March 2017



This is just a wee update before the season kicks off for real .A few tips maybe or could be some rule updates and probably a list of the teams for the great OMNITOOL / RHINO challenge cup. The current holders ,ONESTOP RACING are always on hand to give tips to any new or old teams that need a bit of nurturing just to get up there with the fast boys. On the subject of fast boys ,Team BrIttons HAD Talent are taking a year out to regroup ,Jordan and Lee are taking going travelling ,Jordans going to Airdrie and Lee is off to Wishaw .The big chap , Ewen has began a career in Mechanics so you better keep an eye on yer van at the meetings if you see him prowling the pits with his tool bag as he might start dismantling it just for a look and team captain Gary as got the wee Cub and big Norton to contend with this year,what is he like he would get the leg over anything thing that moves just for the thrill of it.That leaves poor Albert to carry the great name forward this year and I hear he has entered the fourstroke class and has all the other contenders shitting themselves. We hope they are back as a force to be reckoned with in 2018.

The new classes this year have just a few points to note so you don,t come annoying me with trivial stuff.The Novice / Clubman class has no championship and will not be scored and does not award trophies or points to any rider in this class,it is set up to nurture the inexperienced and once you are fast enough and confidant you can if you wish or must if the 3 wise men decide so, go into the main races ,you can use a transponder to see how you are getting on and the 3 wise men will be keeping an eye on your progress. The 3 Wise men are John Hopton , Jim Grieve and Graeme Anderson . Any problems or issues can be taken up with any of them ,they are there to help and assist you if needed ,they are also in charge of the youth class. This class is for 14 and 15 year olds to gain experience and enjoy a mega days racing. As with the Novice class they will wear a yellow hi viz vest and will start at up to 1 minute behind the main group in races 1. 6.11. these classes are for a trial period and if they are going to be a load of hassle they will be dumped so take note angry parents that can,t ride a bike yourself ,let your child enjoy the day and keep shtoom.

Would all riders please make sure your transponder is ACTIVATED for this year. After renewal every year you have to re activate it .you have been warned.I have just renewed a subscription and it was 45 euros for one year.

We have not ordered any clothing as of yet this year as I have been waiting on suggestions from the buying public but have not had any.

Only a couple of weeks till round one at the superb Southhalls track at Drumclog, Your Competition Secretary was down there last weekend and gives a glowing report on the track so we are ready to twingle on the 26th March .

Just a serious note to all.The Euro Parliament is trying to pass a law on motor sport insurance and if it goes through it will be the end of motorsport in Europe. Take note if the SNP get to stay in Europe we are doomed .that is FACT . If there is another referendum and the vote is to leave the U.K. and stay in EUROPE this club will be closed down on that day as there will be no point in wasting any time any longer .So think long and hard before supporting the total liars that are Sturgeon and Co.

We wish you all a good and injury free year and hope to say nice things soon to people .

Thatsyerwhack joe  

Saturday, December 09, 2023
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