TWINSHOCK NEWSLETTER MAY 2018 Well howdy doody folks ,it is news time again .Plenty moans this month so here goes.Any rider that does not have his proper riding no. on his race bike in future will get no points .Check rule 6 ,the rules of which we have few are on the inside back page of the club programme which you should all have so no correct riding no. = no points . Any rider that wins a trophy and is not at the awards ceremony after the track has been taken down or the meeting has finished will not get the trophy,we have stopped dishing them out to other people ,check rule 17 and you will see there is a rule in place regarding this . There are still riders that persist in using tear offs,these are banned at all our events, any rider caught using them can be banned from the club as they constitute a litter issue and can result in a ban from the club and make no mistake I will ban offenders in future,we have been to soft in the past as this is a serious issue.On the subject of litter ,me and my son picked up a bin bag full last night ,Monday, it did not look bad to begin with but all the bits and bobs and pringles tubes ,yes you know who you are ,add up to quite a lot so please no litter . We do not have rule about anyone playing with balls at our events but we do have a no children policy ,if adults cannot look after your children you should not bring them as a serious accident or death could result in your negligence ,yes whoever you are please wake up to the real world,this is a serious sport and your children were playing with a ball at trackside and going onto the track during a race to retrieve said ball,this will stop right now,balls are banned ,toys are banned .Who would you blame if your child or grand child was hit and killed while fetching the ball,yes you would blame anyone and everyone bar yourself,if you cannot keep your children by your side at all times do not bring them .Same goes for dogs ,the amount of dog shite left lying around is not on anymore,dogs are banned at all motorsport so please do not bring them as you may be refused entry to the track,field, if you do have one or more with you. These are common sense issues so please obey them. Rules are made for a reason and I am getting pissed off with people breaking them.If there is a club next year maybe all the rule breakers can get together and take a shot at trying to run it ,run a mile more like .There may be a day when I get up and write a stress free newsletter but as it is now I cannot see it happening soon so maybe the sooner I pack all this in the better if only for my own health if nothing else.I thought things would be less hassle this year and things were looking good at the start of the season but the club and its officials get taken for a ride sometimes so my advice is just obey the little amount of rules we have and things should be fine until some fanny fucks it up again,it wont happen much more I can assure you all of that. Your Chairman Rick Caldwell was busy selling dance tickets last Sunday and I think he sold a lot so if you want to go to the dance on the 3rd November I would advise you to get your tickets very soon,he will be selling them at Duns when we will be running round 4 of the Championship at Bryan Mckenzies super track on the 10th of June. Anyone that wants to marshall at Duns could you be early as I will have to limit the amount we need, I did not want to turn any away last Sunday at Powmill as that is the kind of guy I am and we ended up with 24 multiplied by £50 = £1,200 for marshalls alone that is before other officials expenses so you can see we need to cut back slightly but remember this club has never ever asked any riders to supply a marshall or fined any rider for not supplying a marshall so we must be doing something right. Our resident photographers were out in force at Powmill and what a superb array of photos they have on the facebook scottishtwinshockclub page and other places, big Monty was back on Sunday and he should have the race report and DVD all prepared on the club website for a read and a look, contact the people responsible for taking your photo or the DVD if you want to purchase any items from them.Graham Anderson has all the points and race results ,times etc, on the various sites around the web. Remember it is you,the riders responsibility to make sure your transponder is working . Latest team news after round three is as follows . Still out in front and extending the lead are the Onestop Racing Team and now have 639 points .In second position are the Team Argyll boys on 449 points closely followed by the Dial-A-Tow Team on 425 and after scoring well at Powmill we have Colins Kings on 408 . Thatsithismonth joe
Monday, July 15, 2024
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