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Round 5 Kilmartin June 30th


Race Reports

Round 5 Carnasserie Castle, Kilmartin, Race Report by Jim Grieve

Scottish Twinshock Round 5

Carnasserie Castle, Kilmartin

Sunday 30th June 2019

Report by Jim Grieve – photographs by Peter Greenwood and Barry Gordon

We moved onto the iconic, former grand prix track that is Carnasserie castle, or as most of you know it Kilmartin, the former host venue for the 1978 250 Grand prix. This track has a beautiful back drop with the castle and lovely roaming hills. We must make a special mention with Thanks to Jonathan McLeod who was the driving force behind this event and without his enthusiasm and effort this would not have happened. Also we need to thank Grant McClure and 3 unsung local heroes, namely local workers Ronnie, Jamie and Johnny, who along with Jonathan all put in a tremendous amount of work into the track over the last couple of weeks, cutting down all the bracken by hand on the hill areas, cutting grass and all round general work to ensure this race meeting went ahead.

The event started off on a sombre note, as we all paid our respects with a minute of silent reflection for fallen fellow riding legend, namely Ian ‘lugs’ Robertson. Our thoughts are with him and his family at this most difficult time, and what a superb day to see so many riders sporting Ian’s riding number 100. I am sure he was watching the event from afar. Rest well Lugs.

So onto the racing and this started off as usual with group 1 and the flying EVO 125cc class with Peter o Neil, and William Penrice showing the bigger bikes how it should be done, with a terrific scrap in race one with Peter O Neil edging out William in race one, but Willie P would take his revenge in race two and it was all to play for in the final encounter. Peter o Neil was up to the task and would take the overall, with William Penrice a deserved second and a steady Damian Carter would come home in third.

The four stroke class was enthralling to watch as well with Sam Sibbald thundering around the kilmartin countryside, dicing with the booming dulcet tones of Big Andy Malloch and his Armstrong, chasing him all the way to the flag and winning the final race but not the overall. Sam would be the victor followed by Andy and a consistent Keith Stanford in third.

For the youth class it was a day of mixed fortunes and consistency would be the key, with Jordan Graham coming out on top ahead of James Forrest and picking up the pieces with a superb third overall was Rhys Brown.

Pre-77 action would see Committee man and track builder Grant McClure and his Maico, fly off into the first hole-shot of the day and with three decades of riding under his belt he would also be the overall winner ahead of Callum Wilson on the superbly prepared Honda, well done both of you, tackling the mountainous peaks of the Carnasserie track with these ageing bikes.

The twin-shock under 300cc event would be a three race win for the flying Calum Kilgour and his 250cc Yamaha ahead of Jim Grieve who would have some bike issues but would bring home his Honda in second fighting off a very persistent David Lawson and Gordon Peterson but it would be Gordon that would hold the third place trophy with some consistent riding.

For the twin-shock open class event this would be a spectacular sight as 500cc Honda’s and Maico’s would battle their way around the bracken strewn hill side.

There were certainly some very close battles, but none more so than race one, with only a very small gap between first and second place and a similarly small gap between third. Brian Alexander would take the win from Craig ‘Smitch’ Smith, and John Crawford would come home in third with a notable mention to the very unlucky Paul Chiappa who had his fair share of misfortunes throughout the day, as his seat was torn from his bike at the top of one of the steep climbs. The overall would end up the same as the first race with Brian, taking the win from Craig Smith and John Crawford bring the big Honda home in third.

In the over 50’s class it was a triumphant day for John Lamont with three resounding victories with no one to touch him in this class all day, second would be a great result for club sponsor Johnny Rutherford with David Watson bring home the Honda with some great consistent rides

For the group 3 races it would be the 2 stroke class and with Robert Bell, Allan Shields and Bryan Colligan all taking one win each and finishing up the day equal on points it would be Robert Bell that would take the honours from Allan Shields and Bryan Colligan, all of these riders deserving a notable mention and with some very similar lap times and some quick racing in trying conditions.

Again the clubman class was a terrific group to watch with some fast up and coming riders, such as Peter Rennie, Callum Laird and Stuart Wilson, all angling for the win, but Peter Rennie would take the overall from Callum Laird in second and Stuart Wilson in third in what would be a great return to his racing.

The evolution class was again the Paul and Tom show, with these two chasing each other all over the Kilmartin countryside, for what must have been the fastest group of racing all day, with never very much in between these two riders it would be Paul who would take overall honours with three wins and Tom Grant would take the runner up slot followed home ably by a consistent Roy Potts taking the third rung of the podium.

In the final block of racing it would be a win apiece for Jordan McDonald, Shaun Robertson, and John Kenny, but it would be the ever improving Shaun Robertson, returning from injury that would take overall honours from a rapidly improving John Kenny in second and Mr consistent Karl Livingstone in third. With Jordan McDonald injured in race two it was not to be his day, swift recovery, hope the shoulder is better.

So what a superb track a great days racing and the wonderful return of the history steeped track that is Carnasserie castle, see you all at Drumclog folks.


Group 1

Pre-77 class

1 Grant McClure 2 Callum Wilson

Youth class

1 Jordan Graham 2 James Forrest 3 Rhys Brown 4 Harrison Grossett 5 Rory Oxland 6 Connel Allerdyce

Pre 90 125cc class

1 Peter o Neil 2 William Penrice 3 Damian Carter 4 Mark Watson 5 Kevin Rosie

Four stroke class

1 Sam Sibbald 2 Andy Malloch 3 Keith Stanford 4 Ricky Caldwell 5 James Mclean

Group 2

Twin shock under 300cc class

1 Calum Kilgour 2 Jim Grieve 3 Gordon Peterson 4 David Stanford 5 Richie Mcfadden 6 Mike Dobie

Over 50’s

1 John Lamont 2 Johnny Rutherford 3 David Watson 4 Iain Clark 5 Pat Mcshane 6 Archie Baird

Twin-shock open class

1  Brian Alexander 2 Craig Smith 3 John Crawford 4 Gordon Morrison 5 Paul Chiappa 6 Barry Smith

Group 3

2-stroke open class

1 Robert Bell 2 Allan Shields 3 Bryan Colligan 4 Liam Smart 5 Christopher Smith 6 Scott Garrow

Evolution class

1 Paul “PJ” Johnston 2 Tom Grant 3 Roy Potts 4 Jamie Clarkson 5 Gary Milne 6 Simon Graham

Clubmen Class

1 Peter Rennie 2 Callum Laird 3 Stuart Wilson 4 Adam Curran 5 Paul Ness 6 Derrick Bellshaw

Monoshock class

1  Shaun Robertson 2 John Kenny 3 Karl Livingstone 4 Jordan Mcdonald 5 Liam Mcintyre 6 Callum Carter

Regards Jim .

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Round 1 DRUMCLOG 2019


Race Reports

Round 1 Drumclog moto Parc ,  Race Report by Jim Grieve

Photographs by Barry Gordon / Peter Greenwood

Scottish Twinshock Round 1

Drumclog Moto Parc, Strathaven

Sunday 24th March 2019

Report by Jim Grieve

Hello everyone and welcome back to a new year of twin shock racing and some very exciting racing it was indeed, in what would prove to be quite challenging conditions, (rain showers most of the day). The new committee held a very well organised race day at a superbly groomed track, and many thanks must go to Fraser Cruickshank.

From sign on, to the marshals briefing (thank you to Margaret Gordon), to all of the race entry forms being prepared for the next races at rounds 2, 3 and 4 and put into envelopes then handed to the riders, well everything went smooth and very efficiently as well.

The day started off with perfect conditions and an equally perfect track, unfortunately this would not last, but with over one hundred competitors braving the elements and racing, then surely this was a resounding triumph

So we then moved onto our SIGHTING laps, remember that word “sighting”, not practice laps. Off went the Evo’s, twin shock’s, etc, and after only about a third of a lap, there was a coming together between Keith Birse and Paul Chiappa, on the first table top and so down went Keith for a long dirt nap of about 3 or 4 minutes. Looking and learning from this experience, we shall be doing “sighting “laps and just getting the feel for the track, in the rounds to come later. Anyway, a speedy recovery to Keith and I am so glad I was able to avoid landing on you head buddy.

Onto our group of races and there was going to be some spectacular racing indeed. There would also be a drizzle of rain, which would accompany the racers for most of the day and keep everyone on their toes. Some more so than others.

As the first race set of the line, everyone charged up the hill and got themselves sorted out after the dust, (mud) had settled, the 125 evo class would end up as a Peter o’neil benefit race as he was really enjoying the power and flick ability of his wee 125 screamer, this is not to say that he will have it all his own way this year, as last year’s champion Willie P was keeping him honest, albeit from a distance away, as was Ewan Campbell, indeed these three riders seemed to end most of the races at a similar equidistance apart. Anyway, we had Peter o’Neil taking the overall, followed home by William Penrice and then Ewan Campbell.

Onto the Youth class and always an exciting race. I personally enjoy watching this class and seeing the progression of our future stars. In this class Jordan Graham was certainly on his game and would take three flying wins, from Kieran Schofield Sives and every progressing Rhys Brown, the later two swapping seconds and thirds, and the only three youth riders to complete all three races, with James Forrest taking a very creditable third place in race three as well. Consistency was certainly the name of the game in the youth class, and we had Jordan Graham taking the overall from Kieran Schofield Sives and in third it would be Rhys Brown. There is certainly a lot of talent in this class at the moment and hopefully we can encourage more youth riders to compete as the season progresses. Unfortunately, last years champion was side-lined due to injury and we wish him a speedy recovery, hope to see you riding soon Kyle.

Moving onto the Pre-77 class, and some rapid speed from crowd favourite Ian ’lugs’ Robertson and his trusty red tanked XT Yamaha (fooled a few people that one). We also had a return of a rider from self-induced exile, in the shape of Gary Britton, great to see these guys back at the races, and with Grant Mcclure taking a race win as well. Then later on we had Ian who seemed to have lost a fiver in the finishing corner mud and dived in to try and find it, ha ha.. This fiercely fought class is always one to be watched closely and the finishing order would be Ian Robertson taking the win from Grant Mcclure and Gary ‘I have returned’ Britton in third. We must also send out an applause to Peter Maxwell who took second in the first race and then appeared to have bike issues after that.

The four-stroke class is always one to watch as well, with these large, heavy twin shock machines booming around the country side. In this class there were many bike problems, which played heavily in the final results with Sam Sibbald taking race 1 from a rejuvenated Kevin Maguire taking second on the big KToom. In races 2 and 3 it would be Keith Stanford from Big Ricky Caldwell and so with his consistency and wily old fox-like head then Ricky would take the overall win from Keith and Sam Sibbald concluding the podium positions in 3rd. This was indeed a hard-fought class on these heavier old machines and in some very difficult, trying conditions as well. Superb racing well done men.

Onto the second group of races with the twin shock under 300cc’s, the over 50’s class and the open twin shock class competing and ready to do battle. Off the line went everyone together for the first race and the large 500’s would be ideally suited to these conditions, tackling the long uphill sections with ease. The first race would turn out to be a closely fought battle between John Crawford (last years over 50 champion, moving up a class this year), and Craig Smith, with only a few seconds separating them at the flag, last year’s twin shock champion, Paul Chiappa would ultimately suffer bike problems, not only in race 1 but race 2 as well, expect Paul to be making a spirited comeback at round 2. In race 2 it would be a role reversal between John Crawford and Craig Smith, with Craig taking the win, closely followed by John and In race three it would be a satisfying win for Paul chiappa, with a typical gutsy performance, then it would be Craig Smith beating John Crawford for second and so the results would be Craig Smith taking first overall from John Crawford and Barry Smith who rode consistently all day, would bring the large 490 Yamaha home in a well-deserved third. Unlucky does not fully express Paul Chiappa’s day at the first round, but watch this space for a spirited return, I am sure.

The under 300cc twin shock class would prove to be a day to forget for the current club champion Calum Kilgour and with bike problems in the initial race he would be side lined for the remainder of the day, so as the under 300cc class headed off it would be Jim Grieve flying into a distant lead with a spirited performance from Ritchie Mcfadden taking second and ever consistent Alex Joiner in third, for the second race Jim Grieve would have the red rocket engine cut out but would have enough in hand to remount and to still take the win from spirited rides by Alex and Ritchie who would change their positions from the first race.. Onto the final race and Jim Grieve(me), flying on the wee honda would take the maximum from Alex Joiner and Ritchie Mcfadden, and that would also be the overall positions with Jim Grieve in first, Alex joiner in Second and Ritchie Mcfadden taking third.

The over 50’s up next and never a class to disappoint would have last years over 50 class bridesmaid John Lamont easily take the race win and the maximum, with Mike van Der Merwe taking the runner up in this race followed by a superb performance by big Iain Clark and a notable mention to another road racing compatriot joining our motocross club, Ian Mcpherson taking a well-deserved fourth. Onto race 2 and again it would be John Lamont taking the win from David Watson and again Iain Clark in third. The deciding race would see john Lamont with an easy win in this class again and David Watson and Iain Clark a distant second and third. The podium would be John Lamont in first place with the maximum and followed home by Iain Clark in 2nd and David Watson in 3rd.

Onto the third group of racing with the Evolution class, the 2-stroke class and the newly formed clubmen class. In the clubman class there would be a few sandbaggers in here and I am sure there could be a few people finding themselves in different classes at the next round, (you guys know who you are hee hee). Anyway the clubman class would be a runaway showing for Adam Curran, who would take the maximum amount of points with three spirited rides and followed home, albeit in the far distance by Jordan Hastings, Peter Rennie and Derrick Bellshaw. The end results being Adam Rennie 1st from Peter Rennie in 2nd and Derrick Bellshaw in 3rd.

The evolution class races would prove to be a spectacular race to watch, as ever, with Paul Johnston making three spectacular rides and winning each race by well over a minute (those drumclog practice days certainly do help eh Paul, lol), second in races one and three would be some superb riding by Roy Potts and some very consistent riding in the atrocious conditions by Tom Grant. The out come would have Paul Johnston taking the win from Tom Grant in 2nd and Roy Potts attaining the third step of the podium.

The 2-stroke class was another maximum of the day, this time by Lewis Farrow on his 125cc tiddler Husqvarna, with some superb riding in the conditions (who said you need a large bore bike to win). Also in this class you would have Robert Bell and Allan Shields trading places, with Robert and Allan taking a second and third position each in the first and second races, it would all be to play for in the third race, and it would be Robert Bell sailing off in this race to take second overall and third to an equally fast Allan Shields, with the top step going to Lewis Farrow.

Onto the final group of racing and the modern four stroke mono-shock class. This would be a fiercely exciting group of racing with never more than a few seconds between the leading pair of Steven Rennie and Aidan Christie, (unable to take club points) and a very good ride into third for Jamie Clark. In this class Aidan chased Steven very hard all day and it was a close affair in the second race but Steven Rennie was not to be denied for the maximum and again took the win. So the overall and a maximum would be taken by Steven Rennie, with a fine second overall for Jamie Clark and an equally fine third placing for Jordan Mcdonald moving up into the mono shock class in third and getting faster at each race event. Well done guys

For the team event we have four teams competing, and with team louden, team dial-a-tow, team Argyle, and team one stop racing we have added interest to see who will lift the laurels this year.

Points thus far are as follows.

1st Team Louden with 286

2nd Team Dial-a-tow with 223

3rd Team Argyle with 217

4th Team Onestop with 195

So no run-away teams as yet as it is still early days and all very close, with lots to play for.


Group 1

Pre-77 class

1 Ian Robertson 2 Grant McClure 3 Gary Britton 4 Peter Maxwell

Youth class

1 Jordan Graham 2 Kieran Schofield Sives 3 Rhys Brown 4 James Forrest 5 Rory Oxland 6 Connel Allardyce

Pre 90 125cc class

1 Peter o’neil 2 William Penrice 3 Ewan Campbell 4 Damian Carter 5 Kevin Rosie 6 Jonathan Young

Fourstroke class

1 Ricky Caldwell 2 Keith Stanford 3 Sam Sibbald 4 Kevin Maguire 5 James Mclean 6 John Hopton

Group 2

Twinshock under 300cc class

1 Jim Grieve 2 Alex Joiner 3 Richie Mcfadden 4 David Stanford 5 Calum Kilgour

Over 50’s

1 John Lamont 2 Iain Clark 3 David Watson 4 Mike Van Der Merwe 5 Iain Mcpherson 6 Neil Litterick

Twin-shock open class

1 Craig Smith 2 John Crawford 3 Barry Smith 4 Mark Mason 5 Brian Allardyce 6 Paul Chiappa

Group 3

2-stroke open class

1 Lewis Farrow 2 Robert Bell 3 Allan Shields 4 Zander Martin 5 Lee Mcalister

Evolution class

1 Paul “PJ” Johnston 2 Tom Grant 3 Roy Potts 4 Morton Hannah 5 Craig Donaldson 6 Simon Graham

Clubmen Class

1 Adam Curran 2 Peter Rennie 3 Derrick Bellshaw 4 John Strang 6 Paul Ness

Group 4 Mono-shock class

1 Steven Rennie 2 Jamie Clark 3 Jordan Mcdonald 4 Kenny Hope 5 Shaun Robertson 6 Mathew Harper

So the first event is over for the twin shock calendar and we move onto the next round at Lochgilphead on the 28th of April, I hope to see you all there and ready for action, stay safe and thanks to everyone for the superb meeting at Drumclog. Our thoughts go to the injured riders on the day, get well quickly guys. If anyone wants to gain points in the championship then please remember to register for membership, points make prizes guys.

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Round 2 Lochgilphead 28th April


Race Reports

Round 2 Achnaschelloch, Lochgilphead , Race Report by Jim Grieve

Scottish Twinshock Round 2 : Achnaschelloch, Lochgilphead

Sunday 28th April 2019 : Report by Jim Grieve

Onto round 2 and the picturesque track of Lochgilphead. After the rains of the previous few days the first few races would be a little slippery for some but it was definitely what the track needed as it improved into near perfect conditions.

A big thank you to Stewart Campbell and his team for the great preparation of this superb track.

Moving onto the racing and it was Group 1 and race one of the Evo 125cc class, with some very exciting racing from William Penrice, Ewan Campbell and Peter o Neil. Indeed, it appeared that William enjoyed the mud of the first race and stormed into a very sizeable race lead, but race two and three were to be much closer fought affairs and these would indeed keep the crowd on their toes as there were some very spirited rides from Ewan and Peter. So, with three race wins it would be a well deserved first and second would be Ewan Campbells reward at his home track, with Peter o Neil completing the tiddler class podium.

The four stroke class had the very fast Sam Sibbald flying around the track and with the domination of races one and two, it looked as though this would be a Sam Sibbald benefit race, but cruel luck would strike as Sam was to record a DNF for race three and this would allow the win to be taken by Keith Stanford and mister consistency himself, Ricky Caldwell taking second place with a very well deserved third by John “Hoppy” Hopton

The Youth class had Kieran Schofield Sives take three race wins and with the quickest lap times in his class he would end the day a thoroughly deserved youth class winner but never too far from Kieran would be James Forrest and Rory Oxland, the later taking second overall by virtue of his third race second place and pipping James Forrest, who would take the last step on the podium. It is so great to see the development of our youth riders and the ferocity of riding shown at each event.

The final bank of races in this group would be the pre-77 class, and these old machines proved how fast they still are. The first race win would be taken by Peter Maxwell but with another DNF and a no show for race three, this was not be his event. Taking full advantage of Peter’s misfortunes would be Grant McClure with race wins in race two and three. So, coming home in a superb second place overall would be John Fullerton, who would just pip Gary Britton by a few points. Leaving Gary to take third place honours.

Moving onto the group 2 of races and the open class twin-shock bikes. These large 500cc twin-shock machines are always a great spectacle to watch and with so many fast riders in this class it would be difficult to predict who would come out on top but at the end of the day it was to be two race wins and a third place for last years over 50 champion who would take the overall honours, followed closely by Gordon Morrison, Craig Smith and Paul Chiappa, with Craig taking the runner up spot by virtue of his consistent finishes and Gordon Morrison taking third overall after a superb last race win.

The Twinshock under 300cc class would be a trio of wins for Veteran rider Alex Joiner and some very close racing with Gordon Peterson who has recently moved into this class and would take the runner up spot as he gets to grips with his new red rocket missile. Following this pair all day would be Maico mounted man Richie McFadden as he took third place for a great day of racing as his just rewards.

Moving onto the over 50 class and this was certainly all about John Lamont and his flying honda,, taking three fast race wins, and followed by Robbie Allan in all these races on his Suzuki, but it was so great to see a different mixture of motocross bikes today and the RM of Robbie starting to get closer to John in the last race. Following these two would be a gaggle of riders in the shape of David Watson, Keith Birse, Derek Morris and Ian Clark but it would be the consistency of Keith that would take the third spot overall.

Group 3 would have the Evolution class, the 2 stroke class and the clubmen competing for individual honours in their respective classes. The evo class would be a three race victory for Paul Jonty Johnston with Tom Grant following him home in races one and two, and a third in the final encounter giving Tom the runner up spot and Roy Potts being consistent to finish the day on third overall with a good second place in the last race.

The 2 stroke class was a bit of a ding-dong battle between Lewis Farrow and Gregor Campbell with some very fast racing but with home court advantage going to Gregor then he would take the days honours in this class and Lewis would have to settle for second on this occasion, following the pair home would be Robert Bell and a third overall was to be his reward.

The clubman class was a most enjoyable day of racing for Derrick Bellshaw as he flew onto three race wins with Peter Rennie, Adam Curran, and Kyle McClure all proving to be the rest of the contenders in the mix, the third overall would go to Adam Curran (watching his championship position), he would keep the lead overall in the championship but now Derrick is closing in. Second overall on the day would be Peter Rennie, with some great racing and also there is a notable mention to our former schoolboy racer Kyle Mcclure who would take a third in race two and almost third overall. Indeed, this is an interesting class with many riders capable of taking overall championship honours.

Onto the last batch of racing with Group 4 and the Monoshock class with day members too and it was a great days racing for both Jamie Clark and Des Halewood both taking race wins but with Jamie taking 2 wins and Des only one, then top spot honours would go to Jamie as he is enjoying his racing more and more, with suspension improvements to his trusty steed, but to make sure that Jamie would not get too comfortable then Des took the last race win convincingly, in third would be a gutsy performance for, returning from injury, Shaun “Robbo” Robertson. With very notable mentions to our day members of Jordan Kerr and Danny Milne.

Thanks to everyone involved and for the superb support by all the riders, teams, starters, lap scorers, Ambulance personnel, track builders etc

Moving onto Powmill for the next race and some more exciting racing


Group 1

Pre-77 class

1 Grant McClure2 John Fullerton 3 Gary Britton 4 Peter Maxwell

Youth class

1 Kieran Schofield 2 Rory Oxland 3 James Forrest 4 Connel Allardyce

Pre 90 125cc class

1 William Penrice 2 Ewan Campbell 3 Peter o Neil 4 Jonathan Young 5 Kevin Rosie 6 Damian Carter

Fourstroke class

1 Keith Stanford 2 Ricky Caldwell 3 John Hopton 4 Sam Sibbald

Group 2

Twinshock under 300cc class

1 Alex Joiner 2 Gordon Peterson 3 Richie Mcfadden 4 David Stanford 5 Mike Dobie

Over 50’s

1 John Lamont 2 Robbie Allan 3 Keith Birse 4 Derek Morris 5 David Watson 6 Iain Clark

Twin-shock open class

1 John Crawford 2 Gordon Morrison 3 Craig Smith 4 Paul Chiappa 5 Barry Smith 6 Brian Allardyce

Group 3

2-stroke open class

1 Gregor Campbell 2 Lewis Farrow 3 Robert Bell 4 Bryan Colligan 5 Allan Shields 6 Liam Smart

Evolution class

1 Paul “PJ” Johnston 2 Tom Grant 3 Roy Potts 4 Mathew Harper 5 Craig Donaldson 6 Gary Milne

Clubmen Class

1 Derrick Bellshaw 2 Peter Rennie 3 Adam Curran 4 Kyle Mcclure 5 James Stewart 6 Paul Ness

Group 4 Mono-shock class

1 Jamie Clark 2 Des Halewood3 Shaun Robertson 4 Greg Mcdonald 4 Kenny Hope 5 Karl Livingstone 6 Jordan Mcdonald

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Glenfarg Race Report Rd 9

Race Reports

Round 9 Balvaird farm, Glenfarg , Race Report by Jim Grieve

Photographs by Barry Gordon

Scottish Twinshock Round 9

Balvaird farm, Glenfarg

Sunday 7th October 2018

Report by Jim Grieve

Hello everyonel, well another superb final race at Glenfarg and some good, close riding in all classes.

As usual this final race of the year was well supported and the track was looking very good, after being built the day before by John Hopton and his team.

The last stubble field race of the year, Glenfarg is always well attended, and the parade lap, showing solidarity for Sean Doherty (and Graham Anderson), some of our very special club members, who have had serious health issues, are always a huge spectacle to be seen, with lots of videos and photographs being taken of this memorable occasion. The weather gods were kind to us, well initially anyway, before the track became a little sodden for the third group of races.

Onto the racing and the first block of racing with Pre-77,4-stroke, Pre-90’s 125, and the youth class racing. The Pre-77 class was won by Ian Robertson, who was beaten in race one by some great riding from Grant McClure and his Macio. After a machinery change for the second and third race, Ian Robertson displayed a masterclass of riding to take two comfortable wins and a second for the overall. Equally good riding from Grant McClure to take second overall and third was taken by our retiring club founder and this year’s Pre-77 club champion, Joe Mclean after some brief tussles with his arch nemesis John Hopton. These two riders are never far apart and highlight the reason that the twin-shock club racing has been so successful throughout the year’s as the competition from 1st to last is always hard fought.

In the pre-90 125 class, well this would be a runaway victory for last year’s and this years, pre-90 125 champion, William Penrice with three back to back first places. For second and third places, this would be closely fought by Damian Carter, Ewan Campbell and Jonathan Young, second overall going to Damian Carter and third to Ewan Campbell. Moving on to the four-stroke class and this was very entertaining as usual, with the two fast protagonists of Sam Sibbald and Andy Malloch fighting tooth and nail, with “BIG” Andy Malloch coming out the victor even after some slight troubles in the second race, but keeping Andy honest was this year’s champion Sam Sibbald who was never too far away and he did not let Andy rest for a moment, to take second overall on the day. The third place in this class looked as though it would be coming the way of Ricky Caldwell but after a tumble in the second race, and feeling a little battered and bruised, with a holiday looming on the horizon, he thought it better to call it a day and not incur his wife’s wrath, and be left at home with no holiday, lol. Instead third would fall to the tenacious riding of Devan Cunningham on the beautifully prepared dial-a-tow 4 stroke Can-Am.

In the youth class were some terrific “scraps”, with three different race winners in each race, reliability though, would rear its ugly head as Kyle Haddow, Harrison Grossett and Connor Paton all took a race win, but with Connor’s bike failure in race one putting paid to any chance of a podium placing, so Kyle Haddow would take the win, with Harrison Grossett in second and this years club youth champion Kyle McClure taking a very well deserved final rostrum step.

Moving on to the group 2 of races which would be the twin-shock 250 class, the twin-shock open class and the over 50’s class combined in this group of racing. Because of the wide start gate at Glenfarg, everyone would start off the line together and this led to some very exciting racing indeed. In the open class it was a very hard-fought affair between Gordon ”Montana” Morrison and Paul Chiappa (this years open class champion), with less than a second between these two in the final race, Gordon would take the top step of the podium, followed closely by Paul and with three superb consistent races James Mclean would take the final step on the podium for third overall.

The twin-shock 250 class was a bit of a superb swan-son for Calum Kilgour, taking all three race wins and indeed this year’s club championship as well, from the hard charging Callum Sangster in second place, who tried very hard but could just not get close enough. Graham Miller was “Mr consistency” with three third places and a podium position would be his just reward after riding well all day.

The over 50’s class was to be an interesting group of races with new club over 50 champion bringing out his big 500 Honda on the very fast Glenfarg stubble field, John would take the overall with some hard riding, as he man-handled the big bike around the circuit. Some very interesting racing ensued as the over 50’s mixed it up with the twin-shock riders on a head to head basis, which made for some close exciting racing. Taking second was “yours truly”, James Grieve and even after a race win in the second race, this would still not be enough to take the overall. Taking third on the day would be Mike van der Merwe who seems to be improving each and every week.

Onto the Group 3 of races, for evolution, and 2 strokes riders. In the evolution class we had Tom Grant and Paul Johnston challenging for overall honours on the day and in the championship, Tom did exactly what he needed to do and took second overall on the day with a brace of second places and the championship to boot, with some very fast riding. Paul Johnston also did everything that was asked of him , even probably more and flew to three first places for the overall but could not take the championship, probably not aided by the fact that he missed one round but as they say, you “ GOTTA” be in it to win it and nothing can be taken away from the superb fast riding of Tom Grant, and as this reporter believes, with a few more championships still under his belt I am sure. Let us also not forget the hard riding of Roy Potts who took third overall on the day, with a hat-trick of third places.

The two-stroke class was very fast and exciting to watch, with many riders pushing their machines to the maximum. In this round we would have a rare appearance from the flying Lewis Farrow, and he appears to have healed from all his previous injuries to take the top spot in the two stroke class, ably followed along by this years champion Gregor Campbell taking the championship in fine style, pursued relentlessly by Andrew White and Bryan Colligan, both of whom had the tenacity and aggression needed to have fine places on the day with Andrew coming out the victor on the day with third and Bryan fourth but second in the overall championship. This class is surely one to be watched and followed very closely next year.

The Group 4 of racing was no less exciting and it is always great to see Colin Mcluckie riding very well, especially after his misfortunes throughout the year with stolen bikes etc – well done Colin on a solid performance and a brace of firsts taking the first-place trophy on the day. Flying behind Colin were a gaggle of riders, including Jason Martin, Allan Shields, and Shaun Robertson, and Jason Martin was riding equally well after his recent success down at the Bridgestone master’s rounds, using his KTM two stroke to great effect, until the rain hit in the third race and the four stroke machines seemed to have the upper hand slightly, but since Jason was riding as a day member, there would be no points for him today, and so the results would be Colin Mcluckie first, Allan Shields second and Shaun Robertson third, with the latter two having some great ding-dong battles during the day. There are sure to be some surprises in store for this class next year, with Allan riding a two stroke on the day and Shaun selling his 250 SXF straight after the race, we wonder what looms on the horizon for next year – stay tuned folks as the twin-shock club under new leadership and with the largest amount of members in Scotland grows from strength to strength. We also hope the old boss enjoys his retirement and thank you indeed sir, for the last 25 years of hard work and the super-human effort that was given to this fine organisation. I believe I speak for everyone when we say many thanks and we still look forward to hearing you on the mic at the races

Onto the dance and the AGM after this folks ,and I hope to see each and every one of you next year. So, enjoy your winter hiatus and roll on 2019.

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Saturday, October 16, 2021
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