September 2016


Well lovely peoples that is round 8 done and dusted and what a superb meeting it was .Super weather for a change and the track in perfect condition, the Campbell family and the Argyll lads did an amazing job to get the track in such pristine condition .The weather makes or breaks a meeting and by jove we got a cracking day to run our round 8 at Lochgilphead last Sunday. Plenty great racing in all the classes had the large crowd of spectators on their toes throughout the day .The banter was first class and a good old Scottish bevvy was had on the Saturday night by the many riders and friends that stayed for the weekend.Apart from the accident involving John Cockburn which happened about 100 yards from the end of the last lap in the last race of the day in which he suffered a nasty leg break,I believe he is now in Glasgow Infirmary where he will get the best treatment for his injury ,we wish him all the best and hope he has a full and speedy recovery.His mate Keith Birse will give him our regards and keep us posted of his progress. That apart it was a really good meeting and Stewat Campbell assures us that we are welcome back anytime to his super track at Lochgilphead.We have booked in for our April event next year for round 2 . So all in all a wonderful round 8, we were met with what looked like very slippery conditions when we arrived early on the Sunday morning but after a couple of practice laps the glaur was gone and the track was in perfect condition and stayed like that for the whole event. Stewart White again had to stand in for his mate again, the ever absent no name (in case I upset him) with the help of Flu Bugged Grant Mcclure on the 15 second board and big Donny Bruce on track marshall duties ,they worked together flawlessly to make sure the meeting ran like clockwork. I must admit we now have 1 of the best organizational teams in the business ,it may even get better once our Al is back from hol.Everything went smoothly and a few riders that were absent at round 7 due to holidays were back in action and putting on a super show for the large crowd of spectators . I must confess it is one of the slickest run events that I have ever been to, at least 3 rides for every rider ,a good long interval where you could savour the gorgeous grub from Williams burger van, superb racing for the spectators to see,the start team and timing squad kept the meeting running smoothly ,a super trophy presentation where all the recipients got a big one and out the gate at 3-30.p.m. amazing is the only word that can describe this mega club .Well done lads and lasses a truly super team of people .

Our resident video man and race reporter is back after a stint doing the goat track rounds which proved a massive failure and he is now back for good with the no. 1 club so look out for the best report and DVD footage you will ever see. We allow anyone to take photo,s at our events now,we just ask that they sign in first in case of injury, there are some great pictures mainly on farceboak and there are links on the club website forum to these photo,s as well. The digital world has came on leaps and bounds in recent years in the photo world and there are some super sights to see so we thank these people for doing a great service for the club and if any rider wants prints of themselves in action they should contact the photographer that took the photo for a copy. Monty will have full footage on his super dvd soon and they are still only 10 quid a pop ,great value from a great man.

We must give our heartfelt thanks to Donny Bruce and Kyle Mcclure for doing the the track marshalling this year,they are a great help and keep our race controller ,starter who at this event was Stewart White as his mate our usual gaffer,Allan Hughes was still sunning himself on some sunny beach somewhere in the world on Sunday .Donny kept Stewart informed of any out of sight happenings around the track ,so thanks lads and keep up the good work.

It has come to my attention by way of spectators complaints that they do not know who is who in the races as some riders are using the wrong riding number on their bike.Well read the rules of which we have very few and focus on rule 11. Yes rule eleven. Any rider using a bike that does not display their riding no. will get no points and may be black flagged.This also applies to your transponder.

 Come to our next event at the super, rumble in the stubble ,Venue at Parkhead Farm Sauchie for round 9 of the Scottish Scramble Championships. We are not offering free entry to any spectators at this event as we charge at very few events but sadly for all the great supporters we have we must charge now and again.We have a business to run and needs must but come along with your wife and as many kids as you want and it will only cost a fiver per adult this time, and that includes a programme AND FREE PARKING,and everybody gets a super day out.

I hereby give notice to all and sundry that our dates and venues for next year 2017 are as follows.

These dates will be confirmed on 20 – 11 – 2016 .


1 DRUMCLOG 25/03/2017
2 LOCHGILPHEAD 23/04/2017
3 POWMILL 28/05/2017
4 STIRLING 11/06/2017
5 HUMBIE 02/07/2017
6 DALRY 30/07/2017
7 TINTO 27/08/2017
8 DUNS 10/09/2017
9 GLENOCHIL 24/09/2017
10 GLENFARG 08/10/2017



Our plans for next year are looking very rosy indeed,we are at the advanced stages of introducing some new classes and we have visions of a youth class ,details are being sorted by your vice chairman the unstoppable Hoppy .Also on the cards is a class for older bikes as they have nowhere to race in Scotland just now. .So we will be ready to offer other riders the real classes and real tracks to race on that they have been deprived of for so long and we can let the real men enjoy this great sport.

Just so you all know our plans for the future the club has taken the unprecedented step of issuing our DATES FOR 2018 YES WE ARE THAT FAR AHEAD OF OUR TIME THAT WE CAN PROVISIONALY DECLARE THESE AND THEY ARE AS FOLLOWS .

1 DRUMCLOG 24/03/2018
2 LOCHGILPHEAD 22/04/2018
3 POWMILL 27/05/2016
4 STIRLING 10/06/2016
5 HUMBIE 01/07/2018
6 DALRY 29/07/2018
7 TINTO 26/08/2018
8 DUNS 09/09/2018
9 GLENOCHIL 24/09/2018
10 GLENFARG 07/10/2018


These will be confirmed at our A.G.M. at the Stables Lounge Crook of Devon on the 19th November 2017.


If you be wondering why I can do this at this early stage, well simple, good communication with people and friendly banter all make for a successful outcome.These will be confirmed at the A.G.M on the 20th of November for the 2017 dates and at the A.G.M. ON THE 19TH November 2017 for the 2018 dates. I hope this clears up any confusion as to our plans for the future .If anyone needs to arrange holidays in 2019 please let me know and I could issue our dates for that year as well.


Dance tickets are on sale and are only available to club members till we see how many will sell . They are still be only £10 each and big raffle,disco,super buffett and all the crack a man can handle on the 22nd of October at the usual venue in Galston Ayrshire.


The team championship is shaping up nicely and it looks like Callum Loudens ONESTOP team are still in the lead but the Argyll boys are closing and closed the gap by another 7 points on Sunday and were the top scorers last Sunday at Lochgilphead .Onestop are now a man short and could be in danger of losing the lead after looking so good early in the year they are now without Tam Grant who recently had a health scare but as far as I know is on the road to a full recovery our best wishes and our thoughts are with you Tam and we hear he may be back in the saddle soon. Hoppies team were 1 men down at Lochgilphead and took a good tally of points to remain as serious challengers to the leaders..I cannot understand why there have been no Brittons at the racing this year, surely they will regroup and do at least one event this year ,I really hope so as they are steeped in motorcycle history as a familly


The positions and points are as follows.


1st ONESTOP = 1463 points       2ND ARGYLL     = 1432 points       3RD DIAL-A-TOW = 1299 points


4th BALLISTIC 5 = 1182 points     5TH OMNITOOL = 854 points       6TH DIAL-A-TWO = 679 points






We still have a large stock of club hoodies and polo shirts to sell,see me at Sauchie,Alloa ,Glenochil ,whatever you want to call it .Same track as last year ON THE 25TH SEPTEMBER if you want to buy 1 or 2.. HOODIES ONLY £15 EACH...POLO SHIRTS ONLY £10 EACH .WE ALSO HAVE KIDS PIT SHIRTS FOR ONLY £10 EACH . KIDS SIZES ONLY LEFT


The full race report is on the website and in the TMX this week thanks to Monty and the points and championships are on the MYLAPS website thanks to Graham and the team points are on this thanks to me. And the dance tickets are on sale thanks to your Chairman ,Big Rick








We are on the scrounge for raffle prizes for Glenfarg and THE DANCE .THANKS



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