No.2 March 17 Newsletter


Howdy folkers on this lovely day in March , such a wonderful time to be writing this page or pages of news for you all to savour while watching corrie or some other pish on tv. Well what a start that was to our season last Sunday at Drumclog. First it is good to report no major injuries but there were a few wee nasties and we hope James Mclean, John Kenny and Dean Rutherford make a quick recovery.While browsing through the thousands of cracking photo,s on F book I came across some of young Ian Harrison and Callum Laid coming to grief in separate incidents ,they looked nasty but from what I gather they both walked away with no major injuries . That is the bad side of our sport now for the good side . I have never seen so many happy people at Drumclog ,a nicely prepared track,a super burger van with very tasty baps, friendly parking attendants,Rick-n-Gaz, gorgeous chicks at the signing on and free coffee at the Mickey Oates stand. Yes it really was a super start to our season ,there was close exciting racing in all the classes but the most enthralling for me was the smallest field on the day ,the Evo class yes great racing all the way down the field but the duo between Jonty and Gav at the front was motocross at its best.Would you believe that only 4 riders went under 2 minutes for a lap on Sunday and 2 of them were on Evo bikes ,I must mention the other 2 as they were flying as well in their class ,day member Aiden Christie and John Adamson who has declared his intention to do the full season with us ,I hope so young man so I can study your lines then dream of what I could have done .I see Monty has a super pre race report on film on his U-Tube channel and the full race meeting DVD will be for sale soon ,they are quite cheap and very good value for money,I will be buying one myself they are that good. The full race report by the big man will be on the club website and in the T.M.X. soon as well.

Parking was a bit of an issue on Sunday ,if we keep an area clear for emergency ,first aid vehicles and race control vehicles ,that is what we expect people to understand and obey, I went to see the timekeeper for 10 minutes and when I returned 3 yes 3 motors parked in a forbidden area .Not only did the race in progress get stopped but the meeting was held up until offending vehicles were moved .Make no mistake I will not hesitate to take this action again or even cancel a meeting because of this selfish action by individuals thinking they can park where ever they like .The First Aid Vehicles must have clear access at all times .While I am on my high horse there better not be any litter left at Drumclog as I hate lazy litter droppers and they will be barred from our events.

The tickets are on sale for our Annual Dance at Alloa Town Hall on the 18th of November 2017, now you might think oh fuck it the noo I will get them later in maybe June or July well they are selling fast and not many left now so if you don,t want to be there just wait till June or July when they will be sold out maybe even May depends on the weather. Only £15 per person not refundable 7-00pm. Till 12-45am ,then it is doon the toon fur a burd of which there is an abundance ,I even think Lee Britton might get a tingle.

The OMNITOOL-RHINO BOILERS TEAM CHALLENGE is carrying on where it left off last year with the Onestop Team out in front . This team underwent a reconstruction during the winter months with 2 of the stars taking a back seat this year but have recruited well with 2 new members scoring in abundance and 1 flopping but I suppose with the new rule that Vice Chairman Hoppy got passed at the A.G.M. where there are now 6 in a team and the worst score is dropped they now have the incentive to not be tagged as a flopper ,it is ironic that Hoppy flopped in his team this time. I was thinking of starting a new monthly flopper list where all the low team scorers got named and shamed , mibby jist mibby next month . Anyway here are the current standings after round one 

4th DIAL-A-TOW 154

a wee footnote ,if Brittons Had Talent had entered they would have been running
amock .   See you all at round 2 at sunny
Achnashelloch Farm Lochgilphead on the 23rd April                                                                              





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