March 2014


Well folks, that was a belter of a meeting last Sunday at Carla and Spuds track at Leadburn. For a start the weather was kind to us as 50 miles south at Duns the sxmcsfcm had to cancel a round of their Championship due to fog, there is nothing worse for a club than having to cancel at the last minute due to the weather. We had a bumper entry, probably our best ever since records began. A super natural track with real bumps and whoops, no man made stuff here, there was close exciting racing in all the classes and all the spectators that i spoke to really enjoyed themselves.

Sandy could not make it to the event as he had fallen off his push bike and was in hospital having surgery so big monty took on the role of resident photographer and what a cracking job he has done, his photo,s are on his page on the club website. Monty had a double role to play as he is our permanent video-ographer and he has an excellent dvd of all the action for sale, you can order a copy on 01383-720631. In fact Monty played a triple roles as he is also the club race reporter and his full report is on his page on the website and will be in the TMX News this week.


Bounced Cheques, it seems we are starting early this year, we had a bouncer but it has now cleared, anyone that bounces a cheque will be liable for all our costs before they can race again with us, take heed as it costs you the bouncer more in the long run and i will not hesitate in naming you in future.

Litter, 3 black bags full were collected at the end of the meeting by the committee and friends, will you people not listen, is it too hard to take your litter home and put it in your bin, if you cannot force yourself to do that simple task, give it to me and i will take it home and put it in my bin. We caught a litter lout at leadburn and issued a stern warning, the culprit has apologised unreservedly and the matter is now closed. I get really wound about this and i have appointed a club rep to act as our waste manager, he is called Gary Litter and has the authority to ban anyone that litters our events. Anyone caught in future may be banned from the club.;

We had a complaint about children listening to foul language at leadburn, as we are a responsible club and take these things seriously, i yes me have banned children from our events in future, so all spectators must be 16 or older at our events, in future any member of the public that complains about their children hearing any foul language will be told ,YOUR CHILD SHOULD NOT BE HERE. While on the subject of banned things, tear offs are still being used, anyone caught with these will not be allowed to race. Animals are also banned at our events. So there you have it, thanks to an anonymous person calling herself wee dougle all the good people in the club will suffer as they cannot bring children with them to our events.

Licences – I stated at the start of March that i would not be issuing full licences on the day at any of our events, my word there are some chancers out there, 10 day licences had the full licence box ticked and when I double checked the sign on sheet you had all only paid a fiver. i will repeat, NO FULL LICENCES ISSUED ON THE DAY OF AN EVENT. It is much cheaper to get a full licence at the start of the year than getting day licences if you race at 3 events in a season.; We have now restocked with Wulsport hoodies and zippers, they are very good value at only £18 in blue or black all sizes, we also have them in red in the larger mens sizes, these sell quite fast so if you want 1 or 2 get them now. We also have jackets and they are reduced to only £32 which is cost to us and are super value.

Team News – The team champions last year, Omnitool seem to have shat it this year, indeed the top 3 from last year  seem to have filled the nappies as they have all bottled out this year.

Here are the positions and points after Round 1

Team Argyll Ballistic 5 Rhino Racing Brittons Got Talent Dial-A-Tow Baxters Soup-er Tools Whiskey Throttle
86. G McClure 16. J Mclean 27. M Dobbie 127. G Britton 29. J Hopton 333. J Baxter 303. J Laurie
30. R McFadden 17. J Cameron 18. J Colligan 271. J Britton 46. C Robertson 361. R Fitzsimmons 11. C Baird
6. S Thomson 2. M V D Merwe 43. A Malloch 200. A Britton 55. D Pullar 25. C Smith 240. J Neil
19. G Forbes 60. C Wilson 222. C Sangster 95. A Adair 81. S Rennie 31. D Dryden 241. A Ramsay
41. A Aitken 119. M Wilson 106. J Mitchell 725. A White 811. C Meechan 191. R Brady 600. S Gilchrist
212 Points 170 Points 169 Points 166 Points 160 Points 125 Points 15 points

Before this goes any further i would like to point out that it was passed at a meeting a good few years back that if there were not 6 or more riders in a class then that class would get no trophies and no points. We will have to have a committee discussion to clarify this before Round 2. Any points scored now will stand but maybe not in future unless more riders do these classes. I know the Omnitool team took advantage of this in the team event last year so we do not want a repeat this year with teams basically freeloading.
We have been invited to take a stand at the Scottish Motorcycle Show on August the 9th and 10th. Any club member that wants to show a bike or bike could you get in touch with me and i will arrange it for you to man the stand over the weekend and get your free passes, 2 per bike. This is an ideal opportunity to show off your bike and get in free for 2 days.
I have been informed that there are still Twinshock spaces left for riders over 50 at the Robbie Allan 50-50 event at Tinto Moto Park on the 19th and 20th of JULY. There is a Trial and Enduro on the Saturday and Scramble on the Sunday. It should be a good weekend and all cash raised will go to charity. In fact this club moved its July date to accommodate this event and it would be great if we gave it our wholehearted support.
Just a wee footnote, i left an a April Fools Day comment on the classic club page on facebook, it was swiftly removed and i was barred off their group, then 1 of their halfwits tried to hijack our club forum with some half baked remarks about our tannoy system and him just getting his kids on a Sunday and he has to sleep on a park bench, well we don’t want to hear your marital problems or what kind of lifestyle you lead whoever you are. Just stay away and give us peace, it is because of your pitiful comments that children have been barred from our events, don’t come back freeloader.
The Championship points after Round 1 will be on the Website soon, if there are any mistakes you can report them to Gary Litter and he will pass them on to me or throw them in the bin beside his sweetie wrappers

Thatsitthenoomindandvote YES joe


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