March Again 2016


Hi again , it,s me with all the news and scandal from around the country about anyone or anything concerning twinshock scrambling and the men that are involved in the sport. First round of the biggest and best scramble club championship north of hadrians was held last Sunday at Southhalls ,Drumclog and what a superb turnout of riders and spectators at this super venue near Darvel. It was good to see big Monty back in action with his super zoomer getting all the action filmed and taking photo,s as well, also taking thousands yes thousands of action pics were our now resident gang of perfect picture takers,the lovely Caroline Napier ,the slender wee Pete Greenwood and the sexy male model George Smart all getting the action on camera for all you budding superstars to savour. Any rider that wants a DVD of the meeting can contact Monty on 07733130300 to order a copy or if you just want pictures of yourself you should get in touch with our photographers through farcebook. Anyway as I said it was a great meeting but a few of the regulars were conspicuous by their absence notably Team Fast Boys Britton it turned out that the manager ,the fast mover Gaz was away doing a bit of riding elsewhere on the day.All the lads were missing the Britton team on Sunday and we hope to see you all back in full force at the next round on the 24th of April.The full race report is on the club websites and will be in the T.M.X next week,. It was amazing to see Sean Doherty at Drumclog on Sunday ,always surrounded by plenty real friends wishing him well and no doubt picking his brains on bike settings for the meeting. I heard he made it to the top of the start hill on his all terrain buggy with the help of the gorgeous lou lou,it was inspiring to see him in such a jovial mood. I heard from Brian Allardyce at the weekend and he tells me he had a bad accident while practising the week before and ended up in Ninewells hospital with a collapsed lung, we wish you a speedy recovery and hope to see you soon Brian. On the subject of injuries , I must say that last Sunday,s event was the best we have had where injuries are concerned,only Sy Greig (dented ego) Donald Penrice (dented chest) after a coming together and your vice chairman John Hopton (dented track) after he vaulted over the bars in spectacular fashion were the only casualties that I know of ,so all in all a great day at the Clog.

The Team Challenge now in it,s fourth year after the successful launch by John Mckell from Omnitool and Mike Dobie from Rhino Boilers is already showing signs of being a great event to be part of . Off to a flying start are the 5 top shots from team Onestop and are out in front from the Ballistic 5 who will go to extreme lengths to hold onto their crown. In 3rd are the inaugural winners who were without the team Captain wee John who when told he was the Captain on Sunday thought he was the ships Captain and went sailing. ,only 2 points behind them in 4th are the winners from 2014 and showing great strength and could be the ones to watch.Dial-A-Tow had a pre start team change and they swapped Dave Pullar with Gavin Robertson from the Dial-A-Two team , straight swap .They are just ahead of the Dial-A-Two team with Brittons Fast Boys regrouping and hopefully getting back on track soon.                                                                                                                                                                            Positions.

1st Onestop 216 points       2nd   Ballistic 5 202 points               3rd   Omnitool   170 points           4th Argyll 168 points    

5 th   Dial-A-Tow 148 points                   6th Dial-A-Two 68 points       7th Brittons Fast Boys nadir

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Get those entries in now for round 2 at Lochgilphead on the 24th of April, there is nothing else on that day so we should see a good turnout of riders at this super venue.

We could see a resurgence of the jose heard column next month if jose can unearth some good scandal.

Thatsyerwhackthenoo joe

Thursday, August 13, 2020
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