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2014 R7 Tinto

Round 7, Tinto Moto Park Rigside Lanarkshire, Sunday 24th of August 2014

Hard to believe that the Scottish Twinshock Scramble Club are now almost three quarters of the way through their 2014 championship as they headed to the late Robbie Allan’s superb Tinto Moto Park facility at Rigside Lanarkshire to hold Round 7 of their ten round campaign.

Still classed as one of the best off-roading facilities in Scotland this picturesque and first-rate resource was in excellent condition to hold the event. Although the initial entry for this round was not good there was an excellent turnout of day members who increased the overall riders tally by a considerable margin and it appeared like it was all systems go.

Myself and “Twinshock T.V’s” Rick Caldwell did our usual paddock walkabout and the results from the Tinto weekend can now be seen on the Twinshock website. We gave Dunoon man Grant McClure a screen test as he tried his hand at T.V presenting so Rick and I have decided that we will keep his phone number for future reference . . . . then as soon as he is not looking chuck the f***ing thing in the bucket. Anyway Grant don’t call us cause we will definitely not call you.

Also we had a visit from one of our international supporters “Hugol” from Holland who made the trip to Tinto just to watch how a top notch Scottish Scramble club puts everything together on race day. In fact he was that impressed with what he saw that he is coming back next year to race with us riding his CCM, and with big Rick promising him a free entry if he does come who would turn that down!.

The current craze of the charity Facebook water challenge is another good filming prospect for a laugh on the day as we had Roy Potts and a few others doing their challenges at the track. So if you would also like to participate and do your task at the next Twinshock meeting just see myself or big Rick beforehand.

Other news at Tinto was that Jason Martin and his gorgeous wife Jodie were showing off the latest addition to the Martin household with their recently new born son called “Jack Alexander Martin” or JAM as he will be known when he attends future Twinshock events. And as soon as Linda can get him trained up as a lap scorer he will be sitting trackside hurriedly jotting down bike numbers.

Both myself and the committee members were looking for a little bit of luck weather wise this time as we had our fingers crossed so as to avoid a repeat of the torrential rain that curtailed our round six at Lochgilphead. But as it turned out conditions for this round seven encounter could not have been better with some excellent sunshine and clear blue skies greeting the first set of riders as they made their way to the start line.

In the Pre 77 class it was yet another win for flying Dunoon man Ritchie McFadden on his very quick Maico. Albert Britton continues to climb the championship point’s board with yet another superb finish as he filled the runner- up spot in this formula. John Fraser had another excellent day and he would take home more championship points and a piece of Twinshock silverware for his third place finish.

In the Over 40’s class it was Davie Watson who finished top dog overall as he rode his Honda to the top spot at the final whistle. (Davie also tells me he has a smashing looking Suzuki monoshock two-stroker for sale at a bargain price, and video of the bike can be seen on the Tinto “In the Paddock” clip on the club website). Grant McClure fought the good fight to try and make ground on Watson over the three moto’s, although a second place finish was the best that he could muster. Tony Reid made the long trek from Stranraer to race at Tinto and he was duly rewarded with his third place overall.

Big Graham Naismith was on target to take the win in the Over 50’s class as he secured two emphatic victories in races one and two on his flying Kawasaki. Although while out in front in moto three Graham took a heavy tumble on the downward table-top of the track and suffered some back and rib injuries which then put paid to his days racing. At the time of writing this newsletter we are unsure of Graham’s current condition but it goes without saying that we all wish him a speedy recovery from his wounds and hope to see him back racing with us ASAP. Davie Pullar took the eventual win in this class from Scott Napier second and Johnny Rutherford third. Actually “Bunga” nearly performed a Sandy Eccles on me when he nearly ran into me trackside, but the sheer skill and cat like reflexes of this amazing Honda rider helped him to take evasive action where an almost certain accident was duly avoided.

The Pre 1990 Evo 125’s riders supplied good entertainment for the assembled Tinto crowd as they flew round the immaculately groomed racetrack. Kieran Smart was the man to beat as he showed the following pack a clean pair of heels to win the three legs from Bryan Colligan in second and Peter O’Neil third.

The big boys in the Evolution class took to the Tinto berms and jumps with their usual undaunting enthusiasm. Edinburgh kitchen fitter Gavin Robertson was once again in playful mood as he left the chasing group in his wake as he strolled to another three superb moto wins on his CR Honda. Tom Grant and Gordon Morrison mustered all the speed they could gather but still could not catch the flying Scot. Grant would finish as the runner –up with big Montana in third.

Graham “Zippy” Smith notched up another overall victory in the Twinshock 250’s as he rode his antique I.T Yamaha to the top podium finish. Alec Joiner was never far from Smith over the three moto’s but unfortunately he still could not catch the super-quick enduro rider, and so a second place overall for him was still a good result considering. Local man Stuart “Stoorie” Baird brought his CR Honda home to a third position finish overall as he crossed the finish line after the last and final moto.

In the Twinshock Open class Paul Chiappa never had the easiest of days and had his work cut out as Walter Bickmore was indeed back to his best riding form for many a year. Bickmore led almost all of races one and two with Chiappa hot on his heels .Bickmore appeared to have the faster machine on the day although with the seasoned campaigner Chiappa dogging him relentlessly Bickmore was forced into a couple of racing mistakes where Chiappa then took full advantage and charged through to take the overall win. Craig Smith took the final podium spot in third from Archie Baird in fourth.

Actually we have just received an update on Smitch and his recent medical scare and it now seems that everything appears fine medical wise . . . (well as fine as it can be if your Smitch). But it seems he now has got the all clear to knock his old Maico up into top gear, so look out Paul the wee Dunfermline gas fitter is coming to get yah.

Andy Malloch made a welcome return to racing after that very serious leg injury he received at the Blencarn Scramble a few months previous and he was immediately back up to speed in the Fourstroke Class. Although Malloch won the class outright at this round seven event he would still have to share his first place prize with Findlay White as they both tied on points when the calculations were “eventually done”. Calum Wilson was the best of the rest in this formula and he would finish in a very credible third place from Rick Caldwell who came home in fourth.

The brand new for 2014 Two-Stroke class once again filled the start gate to capacity and it was Ross Hamilton who made short work of stamping his authority on this very popular series. Hamilton rode superbly throughout the three moto’s and fully deserved the overall win from Tom Dickie second and Jimmy Harley in third.

The Monoshock A Class turned into what can only be described as the John Adamson Show, Adamson was uncatchable throughout the entire afternoon on-board his triple “A” KTM and although he never had the best of starts from the gate over the piece once he hit the front he was a class above. Ross Fitzsimmons filled the second place spot and was lightening quick from the gate but could not keep Adamson in his sights for long when he took the lead. Roy Potts filled the final third place position on his very fast Kawasaki although it was still little reward for the monumental effort he put in over the course of the day.

Finally a quick mention to our intrepid lap scorer Linda Martin who without her help we would all be in a pretty sorry state. When I looked at the line-ups of machines in the Monoshock class I couldn’t help but think “how the hell does she jot down the numbers when the bikes are flying by at breakneck speed three and four at a time”. It’s a thankless task as a lap scorer and Linda we salute you and thank you for the effort and commitment you deliver at each and every Twinshock event.

As is normal I will have the pictures on the website and DVD’s of the Tinto meeting available very soon, so grab a copy and stock up on your Twinshock viewing. Actually I always find these are a good source of entertainment to get you through those long winter days when you can’t go racing. I have plenty DVD’s in stock from last year’s meetings and some of the previous years, so see me at the next round at Leuchars and we can maybe do a deal if you want five or more.

Next round of course is Round 8 at the Comerton Farm facility near Leuchars on September the 7th. This track of course is quite similar to the Drumclog venue except that it doesn’t have all the arguing and bullshit that goes with it.

See you there

Chris Monty


Over 40’s class

1 D Watson

2 G McClure

3 T Reid

4 G Forbes

5 C Sangster

6 S Eccles

Over 50’s class

1 D Pullar

2 S Napier

3 J Rutherford

4 G Naismith

5 D Bruce

6 D Ross

Pre 77’s class

1 R McFadden

2 A Britton

3 J Fraser

4 G Britton

5 D Fullarton

6 B Robertson

Pre 1990 Evo 125’s class

1 K Smart

2 B Colligan

3 P O’Neil

4 D Lamont

5 W Penrice

6 A Whyte

Twinshock 250’s class

1 G Smith

2 A Joiner

3 S Baird

4 G White

5 M Dobie

6 J Hopton

Fourstroke class

1 A Malloch

1 Findlay Whyte

3 C Wilson

4 R Caldwell

5 A Adair

6 D McKell

Evolution Class

1 G Robertson

2 T Grant

3 G Morrison

4 A Reid

5 M Hannah

6 S Pullar

Twinshock Open Class

1 P Chiappa

2 W Bickmore

3 C Smith

4 A Baird

5 B Allardyce

6 C Robertson

Monoshock B Class (Day members)

1 J Adamson

2 R Fitzsimmons

3 R Potts

4 S Doherty

5 A Hughes

6 J Martin

Monoshock A Class

1 Z Frost

2 B Connolly

3 S Patterson

4 M Osinski

5 S Rennie

Grand National

1 J Adamson

2 D Scott

3 G Robertson

4 R Potts

5 G Morrison

6 T Grant


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