No.2 September 2016


Well lovely peoples that is round 9 done and dusted and what a superb meeting it was .Super weather on the day but the rain the previous day made for a bit of dampness in the pits and the road in but a bit of ingenuity by our faithful starter in the morning got the show on the road .A few vans had to be towed into the field and I heard that some riders on seeing a bit of dampness about turned and fled the scene ,well if that is the extent of your passion for the sport I think you should be at your local sewing bee or maybe arranging a coffee morning, anyway you are only kidding yourself that you are a moto cross rider or scrambler .We hope to see you all back at Glenfarg ,of course as long as it is dry and not too bumpy and maybe not too fast. We take great pride in the knowledge that no other outfit can offer the vast variety of venues that we do and Glenfarg on the 9th of October will be no different ,just pure pleasure and adrenalin pumping delight .Anyway back to Sunday ,it turned out to be a super event and I never heard one complaint about anything so we must be doing something right for the majority of serious scramblers in this wee great country of ours. Big Monty was doing the usual pit rounds in the morning with his massive tool getting all the gorgeous bikes on film and filming the whole event for you to see on dvd which can be purchased from him for only £10 .There is also a good following of very good photographers at all our events and they put thousands yes thousands of great action shots on various places on the net but mainly facebook .Graham Anderson is super efficient with the points and always has them on mylaps just a few hours after the event finishes .I see he has listed some classes that have been decided but there is still all to play for in some others.Indeed the team event will go to the wire at Glenfarg as well .

It was a bit emotional for some on Sunday as we returned to the venue where one of our members suffered a serious injury last year. Sean Doherty is a great ambassador for our sport and I cannot think of anybody else that would meet the challenge that faces him as much as he does. I have coaxed him into leading a lap of friendship and solidarity among the people of our sport at Glenfarg. So Sean will lead the parade this year on the club quad and we want all riders and anyone that can get a shot of a bike to be involved and join the parade which if we space out in a good fashion should look awesome. Big Monty will be filming the spectacle to show the world via the web that we are all for one and one for all and any injury cannot keep a good strong willed man down. Jim Baxter will again this year get a load of stickers made and when you sign on you can make a donation of say £2 and all the cash collected will go to Sean along with all the profits from the sale of the super 2017 club calendar which Fiona, Jackie ,Becks, and Christopher, have had made .

This will be presented at the Dance which is on the 22nd of October at the Barr Social Club Galston Ayrshire 7-00 pm. To 1-00 am and includes all the usual stuff ,Buffet , Disco , Raffle , Presentation . All that for only £10 a head but sadly I think all the tickets are sold ,certainly I have sold all my allocation maybe big Rick your affable chairman has some left but he is the man to ask .  

Plenty great racing at Glenochil last Sunday in all the classes had the large crowd of spectators on their toes throughout the day .The banter was first class and it was good to see a load of old faces from the past with more than a few expressing a notion to join us next year after witnessing how friendly and well run our events are. Still no sign of bumpy though. So all in all a wonderful round 9, we were met with what looked like very slippery conditions when we arrived early on the Sunday morning but after a couple of practice laps the glaur was gone and the track was in perfect condition and stayed like that for the whole event. Allan Hughes and his son Connor were back in action after a wee spell abroad to take up their posts on the start and general running duties of the club and what a wonderful job they done allied with the great comradeship of father and son team ,Graham and Connor Anderson on the timing and finish line they could probably run an event themselves and Big Donny Bruce on track marshall duties ,they worked together flawlessly to make sure the meeting ran like clockwork. I must admit we now have 1 of the best organizational teams in the business . I must confess it is one of the slickest run events that I have ever been to, at least 3 rides for every rider ,a good long interval where you could savour the gorgeous grub from Williams burger van, superb racing for the spectators to see,the start team and timing squad kept the meeting running smoothly ,a super trophy presentation where all the recipients got a big one and out the gate at 4-00.p.m. amazing is the only word that can describe this mega club .Well done lads and lasses a truly super team of people .

Our resident video man and race reporter is back after a stint doing the goat track rounds which proved a massive failure and he is now back for good with the no. 1 club so look out for the best report and DVD footage you will ever see. We allow anyone to take photo,s at our events now,we just ask that they sign in first in case of injury, there are some great pictures mainly on facebook and there are links on the club website forum to these photo,s as well. The digital world has came on leaps and bounds in recent years in the photo world and there are some super sights to see so we thank these people for doing a great service for the club and if any rider wants prints of themselves in action they should contact the photographer that took the photo for a copy. Monty will have full footage on his super dvd soon and they are still only 10 quid a pop ,great value from a great man.

It has come to my attention by way of spectators complaints that they do not know who is who in the races as some riders are using the wrong riding number on their bike.Well read the rules of which we have very few and focus on rule 11. Yes rule eleven. Any rider using a bike that does not display their riding no. will get no points and may be black flagged.This also applies to your transponder.

 Come to our next event at the super, rumble in the stubble ,Venue at Balvaird Farm Glenfarg for the 10th and final round of the Scottish Scramble Championships. It will be the same field as last year but it may be a slightly faster layout just to get the juices flowing. If any member has an entry that has not been used then this is your last chance to get it used. We are not offering free entry for spectators at this event as we charge at very few events but sadly for all the great supporters we have we must charge now and again.We have a business to run and needs must but come along with your wife and as many kids as you want and it will only cost a fiver per adult this time, and that includes a programme AND FREE PARKING,and everybody gets a super day out. Only £5 per adult includes free parking,free programme and free friendship yes mate only £5 . Most other outfits charge that for a programme and anything from £7 to £20 to get in to watch. So we are the leaders in value for money.

I hereby give notice to all and sundry that our dates and venues for next year 2017 are as follows.

These dates will be confirmed on 20 – 11 – 2016 .


1 DRUMCLOG 25/03/2017
2 LOCHGILPHEAD 23/04/2017
3 POWMILL 28/05/2017
4 STIRLING 11/06/2017
5 HUMBIE 02/07/2017
6 DALRY 30/07/2017
7 TINTO 27/08/2017
8 DUNS 10/09/2017
9 GLENOCHIL 24/09/2017
10 GLENFARG 08/10/2017


Our plans for next year are looking very rosy indeed,we are at the advanced stages of introducing some new classes and we have visions of a youth class ,details are being sorted by your vice chairman the unstoppable Hoppy .Also on the cards is a class for older bikes as they have nowhere to race in Scotland just now. .So we will be ready to offer other riders the real classes and real tracks to race on that they have been deprived of for so long and we can let the real men enjoy this great sport.We are looking to introduce a pre 70 or maybe pre 68 class and a novice class for sportsmen that just enjoy the sport and want a pleasant ride on their bike.

Just so you all know our plans for the future the club has taken the unprecedented step of issuing our DATES FOR 2018 YES WE ARE THAT FAR AHEAD OF OUR TIME THAT WE CAN PROVISIONALY DECLARE THESE AND THEY ARE AS FOLLOWS .

1 DRUMCLOG 24/03/2018
2 LOCHGILPHEAD 22/04/2018
3 POWMILL 27/05/2016
4 STIRLING 10/06/2016
5 HUMBIE 01/07/2018
6 DALRY 29/07/2018
7 TINTO 26/08/2018
8 DUNS 09/09/2018
9 GLENOCHIL 24/09/2018
10 GLENFARG 07/10/2018

These will be confirmed at our A.G.M. at the Stables Lounge Crook of Devon on the 19th November 2017.

If you be wondering why I can do this at this early stage, well simple, good communication with people and friendly banter all make for a successful outcome.These will be confirmed at the A.G.M on the 20th of November for the 2017 dates and at the A.G.M. ON THE 19TH November 2017 for the 2018 dates. I hope this clears up any confusion as to our plans for the future .If anyone needs to arrange holidays in 2019 please let me know and I could issue our dates for that year as well.

Dance tickets are on sale and are only available to club members till we see how many will sell . They are still be only £10 each and big raffle,disco,super buffett and all the crack a man can handle on the 22nd of October at the usual venue in Galston Ayrshire. VERY FEW LEFT ,MAYBE SOLD OUT BY THE TIME YOU READ THIS.

The team championship is shaping up nicely and it looks like Callum Loudens ONESTOP team are still in the lead but the Argyll boys are closing and closed the gap by another few points on Sunday but the top scorers last Sunday at Glenochil were the Ballistic 5 who are still a man down as are most teams due to injury and other problems I hear .Onestop are now a man short and could be in danger of losing the lead after looking so good early in the year they are now without Tam Grant who recently had a health scare but he turned up at Glenochil last Sunday to spectate and check on his team and I must say he was looking a picture of health and says he cannot wait to get back in the saddle. Hoppies team were 2 men down at Glenochil and it looks like their challenge has fizzled out ..I cannot understand why there have been no Brittons at the racing this year, surely they will regroup and do at least the last event this year ,I really hope so as they are steeped in motorcycle history as a familly

The positions and points are as follows[JM1][JM2].

1st ONESTOP = 1602 points       2ND ARGYLL     = 1581 points       3RD DIAL-A-TOW = 1427 points

4th BALLISTIC 5 = 1392 points     5TH OMNITOOL = 971 points       6TH DIAL-A-TWO = 763 points



We still have a large stock of kids club hoodies and pit shirts to sell,see me at Glenfarg .Same track as last year ON THE 9TH OCTOBER... HOODIES ONLY £10 EACH... .WE ALSO HAVE KIDS PIT SHIRTS FOR ONLY £10 EACH .

The full race report is on the website and in the TMX this week thanks to Monty and the points and championships are on the MYLAPS website thanks to Graham and the team points are on this thanks to me. And the dance tickets are on sale thanks to your Chairman ,Big Rick BUT MIBBY NANE LEFT



We are on the scrounge for raffle prizes for THE DANCE .THANKS



Thatsyerwhackthismonth   joe


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