October 2017 Newsletter


Well again what a cracking meeting at Glenfarg to round off this great Twinshock Club Scrambles Championships very good racing in all the classes and some very worthy champions after such an arduous years racing.Big Monty has the race report on the club faceboak page and the club website forum also his tube channel has all the action on film, the club photy men,Peter Greenwood and Barry Gordon have hundreds of great action pictures for all to see or buy also on the web,the forum and faceboak should have a link to these as well.Graeme Anderson has all the championships and results also via a link to Mylaps on the web .The parade lap at Glenfarg is a very touching moment for us as we show our solidarity for our fellow rider Sean Doherty,Sean led the parade on the quad and he states that he will do it on a bike in the future ,what a great sight that would be .The only downside to the meeting was a rider taking retaliatory (his words) action against a fellow rider,well it was said last year after a similar incident that if anything like this happens again the perpetrator or perpetrator,s will be barred .As a good friend of the culprit it is only fair that I cannot influence or vote on the outcome which will be discussed at the A.G.M on Sunday the 26th of November so my lips are sealed but my feelings are well known.The only injury at Glenfarg was sustained by the you Tommi Grant (hope I have spelled that right) when she came off in race 1 and fractured her collar bone,her dad ,Tam informs me that she I on the mend and will be back racing next year along with him,all the best and a speedy recovery .


That is another years racing over with and now we wait for the big finale, yes the great Twinshock Dance on the 18th of November is our next big thing. We still have a couple of tickets left so if you want to be involved you should get in touch with Joe for your ticket very promptly .We are also on the mooch for raffle prizes for the dance ,your chairman, big Rick is the raffle manager this year and he promises some refreshing surprises. A buffett ,two bands playing ,super prize giving and a big raffle and some of the best crack on the planet all for only £15 per adult which is non refundable if you cannot make it for any reason .

The Team Challenge Cup was won in 2017 by the late charging Red Rockets who put on a blinding display of motocross skills at the last 2 rounds to grab the winning spoils ,Onestop made a late move on the early leaders ,The Ballistic 6 to claim second spot from them with the Argyll Team in 4th and Hoppies Dial-A-Tow in 5th. We hope to try and encourage more teams to get involved next year for this super Mike Dobie and Jock Mckell sponsored Omnitool, Rhino Boilers Challenge Cup.

1ST The Red Rockets 1685 points …B.Alexander …B.Gillan…B.Colligan,,. J.Grieve …K.Smart… P.Benham .

2nd Onestop Racing 1595 points,,, M.Vandermerwe….A.Joiner….A.Adair… W.Penrice ….J.Colligan…M.Dobie

3rd Ballistic 6 1588 points…   J.Mclean…P.Chiappa…C.Smith…C.Wilson…G.Foheringham…J.Kenny

4th Team Argyll 1385 points … R.Mcfadden….Mcclure…J.Doherty…A.Shields…A.Aitken…A.White

5th Dial-A-Tow 1205 points …J.Hopton…G.Robertson…S.Robertson…D.J.Bruce…W.Pentland…D.Cunningham

All these riders will get a trophy at the dance on the 18th of November as will the following riders.

Pre 77 .. 1st A.Adair … 2nd D.Cunningham…. 3rd I.Robertson ….4th G.Britton …5th P.Maxwell… 6th T.Smilley

4Stroke 1st C.Wilson… 2nd D.Bruce ..3rd K.Stanford.. 4th R.Caldwell …5th J.Fullerton …6th S.Sibbald

Over 50s 1st J.Grieve ..2nd J.Crawford… 3rd D.Pullar jnr … 4th J.Rutherford…5th M.Vandermerwe ,,6th K.Birse

EVO OPEN 1ST B.Alexander..2nd R.Potts…3rd P.Benham…4th M.Harper,,,5th P.J.Johnston,,,6th B.Gillan

EVO 125 1ST W.Penrice…2nd D.Carter…3rd K.Smart…4th J.Young…5th K.Rosie…6th G.Fotheringham

250 T/Shock 1st A.Joiner…2nd C.Kilgour…3rd L.Hart…4th R.Mcfadden…5th G.Miller… 6th C.Sangster

500 T/Shock 1st P.Chiappa…2nd C.Smith…3rd B.Allardyce..4th J.Mclean…5th A.Aitken…6th G.Morrison

2 Stroke 1st A.White…2nd S.Roertson…3rd B.Colligan…4th J.Martin…5th P.O,neil…6th S.Foote

Monoshock 1st A.Shields…2nd D.J.Bruce…3rd J.Clark…4th J.Doherty…5th M.Dempsey…6th D.Hynd

Youth 1st J.Mcdonald…2nd K.Mcclure…3rd C.Paton…4th L.Munro…5th H.Campbell…6th S.Ness

There has been some confusion with this new youth class this year so to clear up the situation I will explain what was agreed at the A.G.M. IN 2016. This is a non championship class with no trophies at each event unless a sponsor came forward.Mr Hopton ,your vice chairman managed to get trophy sponsors throughout the year and kept the young ones happy.Mr.Graeme Anderson ,your timekeeper has been logging all the results and has an end of year results board.Mr.Hopton will I am sure get trophies for this class to be presented at the dance.Another issue which was brought to my attention at the last round was the size restriction on youths bikes,this was agreed as to be 125 two stroke or four stroke ,no bigger .Some people confused this with the 125 evo rule which allows 200cc bikes but only if they are aircooled .Anyone that wants to know the rules ask me or read the back of your programme.

It was with sadness that I attended the funeral last week of Jimmy Ferguson,the owner of Mickey Oates Motorcycles for many years until passing the business onto his family.Jimmy was one of the clubs original sponsors and gave us great support since the club started 24 years ago,and his family continue this support .I had organised for him to be our guest of honour at our next years 25 year celebration event which is at an early stage of organisation at the moment .Jimmy was a true lover of the sport and probably put more bikes on the track than anyone past or present and the business continues to flourish in the same mould.It was heartening to see such a large turnout and many riders from past and present there to mourn his passing.R.I.P. JIMMY

I got an unusual phone call last week from an old friend in the classic movement and it seems we may be seeing some of them racing at our events next year,I hope so then I may go their events for some hassle free racing .    

Next big event for us is the DANCE ON 18TH NOVEMBER not many tickets left    





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