July 2016


Well fockers that is round 5 done and dusted and what a superb meeting it was .great weather for a wee while then it had to happen ,the change in the weather with a heavy downpour made for tricky conditions after the interval but the track soon dried out after the rain stopped and we soon saw a vast improvement in the track condition. The racing was held up for a wee while as Davy Ross junior had a nasty looking injury after landing badly off a jump and he never even came off the bike ,on speaking to his dad Davy senior last night he informed me that he has no broken bones and he awaits a knee specialist to see him today (Wednesday) to find out the extent of the damage to his knee. We wish him a speedy recovery and apparently he is hoping to be back in action for our superb stubble meetings at the end of the season so we hope to see you back in full flight then.

That unmistakable friendly twinshock atmosphere made for the best meeting in Scotland last Sunday .There was a superb entry at the Ardoch Farm track at Dalry in Ayrshire and some excellent racing in all the classes which made the journey all worthwhile .I see the keyboard warriors are out in force trying to demean and slander this great club because we clashed our date with some other events.Well check back -------- we have been using this date for a few years now indeed we moved to this date about 4 years ago to accommodate a British modern championship and guess what they cancelled at the last minute so for that reason we do not and wll not unless we are approached in a sensible manner well before our A.G.M. which this year is n the 20th of November 2016 change our dates to suit any other events. We have been running meetings for 25 years now and some one off flash in the pan will not harm us in any way, We will still be running meetings for all that wants to race with us when the rest are long gone. I saw this cracker on facebook. A guy reckoned he saw mrs Robing Hood at the gate of the other meeting as she pumped him for £100 to get in with his wife and 3 kids to watch. SCANDALOUS. I would ask all you talkers for a straight answer here .Of all the money drawn in last week at such a big event . HOW MUCH HAS BEEN PUT BACK INTO SCOTTSH MOTOCROSS . HERE IS YOUR ANSWER – NOTHING ,NOT A BOLT ,NOT A WASHER ,NADIR I rest my case

Come to our next event at the super Southhalls Farm Venue at Drumclog with your wife and as many kids as you want and it will only cost a tenner, £5 each yes only £5 each to spectate INCLUDES A FREE PROGRAMME AND FREE PARKING,and kids go free yes free. Don,t miss it ROUND 6 AT DRUMCLOG ML10 6RH ON THE 31ST JULY 2016.

The race report will be on the website soon As monty could not make it last Sunday so it is left to me and I have been busy on farcebook reading a load of bullshit ,but I am over it now and on the road to recovery .How long do you think it will be until we see a farcebook anonymous recovery group set up in your area, not long me thinks. In response to some dates questions I hereby give notice to all and sundry that our dates and venues for next year 2017 are as follows. Now if some of the so called organisations cannot get there act together as soon as us then they need a clear out of so called officials.This great club can .

These dates will be confirmed on  20 – 11 – 2016 . 

1 DRUMCLOG 25/03/2017
2 LOCHGILPHEAD 23/04/2017
3 POWMILL 28/05/2017
4 STIRLING 11/06/2017
5 HUMBIE 02/07/2017
6 DALRY 30/07/2017
7 TINTO 27/08/2017
8 DUNS 10/09/2017
9 GLENOCHIL 24/09/2017
10 GLENFARG 08/10/2017


If you be wondering why I can do this at this early stage, well simple, good communication with people and friendly banter all make for a successful outcome.These will be confirmed at the A.G.M on the 20th of November . I hope this clears up any confusion as to our plans for the future .can you say the same and as for tight bumpy tracks the goaties is the place for you.

The team championship is shaping up nicely and it looks like Callum Loudens ONESTOP team are still in the lead but the Argyll boys are closing fast on the lead at the top of the table.the positions and points are as follows.

1st ONESTOP = 966 points         2ND ARGYLL       = 916 points       3RD DIAL-A-TOW = 846 points

4th BALLISTIC 5 = 759 points       5TH OMNITOOL = 517 points       6TH DIAL-A-TWO = 427 points

7th and still on NADIR is BRITTONS FAST BOYS.  

We still have a large stock of club hoodies and polo shirts to sell,see me at Drumclog on the 31st of July if you want to buy 1 or 2.. HOODIES ONLY £20 EACH...POLO SHIRTS ONLY £15 EACH .WE ALSO HAVE KIDS PIT SHIRTS FOR ONLY £10 EACH .

The full race report is on the websites and in the TMX this week and the points and championships are on the MYLAPS website .




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