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By Joe McLean (Pictured above, getting his hole!)

Newsletter No2 August 2018



Well where do i start ,probably at the begining i think. Great weather welcomed all the riders that turned up for the fun day on Saturday the 25th to celebrate 25 years of Twin Shocking at Powmill. A great friendly atmosphere wafted over the super track and pit area and the casual approach by the top committee made for a super weekend of Scrambling and fun. The pre 70 and pre 77 classes ran together and some super racing was on show from these lads ,Sam Sibbald made a clean sweep but the following pack of Graham Miller ,Sandy Eccles and Andy Malloch put on a super show with them trading places just about every lap. The rest of the field put on a good show for the large crowd of spectators that had gathered on the amazing viewing area at the magmificent venue to witness some great racing. The Twinshock open class was won by one of our guest of honours , Paul Chiappa won his 3 races for the overall beating Mark Kenny on his thumper and poor wee Smitch who as usual was snapping at pauls heels in races 2 and 3 but a duff plug in race 1 ruined his overall with Mark lying handy to claim 2nd in this class. In the 250 Twinshock class it was current over 50 champ Jim Greive that took the spoils from Bill bruce on his rarely seen Canam and in 3rd on a Red Rocket was Stewart White making a rare appearance and still showing a good turn of foot and in fourth was Davy Watson on a white bike and another rarity in the form of Graham Naismith on a Suzuki came home in 5th overall.

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July Newsletter No.2 2018



Just a quick update on the latest weather scandal to hit these shores. We have never had to suffer this dry hot climate in this country since records began and it is getting a lot of people annoyed and flustered as they cannot get out for a wee shot on their motocross bikes.Well as you may all know by now we had to cancel round 6 on the instruction of your chairman ,Rick Caldwell and your safety officer Gary White after a track inspection on Monday night the 23rd July .Personaly i would not pass comment on their judgement but a few members seem to think all things can be made good with a few tweeks here and there ,well it does not work like that ,a serious decision was made and it looks to have been the correct one as we have no rain and i think if we do get rain it will be wet rain as all we have had recently is talk of rain that turns out just to be dry and hot .This heat is giving me demoantia. Anyway the top team (ME) went into overdrive and reorganised the event to be run a week later at Achnashelloch Farm Moto Track Lochgilphead ,the home of the Campbell family who gratefully gave us the use of their damp track. We could not fit round 6 in anytime or anywhere else due to double bookings etc. although i got pelters from lady Di as she is running an event 176 miles away at Duns on that date and a fruitless conversation where i offered to cancel our event if she could name 10 riders that do both championships,the Twinshock and The Borders ,guess what nadir ,go on then give me 8 i said ,again silence what that heck give me 7 ,back came a reply with 7 names 3 of which are not even Twinshock members so i rest my case with dignity .I have never begged,pleaded or even asked any other club to move a date for us and never will i think it is a lack of confidence in what you do that breeds a bit of fear of a low entry .My opinion is if riders want to race they will, no matter what the organisers do or say to attract them So Di i hope you have a good meeting and hope to get a big cuddle soon as i respect you as an organiser and a model.

ROUND 6 NOW AT LOCHGILPHEAD ON THE 5TH AUGUST 2018. Entries will carry from Drumclog .If you want to enter just send in Drumclog round 6 form .

We still await payment from the bounced cheque at Duns .

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Twinshock March 2018


Another year and what a super great event to kick start our 2018 racing season.We were lucky to get good weather on the day but the previous rain and snow made the track tricky with a few damp patches here and there,not everyones cup of tea but for most it was superb. Great racing in all classes and the spectators were treated to some brilliant

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September Newsletter No 2



Well folks ,here is another dose of joses dribblings from September in this great wet year of 2017. Never before have we witnessed so much bad weather at our events in the same year, well let,s hope the last round at Glenfarg is better for us on the 8th of October.We will be running a parade lap again as a show of support for our friend and fellow rider Sean Doherty who was badly injured 2 years ago ,Sean will lead the parade on a quad and all riders will be welcome to take part. I am sure it will be well supported and documented on film and DVD by our band of superb photographers and film makers.


The event at Alloa on Sunday went swimmingly well considering the rain we had,last race was off the track at 2-30 .last van pulled out the field at 7-00 pm . Not very good for the guys that had a long wait but what can we do about the weather ,other clubs get the same bother so it is not just a twinshock thing . Big Monty was back from holiday ,he had his big zoomer and his note pad out so the full race report and DVD of the meeting is out now on the club website and in the TMX .He is getting better at the repoting as we wean him back into the twinshock scene but I read his great report and he goes on about something being dusted,well if you saw dust on Sunday Monti youhave better eyesight than me as all I saw was glorious mud.


The new race format seems to be working well no first turn pile ups or any accidents to speak of on Sunday so we will continue in this fashion for the foreseeable future.I got a report of a committee man tampering with the start elastic behind the starters back ,if this happens again whoever is the culprit will be barred from this club as safety and respect are paramount in the club.The secretary (me) makes the race format for every meeting and every rider gets a copy when signing on.The starter is in sole charge of the start of every race so obey both or the consequences could be dire . We had few new faces racing on Sunday and some old timers making a comeback, I hope you all enjoyed your day and maybe come to Glenfarg where hopefully we will have a good dry day where it will be more pleasant for us.I see the mono entry is down we may have to put them in with the over 50s soon if things get much worse, check your format when signing on just to make sure you know the script.


There are still a few dance tickets left so if you want to be there I would advise you to get your tickets at Glenfarg .They are only £15 per adult and are not transferable or refundable as every ticket has to have a name against it for fire regulations .A big Buffett ,A big raffle , A big Dance and A load of trophies to hand out .Your vice chairman, Hoppy has indicated that he would give out the prizes as long as I am there to tell him what to say , I will have to have a good think about that one .


The club memberships are up on 30-10-2017 ,Memberships will be due for renewal at the A.G.M. which is planned for 26th November 2017 .Any items that any member wants put on the Agenda must be with me by 30-10-17 .Anything after this date will be binned .I will be proposing that we do away with a committee as it only causes friction and animosity as was witnessed on Sunday. The club runs fine with senior officials and has done for years.    The Dance on 18th November will go ahead as planned and we are still on the scrounge for raffle prizes .GET YOUR TICKETS SOON AS THERE ARE NOT MANY LEFT .ONLY £15 per adult.We still need all annual trophies returned thanks.

The Team points are as follows and things are on a knife edge and all to play for at Glenfarg .After a good showing in the mud at Alloa the Red Rockets are now in the lead for the first time in history ,it must be said that Hoppies men again scored well but alas all too late in the year for them. Still 4 teams in with chance of winning this great team event .


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