July Newsletter 2017


Well hello again,nice to see you all bright and healthy yesterday at a super round 5 of this great Scottish Scramble Championship.

   A bonus for our loyal support was a spectators go free day ,yes nadir entry fee and I even saw myself giving out free programmes,what a club ,where else can you go free to watch this great sport, no where ,but wait Dalry will be free as well and so will Tinto .Yes it is little wonder why we are so successful ,we treat our people right.

As usual I will clear my chest of all the nasty stuff first,I get great feedback from our committee members and it seems that a few riders were taking water bottles to the start line then leaving said bottles at their arse ,well take this from me ,anyone caught leaving litter will be barred for a minimum of 1 meeting ,you have been warned. Yes a great meeting on Sunday at Humbie on the new venue for us,what a great track it turned out to be once we had done a couple of tweaks here and there. Everybody that raced loved it ,even the kids had a great days racing.As is normal for this time of year the entry starts falling away but we had the perfect amount to make this run to the excellence we now come to expect from this great club. I thought I was hearing things on Sunday as only 3 men had bad vibes about the track and these 3 were back in the day senior riders at the top of the tree in Scottish Scrambling, I could not get my head round that one as all the rest loved it .Maybe they should race in a flat field somewhere as flatness equals just having a wee run in the local park. I might try and arrange a Scramble soon on a bowling green or cricket pitch if we can get that type of flatness we could be onto a winner,not.

Monty has the report on the website and it will be in the T.M.X. on Friday .I never had a chance to speak much to him on Sunday but he seemed to be taking more photo,s than usual ,maybe a bit to technical for video work. A couple of riders stood out on Sunday ,Pete Mitchell, back from injury was flying in the mono,s as was Jason Martin out on his new bike in the 2 stroke class, he is also just back from a serious helicopter ride. Deejay Bruce had a stroke of bad luck as he was heading for a clean sweep in the members mono class when his sprocket bolts sheared denying him of some good points.I thought Callum Kilgour and Mathew Harper were both riding very well and they deserve a mention and could be the ones to watch on the upgrade this year.     Loads and loads of great photo,s on faceboak so I am told as I don’t go there anymore but I know the class of our photographers and they will all be top drawer, if any riders needs to purchase pictures of themselves they should get in touch with the person that took the pictures in the first instance .

July is always the quiet time of the year for Scottish Scramblers as holidays and other pastimes take priority at this time of year and we have a four week break to round 6 which is at Ardoch Farm in Dalry on the 30th of July. There is a big event in Scotland on the 16th of July and if you want a good run out on the bike that weekend I would suggest heading to Duns where the lovely Diane Mcluckie is running a super event and you will all be made very welcome, Diane,s son Colin is a club member and races with us regularly so it is good karma to return the gratitude and share our experiences with likewise clubs . We will be at Duns on the 10th of September so it would be a good chance to try out the venue on the 16th July.

The Dance tickets are still selling well and there is not many left so if you want to be there you better get them soon. The band that is the main attraction is call Box Of Bananas and before you make any judgements you should check them out on u-tube,Jock The Box of Stranglers fame is the man and a great evening is in store so get your tickets soon only £15 per adult . We are also on the mooch for raffle prizes so any unwanted new items that you want to donate will be given a good home .

TEAM NEWS .What a turn up for the books on Sunday as the Dial-A-Tow team blitzed the opposition with a score of 205 and Team Argyll piled on the pressure with 200 points just 1 ahead of current leaders The Ballistic 6 on 199. The Red Rockets were misfiring and only scored 177 but the big losers were Onestop Racng on a poor 169 with 2 non scorers and Willie Penrice losing 20 points in race 2 for getting outside assistance,yes it could have been oh so good for the losers but not this time.

Points after round 5  

5th DIAL-A-TOW 587

That is about it for this month ,hope you are all well and have a great day at Duns on the 16th ,me I will be at home doing a bit of knitting that day as I need to catch up on my mittens .

Seeyasallon 3oth July at Dalry for round 6 jose

Sunday, April 14, 2024
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