1-7-2020 July News Covid Update


Hello to All,

                     A brief update on where we are currently regarding our current race season.

Currently we are still following the advice & instruction of the Scottish Government & Health Officials regarding the spread of the virus and if we can proceed we will do so in the interest of safety for you / our members and families to ensure everyone’s wellbeing.

Obviously due to the amount of our meetings already cancelled there will be no Championships this year.

On a Positive note we can confirm that all Current Members who have already joined the Twin-Shock Club for 2020 your Membership & Race licences will be automatically carried over to next year for our 2021 Season.

Fingers crossed, our plan is that we still hope to run some meetings this year as and when Lockdown eases & we will try and arrange some Race Meetings. Lockdown is definitely starting to ease slowly so we will monitor and keep all informed.

However please be aware that there may be restrictions in place which may prove challenging to all of us as Covid-19 has affected everyone. Should we get the opportunity to run a meeting , then along with Landowners permission, First Aid , IOPD, Marshalls etc, we are sure there will also be Covid-19 procedures which will need to be introduced which we are currently working on. Social distance, Hand sanitiser, Track & Trace which we already currently have in place etc.

If we manage to run any meetings this year there will be No Championship / Fun Meetings only ?

The below actions are only speculation at the moment !!! , so please bear this in mind when reading, but if we do manage to run any meetings this year?

  • These race meetings could possibly be closed to Current Club Members , Marshalls / Photographers only .
  • No day Members / No Day Entries ?
  • No Spectators ?
  • Dates / Venues may even change due to Landowners / First Aid , etc we may have to move dates & venues to accommodate them or even the weather. No pressure though if we need to move as there is no Championship ?

Remember : The above actions are only speculation at the moment !!! .

We don’t want to be negative but these are just a few points which may have to be actioned but as things are changing rapidly so hopefully things will get back to some sort of normality soon.

T.S.S.C.S. will adhere to all safety instructions and recommendations of running our sporting events at this time regarding the spread of this virus.

I hope you all can fully understand these difficult times which we are in, and that it is our responsibility to ensure the wellbeing & safety of everyone involved.

Please keep checking the TSSCS Club web site & Facebook page for all updates.

Best regards

Your Committee

Friday, June 21, 2024
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