JULY 2018 Newsletter



Well dudes,who would have predicted such good weather causing so much havoc in the off road motor cycle scene.Yes lovely dry sunny weather was one of the reasons that round 5 at Humbie last sunday was cancelled and will not be rescheduled due to a full callender of things to do this summer, the other reasons given by the farmer at the last minute were some iron man event that was on the same day last year and never caused us any problems, no bowser and no grader ,most importantly the council wanted £500 for an entertainment licence.Well anyway i got a text at 6 a.m. on the thursday before the event telling me it had to be cancelled for those reasons. The club hierarchy went into overdrive to try and organise another venue but the lack of water at every other one we tried to get was the reason we had to abandon this round. The entry for this event was very low and it would have been a financial disaster if we had went to a track that a few members had suggested on facebook ,i really cannot understand members telling us what to do when they were not even entered for the event and were partly the reason for not going to the said track.So Morton and Andrew if you want to help us with suggestions on how to run the show it would help if your entries were in on time.

On the subject of entries it makes things easier and we can predict if a meeting is going ahead with the amount of entries in on time. .And still on the entry subject a lot of you are sending in entries after the closing date well lads they will be sent back to you in future and you will pay a late entry on the day ,we do not accept cheques for day entries so mind and bring cash .

All enties that were in for humbie will carry till used but please put an entry form in for the next round or when you will be next racing with us and i will check to make sure it is paid .

The next round at Drumclog on the 29th of July looks to be in jeopardy as the track manager has informed us that he is bone dry and dust would be criminal at the Clog and we may have to cancel again.Big Rick and Big Gaz are on the case and are looking for a good area of grassland as a standby for this event.Get your enties in anyway so we can assess if it is worth going ahead if you cannot be bothered to enter then what is the fucking point of going on yes blame yourself all you late entry huggers ,when the club is gone you can think back when looking at your worthless bikes and say to yourself,you know joe was right i should have put my entry in earlier and the club would still be going strong.

Joe cannot help those that will not help themselfs. taken from the book of twinshockians volume 7 chapter 3 .

The event on 25th and 26th August is taking shape .We are waiting on a shipment of new hoodies and t-sirts from Wulfsport to mark the clubs 25 year existance,these will be on sale soon and my word they will be cheap. Duke Street the famous band fronted by your very own Keith Birse will be playing in the Maquee on the Saturday night .Our guests of honour Bill Brown,Paul Chiappa,Graham Ferguson and our club sponsors will be on hand with tales of long ago and Monty might even film you doing the Wilbury twist . It has been decided by me to make the Saturday special and instead of charging at the gate we will have a couple of dolly burds doing the rounds collecting for charity, we have got a charity in mind and my preference is Sergent Cancer Care for Kids . Overnight camping is free but make sure you do not leave any litter or dog shite as this has to be cleaned up by someone and anyone caught leaving litter will be bannd from this club without any hesitation. We do not condone litter,tear offs or fighting so you have been warned.I gathered a good amount of tear offs from riders on the start line at Duns,the main culprits are monoshock boys,well get this ,they are banned at all our events and persistant offenders may get banned as well. The Duns trophies will be presented at the next round so if were in the top 3 in your class you will get a trophy.

The Robbie Allan Experience has offered to set up shop at Powmill on Saturday the 25th August with an offer of learning to ride a bike for newcomers ,those who have never rode a bike before can try out one of Robbies bikes under his expert guidance .and he has pledged all money made on the day will go to charity.We welcome you Robbie

It will be good to get a rest this weekend as there is no motocross or scrambling anywhere in the country that i know of so it is off to Glamis Castle for the Motoring Extravaganza,if you have never been you must put it on the fuckit i am going list as it is a must see at least once in your lifetime.   The Dumfries lads will be busy building the castle track at Drumlanrigg i would think they will also have the water divining sticks out as this weather is predicted to last for a few more weeks .I think i have found a solution to the lack of liquid at the Rigg .If you round up all the classic pish talkers on the Friday night and get them to walk the track while talking pish and just tell them to spout more pish on the track then the same again on the Saturday night night,sorted track watered and Wully and John and CO, can run the event sweetly in the knowledge that they got a bit of help from that other lot. All the best at your event at Drumlanrigg next weekend ,sad to say but i hope you get plenty rain before the event.

As a footnote the classics have MOSE

The Twinshocks have JOSE

The Galloways need a dose of the HOSE

Thatsitthenoo jose .......


Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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