big part in this as work needs to be carried out on the track !  Grant is working extremely hard to get this meeting running so a big thanks to him for this .

However we will be having a Track inspection on Tuesday / Wednesday of race week to confirm if this meeting will go ahead .

If not - we will endeavour to re-schedule the event to a later date.

Should we need to reschedule the Drumclog event, the earliest date we have available would be 10th May - when taking into account the School Holidays , Easter, along with other MX clubs who have worked around our dates !!

So if we need to cancel the Drumclog meeting on 22nd March we will endeavour to reschedule it to the 10TH MAY .

The idea was to be Pro-active in making this decision early rather than being reactive and waiting to the last minute and with little notice to all Members / Riders or even worse cancelling the event. We want everyone to enjoy their Race Day unfortunately the severe weather has affected the whole of the UK and is either saturated or lying in water .

Dammed if we do / Dammed if we don’t !!  This decision was not taken lightly so please try and respect the decision which we have taken

A massive thanks to Grant who is working tirelessly to accommodate us should we need to change the date due to the extreme weather .

Your Committee


Friday, March 01, 2024
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