July 2014


Well folks that is us halfway through our great 2014 Scottish Twinshock Championship. Round 5 last Sunday saw a superb turnout of riders at Glen Fruin on the revamped hillside track. Sean Doherty and his band of helpers did a great job in building what was a super new layout. Sean and his son Jordi spent a good few days with Donnie Bruce’s 2 diggers the previous week getting the track prepped and grading the new layout and what a superb job they both did.

Gordon Forbes, Peter Campbell and all the rest that helped out deserve all the praise they got on Sunday for what was a superb event. Peter’s son Gregor under the guidance of our top starter and safety officer Allan Hughes done a wonderful job of track marshalling and the faultless efforts of Becks Burrell and Linda Martin at the finish and lap scoring kept the meeting running smoothly. The absence of some of our accident prone riders that were at another event meant we had no injuries or complaints about bad riding to deal with, I hope this continues as the club is so much better without all the hassle that these issues bring.

We must have made a new record for the time it takes to run an event, 16 races and over an hour for an interval and the last man off the track at the end of the grand national and it was only 20 past 3, amazing how such a good team can make or break an event, we cannot forget the guys and gals that also contribute to our success, Alison Chiappa who does all the signing on sheets, Paul Chiappa and Becks who do the signing on, Smitch and Steve the growling scrutineeers, Brian and James the track and marshal sighters and our Mr Mogul, big Monty, camera, dvd, pen and paper reporter and all round laugh a minute good guy, Chris Montignani and what about big Rik Caldwell and his lost sidekick wee Jock Mckell who has apparently went awol, well when i asked the Ayrshire lads about wee jock i was told he is awol, come to think about it they might have said he is aweehole, my hearing is not so good after years underground keeping you lot warm with Scotlands finest coal. Anyway big Rik is keeping you all up to date with his roving reports, he cajoled Sean Doherty into being his Jock lookalike sidekick at the Glen Fruin meeting and what a great pairing they make, if and when wee Jock makes a comeback i think he may find he has lost his job to the better looking Sean, a wee footnote they both look like they are adverts for Grecian 2000 or just for men, Chris Montignani will have the full race report on his page and in the T.M.X. . ,he also has a good collage of photo,s on the club website. Young George Smart has also been pursuing a career in photography and also puts a good selection of photo,s on our website, it is a good job these guys are here as it seems Sandy is only part time now.

The litter issue still rumbles on but our supremo on this matter Gary Litter was at Glen Fruin and he was keeping a close eye on everyone in case they dropped anything, pants being his speciality, but only a few bits and bobs was all he had to report at the end of the day. As Gary in an Argyll man himself he has informed me that he will also be at round 6 which is on the 3rd of August at Stewart Campbells track at Auchnashelloch Farm Lochgilphead PA31 8RM.

I heard Spud Wood was going to Glen Fruin to spectate as he is threatening to make a comeback soon and was wanting to eye up the opposition, well something came up and he could not come, seemingly this is a big concern for Carla as she says he has the same problem at home and she thinks he is going soft in his old age, you must stop feeding him pies at playtime Carla or he will end up as fat as his wee bitch, jilted Jocky Bonkless.

We still have zippers and hoodies for sale at the stupendously low price of only £18 each, these are top quality wulsport tackle and come in blue or black and in most sizes, once these are gone i will not be restocking in the near future so get yours now. Monty has copies of the DVD feom Glen Fruin also for sale you can contact him via the website and Sandy sometimes has photo,s for sale. On the subject of Sandy i see his niece ----- got a degree last week ,well done --==== she was one of our lapscorers in the past.

TEAM NEWS- The latest points are here for all to see, Team Argyll are still holding a good advantage at the top but i have been informed that one of their top riders, Stewart Thompson will not be racing again this year, they tried to pull a flanker and draft in another rider disguised as Stewart but i saw past the disguise and there rule bending bid was foiled and Graeme miller had to return the disguise outfit back to the shop, it actually was only a big fat wallet.

1...Argyll Racing = 936 pts

2... Brittons Mob = 711 pts

3...Dial a tow = 702 pts

4...Ballistic 2 = 625 pts

5...Baxters Soupers = 602 pts

6…Rhino no go = 579 pts

7...Whiskey needin Throttle 104 pts.

The Robbie Allan event at Tinto on the 20th of july has been marred by the sudden death of Dave Bickers on Sunday morning. The event is still going ahead as planned but we will not see the late great rider who was entered for the event, he will be sadly missed and fondly remembered by all who knew him. In the sixties Dave led the 2 stroke charge along with another great rider of his time, the late Brian Stonebridge, it was probably these two men when riding for Greeves that caused the demise of the big fourstrokes that had ruled moto x or scrambling as it was called then, up until then. I am proud to say that i once raced against the great man at a classic event about 20 years ago. I went and found the trophy i won that day and couldn’t believe it, 20 years just about to the day that he passed away. R.I.P. Dave a world champion in my eyes.

The event at Tinto on the 20th of July still has some places left, so anyone that wants to do the enduro, modern bikes allowed, on the Saturday or the scramble on the Sunday are welcome to enter, contact John Mccrink on 01620-248304 and he will keep you right.

Our next event is on the 3rd August at Lochgilphead Stewart Campbell has assured me that the track has been made Twinshock friendly and has been freshly graded. Overnight camping is free and there will be entertainment in the beer tent.

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