October Newsletter 2018

                                         TWINSHOCK NEWSLETTER 0CTOBER 2018


Well folks this will be your last race news from me as i have said previously that it is now time to step back and let some other good people take the helm. The main focus now is on keeping the club running smoothly and the committee have been working hard to put things in place for next year.This could all go tits up if we get a faction of members turning up at the A.G.M. on the 25th of November and voting a new committee in,we will just have to wait and see.I will do a final newsletter after the A.G.M. and let you all know the outcome and what the script will be next year but if things go to plan it will be the same as usual . Jim Grieve will be taking on the job of race reporter and newsletter writer after 1st December and John Hopton will be your new competition secretary Richard Caldwell will be taking memberships and licences, other jobs have been allocated and we will keep you informed after the A.G.M. which is on the 25th November 2018 . If any member wants anything discussed please put it in writing now as i must have it before the 31st October or it will not be on the agenda.

Any way to race day ,the worst news i got was from your scrutineer Steve Cruickshank,he has been diagnosed with cancer and will be starting treatment very soon ,i was shocked when he told me as was everyone else that heard the bad news ,we can only hope that you can get through this Steve and all the best mate.

The parade lap was mega and is now a part of the Glenfarg event which is kindly sponsored by Binn Skips and the kind generosity of land owner Alan Mcgregor .This was led by Sean Doherty on a yamaha banshee supplied by Iain Clark ,Sean wanted fellow racer Graham Anderson ,your time keeper and also dealing with major health issues , to ride along side him on another quad to show our support for each other,Sean also presented Graham with a race top made especialy for him which was very heart warming and put a huge grin on Grahams face. The racing was top drawer all day and the rain did not dampen the enthusiasm of the riders even the pit bike challenge at the end of the day was a brainstormer of a hoot for everyone ,yes a great day in some ways to end the season and a sad day in others .Your new race reporter Jim Grieve will be doing a first class race report and it will be in the papers and on the web soon,he is so much better than thon other guy we had ,canny mind his name but my word was he moody or what. I heard Jim has been on a reporters course to some foriegn country and they advised him to give his name a wee tweek just to gain attention in his efforts to be the best so he will now be known as JEEMY MONTIGRIEVSEY , a name that you should all remember .This has got me thinking was our previous reporter on that very same course when he was just a nanny , mmmmm makes you wonder .

The Team Challenge Cup which we still wait on getting handed back from the Red Rockets was won this year by ONESTOP RACING which is the product of Mike Vandermerwe sponsorship and his 6 man team of himself, J.Clark ,,,J.Mclean ,,, W.Penrice ,,,C.Kilgour and A.Joiner will all be presented with a trophy at the dance on the 3rd November . In second spot and finishing fast come the end of the year but a bit too late was the Team Argyll boys comprising of K.Mcclure ,,,G.Mcclure ,,,J.Doherty ,,,A.Shields ,,,A.Aitken ,,,and A.White . In third spot was the Dial-A-Tow led by the able bodied J.Hopton ,,,S.Robertson ,,,D.unningham ,,,C.Paton ,,,B.Smith and P.Chiappa .In fourth after a blazing start to the season that went out like a fag in yer mooth backwards were the gents from Colin King,s stable which was led from the front by Colin himself and aided by R.Caldwell ,,,C.Meechan ,,,C.Smith ,,,L.Munro ,,,and D.Mulligan .

The following riders have won their respective classes after a long hard years racing and deserve credit for being committed to what they love and do in this sport that we all love. Fourstroke Champion 2018 Sam Sibbald                   Pre 77 Champion 2018 Joe Mclean         Youth Champion 2018 Kyle Mcclre                          Evo 125 Champion 2018 William Penrice Twinshock 250 Champion 2018 Callum Kilgour       Twinshock 500 Champion 2018 Paul Chiappa Evolution open Champion 2018 Tam Grant               Over 50s Champion 2018 John Crawford       2 Stroke Champion 2018 Gregor Campbell         Monshock open Champion 2018 Greg Maxwell Overall Club Champion which is open to Twinshock only is Callum Kilgour . The top ten riding numbers for 2019 as won in 2018 would be as follows but will need to be confirmed by the Membership secretary after the A.G.M. . no. 1 = C.Kilgour ,, no. 2 = P.Chiappa ,,                       no. 3 = B.Alexander ,, no.4 = B.Allardyce ,, no.5 = G.Miller ,, no. 6 = G.Morrison ,,                                     no.7 = R.Smith ,, no.8 = D.Stanford ,, no.9 = A.Joiner ,, no.10= J.Mclean .. These numbers will probably change as some riders prefer to keep the no. they have had for years ,the only exception to this rule this year is for Paul as he has been pumped by you blood Callum and will have to relinquish the no. 1 plate but he has had a good innings and it would not surprise me if he regained it after next season. Well done to all of you and don,t hesitate to race with this club next year as we are on a roll and things can only get better ,or so they say in the labour pairty .

We now move into phase 2 of our year which is the talking season when the leaves fall and the pish flows and the drains cannot cope around the Strathaven Hotel when we have the club dance and presentation on the 3rd of November as the more that is drunk the faster the riders were ,yes top notch stuff if you listen in to the headiest of conversations and what most of the would be champs will be doing this winter in preparation for another tilt at a title ,all good stuff and any budding writers good make a fortune if you put most of the pish into print. On the subject of the dance well actualy the day after, here is some info that might interest you if you are staying overnight or fancy a trip back to the Hotel . Janice Johnston and maybe Stewart Campbell will be holding a meeting in the Hotel on the Sunday afternoon to discus the resurection of the S.A.C.U. SCOTTISH MOTOCROSS CHAMPIONSHIP ,all people are welcome to attend and give input as to the best way forward .So get along to the Strathaven Hotel on Sunday the 4th November at 1-30 p.m. for what should be an exciting new beginning for dirt bikers up North . We are still on the cadge for raffle prizes for the dance,all donations will be gratefuly received .

I will try and give an account of my experience over the years running this great club ,the highs and lows ,the good guys and the downright arseholes that have tried and failed to destroy this great super brilliant club , in the next and last newsletter from me which will be published after the A.G.M. which is at the Stables Lounge , Crook of Devon on Sunday the 25th November here you can come forward and offer to help or whatever . thanks

cudancing jose

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