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Powmill 2016 R3 Race Report By Chris Montignani

Here is what I think went down at Powmill.

Scottish Twinshock Scramble Club
Round 3 Carden Farm Powmill
Report by Chris Montignani
Sunday 29th May 2016

After two superb opening rounds for their 2016 club championships at Drumclog and Lochgilphead, it was a welcome return to the grassy parkland’s of Powmill near Kinross for their next encounter on the Scottish Twinshock Scramble Club’s current racing calendar.

This event is the jewel in the crown of this Scottish Club’s racing year with its lush virgin grass and one of the country’s most beautiful and naturally undulating off-road racetracks. There are no man-made jumps or berm structures at this venue to assist you in your freestyle or cornering technique, just mark out your preferred racing lap in the fresh green pastures and then add some dirt bikes for a great day’s entertainment.

Many younger riders refer to this track as the “Green Ice” due to the very slippy nature of the grass when first taking to the course. There was certainly much evidence of this during the practise session on Sunday when many riders were getting caught out locking back brakes going into a turn and then consequently sliding off their machines. So remember put a note to yourselves for next year “only the best of motocross rubber will do for maximum grip at this grassy venue”.

There was one of the biggest turnout’s of competitors and spectators that we have ever seen at Powmill for this round 3 event and the paddock was filled to capacity with transporters and loads of great dirt bikes. I hear that next year is this venue’s 25th anniversary of our first ever meeting at Carden Farm which was way back in 1992, and so next year we hope to do something special to commemorate the first twenty five years of racing at the Powmill racetrack. I hope in the meetings to come to try and get big Rick back on the interviews with some of the riders around the paddock as just looking at the bikes on video is just not good enough? 

Anyhow there was a fantastic week of good Scottish weather prior to race day at Powmill and the venue was in prime condition for this round three confrontation as the first collection of riders and bikes took to the start-line.

First from the line were the Pre 77 class and it was a well-deserved overall win for Craig Robertson who rode superbly throughout the day on his Suzuki and took maximum points from Dunoon man Grant McClure on the Maico in second. Alan Adair was equally consistent in this class on the day and filled the final podium spot in third from Tim Grindrod on the very rare Moto Villa in fourth.

In the Fourstroke class Andy Malloch showed the chasing pack a clean pair of heels to win this formula outright on his very fast 500 Armstrong/Rotax. Kris Crawford was always in the mix over the piece and hounded Malloch for the top spot over the three legs, although the runner up position would have to be his consolation prize for a hard days graft around the bumpy Powmill racetrack. Kevin McGuire brought his Honda XR home to the third place spot from Sly Greig in fourth.

There was no mistaking the rider that was on form in the Evolution class at Powmill.
As his brother Craig was cleaning up in the Pre77 class Gavin Robertson made it a family 1 - 2 with a motocross masterclass in riding bumpy racetracks. Robertson was lightening quick over the three moto’s on his old CR 250 Honda, and in fact he was officially lapping the Powmill circuit faster than the quickest rider in the modern Monoshock class such was his turn of speed. Although Robertson still had to fight his way to the front of the pack to overhaul Tom Grant who was by far the quickest man from the gate with three holeshot’s to his credit. Once Robertson hit the front though it was very hard for anyone to make inroads into the lead he put between himself and his pursuers. Brian Alexander was also quick on the day on his Honda but a runner up spot would have to suffice for his heroic efforts over the three legs. Tom Grant though was extremely quick over the piece but had to eventually settle for a third place spot.

The Over 50’s riders laid on some superb entertainment for the large crowd that had gathered on the elevated viewpoint of the Carden Farm circuit. Ayrshire man Archie Baird rode well all afternoon without putting a foot out of place and was the overall victor of this formula from Stewart Thomson second and John Cameron third.

By the time the first two blocks of racing were completed the track was becoming rougher by the minute as the Twinshock Open class took to the course. Paul Chiappa added yet more championship points to his already impressive tally with another clean sweep of victories. In race two it was Chiappa with the holeshot closely chased by Tony Caig second and Craig Smith third. Caig put in a superb effort to make up ground on the flying Chiappa but stalled his 480 Honda into one of the turns and dropped back down the pecking order. Chiappa decided to then back off as he had secured a substantial lead to the flag, although he never reckoned on youngster James McLean coming from virtually nowhere to catch his rear wheel as they both crossed the finish line almost together. Nevertheless it would finish Chiappa 1st, McLean 2nd and Alistair Aitken 3rd. Tony Caig would have to settle for a lowly 5th place overall due to a couple of unplanned incidents during the remaining moto.

It was fast and furious in the Two-Stroke Open class as Andrew White was the man to beat on what can only be described as an extremely quick YZ Yamaha. White was electric from the start gate and notched up three superb holeshots over the three legs as he was almost certainly the top man into turn one. Brian Colligan gave chase and was never far from the rear wheel of White’s machine and dogged him relentlessly over the three moto’s, although the track was now becoming extremely bumpy by each and every race and it was a real challenge to make up lost ground . Nevertheless White still remained composed and calm to secure the overall win from Colligan second and Shaun Robertson in third.

The Twinshock Under 300cc class riders appeared to revel in the tight and twisty layout of the Powmill venue as their machines weaved their way across the beautiful and undulating landscape. Chris Woodward would emerge as top dog in this class with a superb overall win on his CR 250 Red Rocket. Graham Miller gave chase to Woodward over the piece but could not get on terms with the flying Woodward, although a runner up spot on his 250 Husqvarna was a decent result for Miller come the chequered flag. 

Some of the best racing on the day was served up by the huge turnout of competitors in the Monoshock modern bike class. With the start gate filled to capacity it was still a major headache for the organisers to attempt to fit everyone in. Alan Shields did most of the front running in this class with three hole shots and some excellent riding skills over the three moto’s, although the overall win would still go to Neil Chatham 1st, Deejay Bruce 2nd and Alan Shields in third. 

A special mention here has to go to the Monoshock rider who took a major tumble after turn one in race 2 and had to get medical assistance from the paramedics. Apparently he unfortunately suffered a few injuries and had to be taken to hospital where he is undergoing surgery for a broken shoulder blade and collar bone. It goes without saying that everyone in the club wishes him well in his recovery and we hope to see him back riding with us very soon.

Kieran Smart continues to fly up the leader board to dominate the Pre 1990 Evolution 125 class and added yet more valuable championship points to his already impressive tally at this Round 3 event. Peter O’Neil was the best of the rest in this formula with a well-earned 2nd spot from William Penrice in third.

Summing up it was still a superb event and the weather couldn’t have been better to us all, personally I think the track layout was excellent although the unseasonally warm weather the week before baked the ground to a rock hard finish. But then again we would be complaining if it was too wet so hey ho!.

Next up is Round 4 at the superb picturesque Townhead Farm Stirling on June 19th which is as we know another fantastic racing venue. So see you all there where we are of course all virtually guaranteed more excellent Twinshock racing adventures.

Pre 77 Open Class
1 Craig Robertson
2 Grant McClure
3 Alan Adair
4 Tim Grindrod
5 John Fullarton
6 Donald Fullarton

Fourstroke Class
1 Andy Malloch
2 Kris Crawford
3 Kevin McGuire
4 Sy Grieg
5 Joe McLean
6 Ricky Caldwell
Over 50’s Class
1 Archie Baird
2 Stewart Thomson
3 John Cameron
4 Keith Birse
5 Jim Grieve
6 John Rutherford

Twinshock Open Class
1 Paul Chiappa
2 James McLean
3 Alasdair Aitken
4 William Pentland
5 Tony Caig
6 Ian Robertson

Twinshock Under 300 Class
1 Chris Woodward
2 Graham Miller
3 Alex Joiner
4 Mike VanDerMerWe
5 Ritchie McFadden
6 Lewis Hart

Evolution Class
1 Gavin Robertson
2 Brian Alexander
3 Tom Grant
4 Matthew Harper
5 John Crawford
6 Alan Reid

Pre 1990 Evo 125 Class
1 Kieran Smart
2 Peter O’Neil
3 William Penrice
4 Gordon Peterson
5 Craig Smith
6 Jonathan Young

Two-Stroke Open Class
1 Andrew White
2 Bryan Colligan
3 Shaun Robertson
4 Dean Hill
5 John Cockburn
6 Scott Foote

Monoshock Modern Class
1 Neil Chatham
2 Deejay Bruce
3 Alan Shields
4 Greig Maxwell
5 Colin McLuckie
6 Matthew Osinski

Over 60’s Class
1 Maurice Wharton
2 Jim Hendry
3 Bill Brown
4 Peter Allcock
5 Jim Smith
6 Ian Robertson