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Here we go again peoples with another page of facts , figures and general nonsense. The meeting last Sunday at Powmill was one of the biggest ever that we have had at this great natural venue.Next year sees the clubs 25th anniversary at Powmill as our first event was here in 1992.Not a very big event that day but we had a few lads from the Cumbria area to help boost the numbers and get the club up and running, indeed the Captain in his 70th year now raced away back then and he raced last Sunday and still heaps loads of praise on the club and the way it is run, the track layout and the cammeraderie of the members is amazing, he told me it was a credit to the small band of committee members that pull together to make these events happen that makes this the biggest and best scramble club in Scotland .My English counterpart Darren Hudson who runs events down south is also very successful in what he does was also a rider at our first event along with Graeme Halfpenny ,John Eccles and a few other English guys who I still see from time to time, by the way if you did not know the who Captain is,it is Bill Brown of Maico and Wulfsport fame .We hope to see him and his travelling companion also in his 70s and still flying,Maurice Wharton at more of our events this year. It would be good if we could get a race for all the original club members next year at Powmill. Anyway enough scrambling history from me, oh a wee history trivia question   for bammies dobbers who was the first ever scramble entry listed as no. 1 at the very first classic scramble,answer next month ,mibbee.

I heard that someone did not race at Powmill because it was too bumpy and a bit if rock was showing through the lush grass,well this person has a history of not racing when it looks a bit damp now he is focusing his attention on ridiculing the track builders and the club as a whole via farcebook just because he does not like something, well go and ----- -------- ,yes go and race elsewhere as we can do without criticism from people that never help with anything but have plenty to say when it looks a little technical for your limited riding skills . Indeed your beloved Farly Castly has more rock showing than Blackpool Main Street and is bumpier than jo brands arse and is also the home of the dreaded tree root syndrome,aye look at yourself and what you love before spouting your mouth off,I would invite you to come and build the Stirling track yes a free hand in design ,post chapping,roping ,taping,putting up the banners,setting the start gate,and all the rest that goes into running an event but I know you wouldn,t show so I won,t waste my time bye.

Onto more important things ,big Monty is back with a bang and I see he has teamed up with the top man big Rick your trustworthy chairmain again for the pre race interviews this is back by popular demand as we had a lot of members saying how they missed it terribly and wished to see a return. Look out in future for celebrities appearing alongside Rick.Monty will have the race report up soon on the websites and in the T.M.X. .He also has loads of photo,s and a dvd of the full meeting for sale,give him a ring on 01383 720631 to order a copy of it ior any
photo,s you want .Geordie Smart , big Pete Greenwood and a few other photographers were out in force getting all the action on film for you all to savour .Iam sure there will be a few thousand photo, s of the event so each and every one of you should have a decent photo somewhere contact Pete, George or Monty if you want it on paper.It was great to have a chat with Sean Doherty as it amazes me how well he copes with life and credit must go to Lou and Jordan as well as their lifes must have went full circle with all the upheaval and problems they have had to put up with.It puts things into perspective and all the liars lies and the moaners moans mean nothing if something like what happened to Sean meets you .All the best mate .

The meeting went stupendously well apart from the one accident when a rider was hurt,I am trying to contact him or his relatives to find out how he is ,I will give an update on the old website forum which is now up and in use again soon. I pulled a rider up for riding between races without a helmet ,if this happens again he will be barred from the club as will anyone else for that matter,safety gear is for your safety not mine,my safety gear is for my safety .Do not be stupid as it is your life that is at risk if you do not wear it,in my opinion the 2 most important items of apparel are your helmet and boots in that order so please think of your own safety first.

Our next meeting is at Townhead farm Stirling just across from the old track at Todholes which was a bit of a mudhole,we have been at this other track for 3 years now and it is on par with Powmill as one of the best natural motocross tracks in Scotland ,I cannot think of any other track that comes anywhere near the natural layout of these 2 tracks and the scenery is stunning.Over night camping as usual is free but spectators will be charged a fiver to get in,if you want to try and sneak in or moan about this just stay away,go and watch grown men chasing a ball and get pumped for over twenty quid .Woe betide you if you leave a mess or any litter,on the subject of litter me and James are just back from the Monday litter picking session and not very much at all but as well as thanking most of you for not leaving any I must also thank Stevie Mower ,big Richard Caldwell and anyone else that went round tidying up at the end of the day.

Back to Stirling ,the track is at the dam head of North Third reservoir and the postcode is FK7 9QS ,it is easy to find if you have been a few times.

We still have loads of hoodies at only £20 each,polo shirts for just £15 each and kids pit shirts for the give away price of £10 each on sale,these are top quality and are offered at these ridiculous low prices for one event only so come and see josie at Stirling for that wee bargain.

The points and results have been on the MYLAPS website since Sunday night so you should know where to look to see how you got on in your races on Sunday. The championship points are on as well just click championship to see how good you are.Riders please note you have to be a full club member to be included in any championship and you can only score points in one championship but you can ride in them all as long as you and your bike meet the criteria of that race.

The Team Challenge is hotting up with close scoring in all the races and the top four teams all battling for supremacy but the Callum Louden led ONESTOP RACING Team is still out in front but the chasing pack of Dial-A-Tow,Argyll and last years champs the Ballistic 5 are not far behind with Omnitool and Dial-A-Two saving their best till later in the season .Has anyone heard where Brittons Last Boys have gone ,surely they have not been taken in by that liar from the world of fantasy and went racing elsewhere,that will end in tears I can assure them if they have,karma will get you.. .Nadir,zilch,zero ,fawk awe that is what you have so button up and get back here and try and win this team championship that you have done so well in , in the past.


ONESTOP RACING               619 points

DIAL-A-TOW                         540 points

TEAM ARGYLL                     516 points

THE BALLISTIC 5                   506 points

OMNITOOL RACING           394 points

DIAL-A-TWO                         280 points

BRITTONS FAST BOYS         000 points

We have had Marshalls complaining about riders not obeying the warning flags.



Any rider seen disobeying these will get at the very least points taken off that race or maybe banned altogether.This is another safety issue and we will not tolerate riders ignoring Marshalls Warnings .The Marshalls are there for your safety so obey or be banned.

Another thing is practice,most of you think it is a race ,I heard a ned saying he had won the practice and for a fleeting moment I thought oh no bammy is back then I realised the ned had a Scottish accent so I breathed a sigh of relief and my ears were spared for another day.

That’s aboot it this month so we hope to see the real men at Stirling on the 19th of June and if any member with a bit of savvy wants to design a track at Stirling please let me know and I can be here at any time for you to collect the tractor,tow-a-van ,stob trailer,quad and trailer so you can make full use of our equipment for track building for the event ,oh and by the way could you arrange to have it all back at my place before 7p.m. on the Sunday of the event.

Love from me the boss according to st.someone                          

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