January 2017


Well lovely peoples that is us verge of a new and exciting season beginning with the first round at the superb Southhalls Farm track at Drumclog on Sunday the 26th March .Then it is up to another great venue at Lochgilphead on the 23rd April where we compete on another super modern track which like Drumclog is a pleasure to ride. It is May the 28th and the natural Powmill venue before we see grass which poses a few problems for some of the modern boys but the old codgers seemingly love it .Then more lush grass at another brilliant venue at Stirling on the 11th June for round 4 .The halfway point in the season will see us at the rarely used track at Humbie on the 2nd of July ,this should be an exciting time for you all or most of you anyway as we wait in eager anticipation to see what Humbie has to offer.I know a few of our boys have raced there in the past and we had good reports from them all but big Donnie Bruce seemed to be the only one that mastered the whoops and said he loved it ,along with glowing reports from Sean Doherty and the big man himself, Ian Clark who can do it on 2 and 4 wheels.Anyway that stupendous lot will take us to halfway of our season with more great stuff to come later in the year so a lot to look forward to in 2017 .

The dates for most of the other clubs events are out now and with the exception of one lot I can only see things getting better as a whole but we are our own people and as much as we tried in the past to avoid clashes we seemed to get shat on regularly,well it looks like people or most of them anyway have took stock and realized this is not some wee gang of nobbers.We are and have been for years a major source of enjoyment for your motocross stars from clubman and now youth right up to some of the best of Scottish apart from maybe Sean,Willie,Billy and David but maybe one day ,who knows.

Memberships are coming in thick and fast and we are on a par with last years count. We have now passed the time of year when we hold your riding no. for you so as from now all available free nos. can be gotten by anyone when they join, don’t moan at me if your precious riding no. has gone. Please note that we only recognize I.O.P.D. Licences now so you should get one when joining as it makes life so much easier when you come to race .I now have the 2017 Licences and if you applied for one it is in with this newsletter .If you do not have a Licence at any event you must take a day licence. All Licences must be shown when signing on .All youths must be a Club Member and have a Full I.O.P.D. Licence before racing .Any questions or issues regarding the youth and clubman classes will be dealt with in an efficient manner by the three wise men, J.Hopton , J.Greive and G.Anderson, they will also monitor race performance and ability of new members in the Clubman class and decide if they should be upgraded to full steam ahead status.

Anybody that has any views on what clothing we should be selling this year please get in touch with me or any other committee man and let us know and we will try and please you with the super quality Wulfsport gear that is available .

As in previous years our Annual Dance and Presentation tickets have sold out on the day the tickets went on sale which was usually in June ,we have taken the unprecedented step of offering now the 2017 Tickets for sale . Tickets are now only £15 PER PERSON which must surely be the cheapest night out anywhere. This includes a Buffett. A Disco or maybe a live Band. A Presentation that is littered with plenty laughter and the famous Twinshock Raffle . Due to fire and other mad regulations all ticket holders will be listed and named ,tickets are not refundable,transferable or for sale anywhere else. So get your ticket soon or be a loser .The Dance is in Alloa Town Hall on the 18th November 2017 7pm. Till 12-45. then you can hit the local nightspots and get yersel a howler for the night ,yes plenty night life in Alloa.    

Our resident video man and race reporter is looking forward to 2017 with the no. 1 club ,he has invested in some new fandangled camera stuff and is ready for action.         Look out for the best report and DVD footage you will ever see. We allow anyone to take photo,s at our events now,we just ask that they sign in first in case of injury, there are some great pictures mainly on facebook and there are links on the club website forum to these photo,s as well. The digital world has came on leaps and bounds in recent years in the photo world and there are some super sights to see so we thank these people for doing a great service for the club and if any rider wants prints of themselves in action they should contact the photographer that took the photo for a copy. Monty will have full footage on his super dvd after every meeting and they are still only 10 quid a pop ,great value from a great man.

It has come to my attention by way of spectators complaints that they do not know who is who in the races as some riders are using the wrong riding number on their bike.Well read the rules of which we have very few and focus on rule 11. Yes rule eleven. Any rider using a bike that does not display their riding no. will get no points and may be black flagged.This also applies to your transponder.

Just so you all know our plans for the future the club has taken the unprecedented step of issuing our DATES FOR 2018 YES WE ARE THAT FAR AHEAD OF OUR TIME THAT WE CAN PROVISIONALY DECLARE THESE AND THEY ARE AS FOLLOWS .


1 DRUMCLOG 24/03/2018
2 LOCHGILPHEAD 22/04/2018
3 POWMILL 27/05/2016
4 STIRLING 10/06/2016
5 HUMBIE 01/07/2018
6 DALRY 29/07/2018
7 TINTO 26/08/2018
8 DUNS 09/09/2018
9 GLENOCHIL 24/09/2018
10 GLENFARG 07/10/2018



These will be confirmed at our A.G.M. at the Stables Lounge Crook of Devon on the 26th November 2017.


If you be wondering why I can do this at this early stage, well simple, good communication with people and friendly banter all make for a successful outcome.These will be confirmed at the A.G.M on the 26TH November 2017 for the 2018 dates. I hope this clears up any confusion as to our plans for the future .If anyone needs to arrange holidays in 2019 please let me know and I could issue our dates for that year as well.


The team championship is shaping up nicely and it looks like we will have a full compliment of teams in 2017 .4 teams so far have enlisted for this great event .The current champs are on the lookout for a 6th man .The Brittons are regrouping . And the rest are wondering what to do this year.


We are on the scrounge for raffle prizes for THE DANCE .THANKS


That is about it for the noo so the next big doo for some of us is Telford Show ,if you have never been you must make the pilgrimage at least once in your life.It is great to catch up with friends from over the wall and the bikes on show are stunning .And a mega autojumble if you like me collect junk .well one mans junk as they say.


The pc seems to have went wonky with the 2018 dates but you know what I mean if you can work it out


Thatsyerwhackthismonth   joe




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