September Newsletter 2018


Hello again and i hope you all had a super day at the recing last Sunday at Genochil for round 8 and the penultimate round of the Scottish Scramble Championships. I will just give a brief account here as your new reporter, Jim Greive said he would take on the duties of doing the race report for the club and the T.M.X. . The entry was down a bit at this round as all the ,ifitsdryamracing mob shat it whith all the previous weeks rain and the overnight deluge on the Saturday,well boys and gals you missed one of the best events anywhere in scotland this year. The track was laid out in typical Twinshock style ,very fast and flowing ,when you get a track of this calibre you find the meeting runs like clockwork and not an injury in sight . I only heard great comments from all the riders on how amazing the track was and the ground being just on the damp side of dry made for super grippy traction . So all the riders in the ifitsdry category that never came because of threatened bad weather you missed a great meeting and yes it stayed dry all day . I saw a few of our members that could not race at Glenochil because of injuries that happened at other clubs events well the best i can do is hope you are all on the mend and advise you to stop and think before you go to places with bad laid out tracks as that is a recipe for disaster as could be seen on Sunday with the amount of walking wounded from other events, all the best in the future lads and the club hope you all are on the mend.It was good to see a few old faces back racing on Sunday ,i hoped you enjoyed your day and welcome back anytime .

A few of the club Championships were concluded at the weekend .Just a quick note concerning rule 23 - Twinshock - Any motorcycle ,air cooled ,with drum brakes and conventional forks. Take note Kevin Maguire no. 128 day member , if you want to race the bike that you raced last Sunday with those forks on it you will be in the EVOLUTION CLASS no arguments of any sort will be entered into,end of. Anyway the Youth Championship was won this year by Kyle Mcclure from Dunoon ,he has been under the watchful eye of his hero and trainer this year his big uncle Duncan, there was talk of postman pat making a return to this country to take on the role as profesional trainer for young Kyle but ex top rider uncle Dunc ( Doky to his mates ) has done enough to keep the youngster in top condition to win this Championship. The Pre 77 Championship was sewn up on Sunday by the old fat guy that pumped all comers in this class and just keeps on rolling along,yes Joe Mclean cleaned up this Championship in fine style and left Grant,Gary,and Ian ,all ex champions languishing by the wayside and nowhere to hide when the slagging mob attack. Well don Joe ,bike and rider is 103 years old combined age ,amazing . The 4 stroke race is still wide open with Sam Sibbald and Chairman Rick only 8 points apart ,Keith Stanford blew his chances by not racing on Sunday or he would have been in the mix as well,i think he never had any petrol was his reason for not racing.The Over 50s Championship has new Champ John Crawfords name on it this year,John has been super consistent all year and deserves the title. The Pre 90 125 class is just about all over but in theory Jonathon Young could still take the title from Willy Penrice so it is not over yet,i heard someone saying something about a fat lady singing but i dont want involved in case people blame me for saying stuff. Paul Chiappa has won the premier championship once again for the umpteenth time , can no one stop him,i know many have tried and failed . Well done Paul on winning the Twinshock Open class again in 2018 but it looks like young Callum Kilgour has snatched the no. 1 plate from you as he has won the 250 Championship on a massive points tally so i suppose if anyone asks next year why you are no. 2 you can always say a young stud pumped you. The EVO open Championship is still wide open with Tam Grant only 12 points ahead of Paul (P.J.)Johnston so we should see some start gate antics at Glenfarg as Tam tries the Ayrshire Ping but Gaz and Stu will be watching this time and the Ping may be doomed if any rider tries it on . No be long noo. The 2 stroke class still has 4 riders in contention with any one of these capable of winning the Championship so the best of luck to, Gregor Campbell,Bryan Colligan,David Simmonds and Andrew White ,it is worth noting that Peter Oneil is only 2 points away from glory and young Jordan Mcdonald has done well to be right up Petes erse in 6th after his move up from the youths this year. And at last we come to the super fast Monshock Championship which sees a new Champion this year in Greg Maxwell .Greg has been on a F.J.B. training course with Joe Mclean all year and it has paid of handsomely as they have both won their respective classes with a round in hand.Now this Fitness wi Jim Baxter training can be on 2 levels ,Greg is on level 1 which is doing all the exercises and getting fit the F.J.B. way and joe is on level 2 which is the home version but demands a great level of concentration as you have to follow the level 1 boys on facebook and think about your next move which is mostly puting the kettle on ,but it works for them both as can be seen in the Championship results ,so if you want be at the top of your chosen sport follow Joe with level 2 or Greg with level 1 and contact Jim for the personal touch and some serious training . As i mentioned earlier it looks like Callum Kilgour will be no. 1 next year but Paul has a slim chance of retaining it .

TheTeam Challenge is still not decided but the ONESTOP RACING team now with 1444 points after Glenochil will need a disaster to happen if they are to be caught with a lead of 216 points over TEAM ARGYLL on 1228 points but it is not over till the fat lady sings as they say .In 3rd and theoreticaly still in with a shout of 2nd are DIAL-A-TOW on 944 points and for the 3rd meeting in a row are top scorers so the poor start to season sees them as pretty much out of it with the early high scoring team of COLIN,S KINGS still in with a chance of 3rd on 730 points .It is hoped more teams may participate in this challenge next be long noo.

We are still catching riders using tear offs,THESE ARE NOT ALLOWED AT ANY OF THE TWINSHOCK EVENTS,also some litter left at Glenochil,does anyone know who went back to their vehicle with a load of tape on their bike,they were parked near the burger van and must have burst or cut the tape to get it off the bike ,well if i find out who you were you can forget about an entry for Glenfarg as it was left to me to pick it up ,it is not hard to take your litter home and put it in the bin ,or give it to me i always have a bag for rubbish at my van.

There are some kids Hoodies and T-Shirts left so if anyone wants them only £20 for 2, a hoodie and a t-shirt or if they are not sold at Glenfarg they will go into the dance raffle. We are on the cadge for raffle prizes for the dance which is on the 3rd of November 2018 at the Strathaven Hotel ML10 6SZ .Tickets still available from Rick Caldwell or myself Joe and are only £15 per adult ,non- refundable cheap as feck min ken . Any raffle donations will be gratefuly received ,thanks . We need the annual trophies back very soon ,you can bring them to the last Championship round at Glenfarg on the 7th October or hand in to Mickey Oates Motorcycles or Dunfermline Motorcycles ,thanks,no be long noo.

We will be doing the lap of honour for Sean Doherty and any other injured club members or fellow motocrossers who have had a bad time with injuries or other ailments and remembering our lost ones from the past .Sean told me last year after he led the parade on a quad that he hoped to lead us on a motorcycle ,i don,t know if he is up for it this year yet but i am sure he will be on wheels of some description leading us all in our show of support for our fellow comrades,everyone welcome on any bike to show our support for each other .no be long noo.

The Pit bike challenge that we had at Powmill fun day will again go ahead at Glenfarg,same rules but the small wheelers may get a 20 second start .This will be dependant on good weather and is still £10 a head to be in a team,all cash for this goes to a good cause . Teams of 5 doing 5 laps each on the same bike,all teams allowed a spare bike but rider must finish his lap to get spare bike in event of a breakdown. Signing in for this will be at Hoppies van at the interval and racing after the last main race .

The track at Glenfarg will be laid out by Hoppy and his team as you all know i will be finished with running the club after the A.G.M. and as Hoppy is the only candidate to come forward to take on this job i think i should take a rest at this round and let the newbies take charge of track building. I hope all goes well and we have a nice layout as we have had in the past . After 25 years doing pretty much everything from laying out and building tracks to taking memberships .,licences, entries,dealing with landowners and track owners , organising licences with councils,arranging toilets ,burger van, making programmes ,getting dates and tracks booked ,doing a newsletter,running the meeting and dealing with marshalls,start,finish crew. track dismantling ,handing out trophies, being the bad man that has to tell people when they are doing wrong and most stressful of all is having a great laugh with some really good people . and all the other work that nobody sees. Best of luck Hoppy and as Hoppy says nothing will change ,i know you will still not beat me on the CAN-AM.


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