July Newsletter No.2 2018



Just a quick update on the latest weather scandal to hit these shores. We have never had to suffer this dry hot climate in this country since records began and it is getting a lot of people annoyed and flustered as they cannot get out for a wee shot on their motocross bikes.Well as you may all know by now we had to cancel round 6 on the instruction of your chairman ,Rick Caldwell and your safety officer Gary White after a track inspection on Monday night the 23rd July .Personaly i would not pass comment on their judgement but a few members seem to think all things can be made good with a few tweeks here and there ,well it does not work like that ,a serious decision was made and it looks to have been the correct one as we have no rain and i think if we do get rain it will be wet rain as all we have had recently is talk of rain that turns out just to be dry and hot .This heat is giving me demoantia. Anyway the top team (ME) went into overdrive and reorganised the event to be run a week later at Achnashelloch Farm Moto Track Lochgilphead ,the home of the Campbell family who gratefully gave us the use of their damp track. We could not fit round 6 in anytime or anywhere else due to double bookings etc. although i got pelters from lady Di as she is running an event 176 miles away at Duns on that date and a fruitless conversation where i offered to cancel our event if she could name 10 riders that do both championships,the Twinshock and The Borders ,guess what nadir ,go on then give me 8 i said ,again silence what that heck give me 7 ,back came a reply with 7 names 3 of which are not even Twinshock members so i rest my case with dignity .I have never begged,pleaded or even asked any other club to move a date for us and never will i think it is a lack of confidence in what you do that breeds a bit of fear of a low entry .My opinion is if riders want to race they will, no matter what the organisers do or say to attract them So Di i hope you have a good meeting and hope to get a big cuddle soon as i respect you as an organiser and a model.

ROUND 6 NOW AT LOCHGILPHEAD ON THE 5TH AUGUST 2018. Entries will carry from Drumclog .If you want to enter just send in Drumclog round 6 form .

We still await payment from the bounced cheque at Duns .

no kids bikes NO KIDS BIKES no kids bikes not even wee electric ones

Pomill on the 25th and 26th August is well ahead with preparations and we have the Robbie Allan Offroad Experience offering first time riders a go at off road riding.Here is an update from Robbie.

Scottish Twinshock Club in association with Robbie Allan Offroad Experience are offering family and friends of Club Members the oppertunity to experience the Sport we love for the first time. Robbie will be at Powmill all day on the Saturday with his Honda CRF bikes from 50cc to 230cc together with a selection of riding gear and can provide basicintroductory tuition to ages from 6 upwards including adults on a specially designated area for training. It is very much targeted at those who have never ridden a bike or that have limited experience and it is hoped these sessions will help build their confidence and ignite the passion for motocross in another generation.Each session will be 45 minutes minimum with bike ,riding gear and one to one tuition provided .All we ask is anyone who takes up this offer makes a donation to our designated charity . This is a unique oppertunity to encourage new riders into our sport and one i would encourage members to take up.Anyone looking to book a slot on first come basis should contact Robbie now direct at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

If you go to Robbies facebook page you can see loads of pictures and get a feel for what he does .There will be a Marquee for the Saturday night entertainment where Rick and Gaz are holding a quiz night before our Star attraction will be appearing ,yes that great all round band Duke Street fronted by your very own guitatist Keith Birse and sponsored by WULFSPORT are the star attraction in the Marquee on the Saturday night .Bring your own seats etc. After the racing proper on the Saturday your Vice Chairman will be running a pitbike team race in aid of charity 5 riders per team at £10 per rider on any pit bike or any honda ninety type engined bike up to 160cc ,Hoppy is donating great prizes for the winning teams in this event juice,crisps and sweeties ,so get entered now .youths that are club members and are 14 plus can be in this . The main races on the Saturday are Twinshock 125,250,500 and pre 77 open and are open to all club members including youths 14 plus but the 200cc limit will apply to youths and all bikes must be twinshock .This would be a good time to showcase some of the 125 twinshock bikes that are lying idle in the country .

Stock is now in of the club anniversary hoodies and t-shirts .I made a bloomer when pricing them and forgot to add vat so the cost is now kids £20 for 2 and adult £25 for two ,that is 1 hoody and 1 t-shirt ,they are all in a nice pale blue colour as Deko reckons this will be the year of blue in the sports world or if he keeps going to thighland his boaby might turn blue .

Thats about it the noo and remember this my boy POWMILL IS GO NO MATTER WHAT THE WEATHER . SO IS LOCHGILPHEAD NEXT SUNDAY THE 5TH AUGUST . I am sick of this as i have had nothing to moan about so i will see you all next Sunday ,i will have stocks of clothing at Lochgilphead  

thatsitagain jose

Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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