October 2016


Well lads ,n, lassies our season went really well ,a couple a dummy tit spitters again this year but we are all good buddies again so all great on that front.The liar and his cronies are away to the dark side and long may that continue as those types we can do without,on the subject I see a few of the defectors to the dark side have spat the dummy with them as well ,ho – ho – ho - ,I love it, the many faces on display for all too see.

Our last meeting of the year last week at Glenfarg produced some of the most exciting racing we have seen for a long time ,the large crowd were kept on their toes for the whole day with some super action and the skills of our riders is beyond belief. The track layout was superb as is it always is now that we have a great team of track builders,our club champion and competition secretary was heard saying to joe ,that is the best track you have ever built, joe replied ,you say that all the time,so we must be doing something right.The full race report by Chris Montignani and points by Graeme Anderson are out now so you can all see how well you did this year. This new timing system seems to have gone down well with our riders ,just a couple of glitches ,mostly down to rider error in not making sure their transponder was working but all in all a very worthwhile but expensive addition to our portfolio of equipment. Graeme,the man in charge of the Mylaps system for the club seems to be quite happy with it and he is training Allan ,the starter in all aspects of timing just in case he fancies a holiday. There is plenty footage of the event on facebook and u tube . Graham has a new toy that takes aerial pictures and films and big Monty was busy with the video camera,we had an unexpected visitor on Sunday Bungas lad Mickey Rutherford who wanted to do a special for his old da and he did not want Bunga to know he was there filming him ,I don’t know if that succeeded as Bunga is everywhere at the same time so he must have seen him at some point. well he put together a super film ,I don’t know if it is a birthday present or what but is was a good gesture anyway , hope you come again Mickey as I told you ,you will always be made very welcome at this club.

I Have been going to Scrambles evenst since 1978 I must say that Glenfarg on Sunday is one of the best events I have ever been to without a doubt .it is right up there with the best .Apart from one lad getting injured which turned out not as bad as was first feared the meeting had everything, banter, friendship, mega track, great racing ,great for spectating, super photographers, men and women with organisational skills that can work together keeping the meeting going. I think it was just fantastic . The man tha got injured was Liam Smart ,he is now home and on the mend and we wish him a speedy recovery .Did anyone see Craig Robertson in race 11 on a TS 250 Suzuki ,what a man,well the good thing was that I beat him but it might have been Hoppies gearbox rebuild that helped me as it could not have been much fun on a gutless ,gearless road bike,but hey all in great fun and sportsmanship…. A wee note to the goaties you are not needed or wanted so please keep it that way and stay away.    

The main objective at Glenfarg apart from running a great event was to show our loyalty and support for each other and apart from a few selfish people who decided to race elsewhere that day we certainly all gathered together in a great show of strength and willingness to share what we have ,be it money, prayers or words of comfort for our fellow rider Sean Doherty who was injured at Glenochil a year ago . It has been confirmed that Sean is paralised from the waist down and will be wheelchair bound for life. That is the medical outlook but the members of this club,well most of us anyway will be positive for Sean and hope and pray that he does prove them wrong, I certainly ,having been pally with Sean for a good number of years and know him well enough to know that he will not accept defeat, do i really believe that he will walk again ,yes I do ,in fact this might sound really strange but I dreamt that he was walking at Glenfarg ,it must be next year but that dream woke me at 4.a.m. this morning and I just had to put it to paper .So here I sit writing at 4 in the morning about something that I hope is a vision of the future, time will tell.

At Glenfarg we had a collection going for Sean ,the proceeds from that and the sale of the club calendars will be presented to Sean at the dance ,it is not much but every little helps and it shows we care,some don’t but we do. Jim Baxter had a load of stickers made with Doherty 22 on them so that every rider that made a donation got one to put on their bike as a show of support to our fellow sportsman this tin which also had spectators and club sponsors donating too, drew in a tidy sum.. We then had a parade lap before the meeting began so that every person that could get the use of a bike could join in.The idea for this was from Davie Mckell , I just organised it. This was led by Sean himself this year who rode a Honda quad which John Mitchell had towed all the way from Stranraer for Sean to use ,for this we are eternally grateful John and no you are no getting any petrol money or tax relief,only joking .It was very emotional to see such overwhelming support for one of our own ,Sean stayed strong throughout the day and got many words of support for his strength of character ,there has also been great support on web sites and social media sites. You can check out all the photo,s on Facebook to see what a close large family we are.

The season is now at a close and all the championships have been won and lost ,it is now onto the happy season where the organisers get a rest and a chance to catch up with old mates, me I will be visiting Spud soon to see if he has caught wee Wattie Bonkmore stealing any more rabbits .Chubby Wattie has a new Burd and she said he was lacking and she would love one of those Rabbit things that her mates are all raving about so Wattie got himself a Ferret (I think he named it Allan ) it was actually a cross between a weasel and a polecat and I think he should maybe have named it davy or derek ,it just has a better ring to it than allan anyway he also got some  snares and went poaching on Spuds Patch,well it is actually Carlas Patch and it is quite big and bushy with plenty cover for the rabbits to hide from wee Fattie Wattie and his Ferret, Wattie and Allan the Ferret caught nothing on Carlas Patch and went home empty handed and Wattie tried to explain to the new burd that he been up Carls Patch trying to catch her a rabbit she went haywire and told him in no uncertain terms that it was a Rampant Rabbit she wanted.So for sale ,cheap to good home is Allan the useless Ferret or will swap for some KX gears .I hear Wattie is making a comeback next year or so he says, he is enlisting Spud as his personal drainer but he reckons Spud has drained him of all his cash and energy already ,well no change there then. See you all soon buddies.

Here are the top six in each championship class who will all get an end of season trophy at the dance on the 22nd October, ALL tickets sold .

T.S.S.C.S. 2016   Scottish Scramble Championship

Twinshock open                       Twinshock 250                            Pre 77                                        Over 50                  

1st   P.CHIAPPA                       1ST   A.JOINER                         1ST C.ROBERTSON          1ST J.GREIVE                                                

2ND J.McLEAN                         2ND G.MILLER                         2ND A.ADAIR                       2ND J.RUTHERFORD

3RD A.AITKEN                         3RD R.McFADDEN                3RD G.McCLURE                   3RD K.BIRSE  

4TH W.PENTLAND                   4TH M.VANDERMERWE     4TH J.FULLERTON                 4TH G.WHYTE

5TH B.ALLARDYCE                   5TH C.SANGSTER                   5TH D.FULLERTON              5TH M.DOBIE

6TH T.CAIG                               6TH D.WATSON                       6TH L.BRITTON                     6TH S.THOMSON

4 stroke                                       Evolution                                       125 Evo                              2 Stroke                            

1ST K.CRAWFORD                   1ST B.ALEXANDER                     1ST K.SMART                 1ST B.COLLIGAN

2ND R.CALDWELL                     2ND R.POTTS                               2ND W.PENRICE               2ND A.WHITE

3RD J.McLEAN                           3RD P.BENHAM                       3RD G.PETERSON               3rd S.ROBERTSON      

4TH S.GREIG                             4TH T.GRANT                               4TH C.SMITH                       4TH D.HILL      

5TH D.MCKELL                         5TH D.RUTHERFORD .            5TH D.CARTER                   5TH G.COLLIGAN

6TH A.MALLOCH                     6TH B.GILLAN                               6TH J.YOUNG                     6TH S.FOOTE









There were a couple of ties in the overall results so we go back to best results and in the case of Alistair Aitken versus William Pentland ,Alistair wins as a result of the last race result . In the Monoshock class ,tied after the season ends is Allan Shields and Deejay Bruce .Allan wins on most wins and overalls .So there we have it another great season comes to an end .

We must thank in no particular order of favouritism all our sponsors first. Mickey Oates Motorcycles , Wulfsport , Binn Skips , Bennet Printers , Dobies Heat Centres, Sangster Properties and The Frame Store , Tom Grant Plant , Dunfermline Motorcycles , Glenshee Ski Centre ,Dial-A-Tow , Omnitool , Active Mechanical Services , Onestop Motor Engineers , D.R.B.Marine Services Ltd ,C.W. Contracts , Cowal Car Components, Woodend Garage , I also would like to thank all our officials and helpers as without you this great year may never have happened . THANKS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

The Team Challenge cup which was inaugurated by Mike Dobie of Rhino Boiler fame and his drinking buddie wee Jock Mckell of Omnitool fame took a new twist on Sunday when the Argyll team coaxed the ill Grant Mcclure back into the saddle for this last round to try and regain the Cup they won in 2014. The Onestop team who have been short of top scorer Tam Grant due to health problems as well at recent events stuck to the task and put together some cracking scores to win the title outright. The big surprise that had the large crowd talking was the return of the managerless Brittons Got Talent team but they held together well and even pumped Omnitool on the day with 3 decent results,apparently the manager was away with boaby riding on the Island but promises a big comeback next year with his team at full strength.The Ballistic 5 were top scorers at Glenfarg and moved above Dial-A-Tow in the final standings but it is left to late to impact on the super 2 teams at the top.    

2016 Team Championship                                                                                                                                        

1ST = Onestop Racing       M.Vndermerwe , J.C.Mclean , T.Grant , A.Joiner , J.Colligan ,    Trophy Each + Cash Bonus + Omnitool - Rhino Challenge Cup

2ND = Team Argyll                 R.Mcfadden, A.Aitken , G.Mcclure,   A.Sheilds, J.Doherty          Trophy Each

3rd = Ballistic 5                       J.Mclean, P.Chiappa, C.Smith, C.Wilson , M.Wilson                           Trophy Each

4th = Dial-A-Tow                J.Hopton , G.Robertson , C.Robertson , L.Smart, K.Smart           Trophy Each

5th =Qmnitool                       J.Mckell, D.Mckell, G.Whyte, R.Caldwell, S.Baird                           Trophy Each  

6th = Dial-A-Two                 S,Pullar , W.Pentland , S.Robertson , D.Pullar , C.Meechan          Trophy Each

7th = Brittons Got It             G.Britton, A.Britton, L.Britton, J.Britton, E.Britton                         Trophy Each

The next big happening will be the Dance which has been sold out since the day the tickets went on sale ,now that is what I call amazing ,what other club can sell all their dance tickets on a Sunday morning.

The A.G.M. will be on the 20TH of November at The Stables Lounge in Crook of Devon at 2-30 pm.. I will list the agenda next month and I have the dates sorted roughly for 2017. I have spoken to Ian Ridley of the Cumbria Club and he has informed me of a date change at Blencarn and the Nostalgia Scramble may be running the Greeves event again and as a few of our members do these events we hope can accommodate these changes next year as it is good karma to be in harmony with your fellow clubs.

Thatsyerwhackthismonth joe






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