June 2016

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Here we are folks on the longest day of the year and no tan yet . Well the

meeting yesterday at Stirling was better than a fortnight on holiday ,the great banter and super people that you meet at these tremendous twinshock events in Scotland is just out of this world and long may it continue as we are now prospering beyond recognition. Anyway enough of my rantings . The meeting was superb,the largest adult entry of all the motorcycle events in Scotland on Sunday and yes we are also the cheapest to enter so get along to our future events for the cheapest entry fees and the best racing by far .Big Christopher is really back and he will have the full race report on the club website soon. I do not know what is happening with the other club website as the technical expert is trying to resolve some technical problems but it should be up and running again soon technically speaking. Litter picking again tonight and a full bag of rubbish.BE WARNED if I catch anyone leaving litter you will be barred ,if you think I am joking just try me .Tear offs are banned .

A mention must go to some of the riders that shone at Stirling , I am not a lover of man of the meeting awards but here are a few riders that would have been in the running for it if we did do them but we don’t so there. Tam Grant was in superb form and looks back to his old self in the evo class ,also in this class was newby to grass Paul Jonty Johnston who found the going a bit alien as he chased Tam home in races 1 and 2 but just nailed him in race 3.He coped well considering he had never even seen grass before this day and jumped on his mono bike to clean up in the mono open class. In the 2 stroke class Lewis Farrow on his new Husky was absolutely flying and Andrew White seems to have moved up a gear in this class as well .The hero of the day in my opinion was Wee Willie Penrice on his 125 evo bike who was mixing it at the front of the open evo race, yes he deserved the win in the 125 class.

I also thought Davy Mckell rode well to score some very much needed points for the depleted Omnitool team who seem to have knee problems old and new and too many grandkids who want to spoil them. They might make a surge in the team ratings as we now move into the Ayrshire month of July .

Yes folks it is the season of high points for all men as round 5 and halfway through our season looms fast with the meeting at Ardoch farm, Dalry on the 3RD OF JULY . Spectators go FREE at this event . Entry fee is still only £35 ,we don’t put up our fees for any meetings . We don’t do one off gimmicks then slyly pump the rider with increased entry fees or any such like fly moves. We are real men dealing with real people and only the best honest road will do for us and you .The cheapest best run event on the 3rd of JULY is at Ardoch farm Dalry KA13 7QJ. SPECTATORS GO FREE AT DALRY ON 3RD JULY.

Then on the 31st of JULY again with the entry fee still at £35 we are again hosts of the Ayrshire boys at the superb real track at Drumclog not the wee paddock for us yes lads the great Southhalls farm ML10 6RH for round 6 of the Scottish Championships .So there you have it a great month of JULY in or near AYRSHIRE for all you motocross fans .

Still on sale are the superb club Wulfsport hoodies at only £20 each mostly all sizes of pink left , and club polo shirts for adults in blue or black for only £15 each and a load of kids pit shirts for only £10 each,these bargain prices cannot last forever so be quick if you want a bargain, see me at DALRY ON THE 3RD OF JULY .

Monty has DVDs of our events for sale at only £10 each see him at DALRY ON THE 3RD OF JULY if you want to purchase any copies ,he also sells photos by special order . The club farcebook page is loaded with photos from Stirling all superbly taken by the great photographers that frequent our events ,they are very nice people and I am sure would sell you a nice picture of yourself in action.

TEAM NEWS The latest after round 4 is the Onestop racing team under the watchful eye of the Manager Callum Loudon have surged further ahead in the team challenge and are gelling well as we approach the halfway stage. Team Argyll scored very well also at Stirling and have leapfrogged Dial-A-Tow for second and could be the danger to the leaders but it is all to play for in the coming months .

Points to date

1… ONESTOP RACING                       841 Points

2…TEAM ARGYLL                                 725 Points

3…DIAL-A-TOW                                   692 Points

4…THE BALLISTIC 5                             617 Points

5…OMNITOOL RACING                       462 Points

6…DIAL-A-TWO                                     351 Points

7…BRITTONS FAST BOYS                     000 Points



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