2017 A.G.M. REPORT AND NEWS UPDATE TO JANUARY 2018

Hello again ,I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.Before the meeting was started the committee convened to discuss the issue of an assault at our Glenfarg event in October.As the club did not have a rule in place regarding this it was decided to ban the culprit for one event and look into putting a permanent punishment in place on our rules.

I will begin with a round up of the issues that were brought up ,discussed and rule changes at our 2017 A.G.M..The Chairmans report was well received and passed as were the 2017 accounts . The election of the committee was next and as usual the mug joe was again elected unopposed as club secretary,my last year in the job I may add and if no one comes forward with a futuristic vision for the club I am afraid the end is nigh. Rick Caldwell is again the club chairman with his vice being the unflappable John Hopton.Gary Whyte is still the safety officer with Steve and Smitch on elegibility duties .Paul Chiappa has resigned as the competition secretary and after a vote the new comp secy is now me ,joe .We have cut back on committee members and the new look designer committee is now,B.Allardyce.D.Pullar. J.Grieve. P.Chiappa. G.Anderson and G.Mcclure.


ONE March    25th Drumclog ML10   6RH
TWO April   29th Lochgilphead PA31   8RE
THREE May   27th Powmill KY13   OQH
FOUR June   10th Duns TD11   3NS
FIVE July   1st Humbie EH36   5PB 
SIX July   29th Drumclog ML10   6RH
SEVEN August 26th Powmill KY13   OQH 
EIGHT September 16th Glenochil FK10   3AL 
NINE October    7th Glenfarg KY14   7SR



The Annual Dance has been organised and will be on Saturday the 3rd of November 2018 at The Strathaven Hotel,Hamilton Road Strathaven ,ML10 6SZ. Rooms can be booked in advance .Call the Strathaven Hotel quoting ( Twinshock ),TEL : 01357 521778

Single Room B&B = £55,  Double/Twin B&B =£90.

 There will be a disco ,raffle and presentation and the all important buffett.All this for only £15 per person ,once purchased tickets are non refundable and once they are all gone they are all gone so be quick and catch big Rick to buy your tick . A meeting will be held on the 25th of November 2018 to discuss the future of the club so if anyone has visions of taking over you would be well advised to let me know as soon as possible what you propose because this is year 25 and I think I have done it for long enough. As this is our 25th anniversary we will try and organise something special at Powmill in August as that is where our very first event was.We will keep you posted.

We reviewed the club rules and it was decided to relax the 125cc limit on youths and they can now ride bikes up to 150cc and the class now gets championship status with riders allowed to be part of any team in the team challenge. 14 years old is still the minimum age for youths.

We have brought into force a new club rule to deal with fighting or assault of any nature and this will carry an instant 1 year on the spot ban and could lead to a life ban once the committee has studied the facts . This will not be tolerated in any way any longer in this club.

The fees for 2018 were next up for discussion and it was decided to leave most as they are but due to insurance and other costs rising we had to put the entry fee up to £40 per event . We paid out over £14,000 last year for stewards most of which went to pay marshalls so your money is being spent on you enjoying yourself.

The club has been very lax in the past with late entries well all good things must come to an end so take note now .All entries must be with the comp. secretary one week before the event,not a phone call or text.a completed and signed entry form and the appropriate fee in full or you pay the late entry £10 surcharge,no exceptions ,none.We accept cheques,cash or postal orders as payment ,we do not do bank transfers or any of that fandango money stuff.

Anyone that is going to moan about this please don’t moan to me as you have had years of notice .Also we still have in force the no tear off anywhere ban,it means what it says.NO TEAR OFFS ANYWHERE.

The last date for saving your riding no. has been brought forward to allow newbies the chance of a good riding no. so if you have not joined by the 31st of January you could lose your claim to your riding no.

The top ten riding nos. this year will be as follows. 1. P.Chiappa   2.   R.Mcfadden   3. W.Bickmore     4. A.Aitken     5. A.Joiner     6. R.Smith   7. B.Allardyce     8.   G.Miller   9. T.Grant   10. M.Hannah

Anyone that would like to enter a team in the team challenge please let me know ASAP so I can get things organised,we have 2 teams so far Team Argyll and Onestop Racing ,both past winners have pledged support in this team challenge event for the Rhino Boilers and Omnitool sponsored Cup,so things can only get better. 6 riders plus a non riding manager = £60 to enter . The Red Rockets won the challenge last year and went away with a load of trophies and wads of cash,who can knock them off their perch.  

We now look forward to the racing season which kicks off at Southhalls Farm Drumclog on the 26th of March . This is the perfect all weather venue for round 1 and will be in pristine condition come race day. We will be at the super Drumclog venue twice this year and Powmill twice as well ,the other tracks are every bit as good so it should make for a cracking year ahead.

That is it from me joe the mug that does loads for you all and still we get moaners ,life is so hard when you are a success story.bye bye jtm.


Friday, June 21, 2024
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