March 2016


Well chaps and chapesses that is the season upon us already. This Sunday the 27TH March sees our Championship take off at the very good Southhalls Farm track at Drumclog ML10 6RH . The owner will be busy this week prepping the super venue for our event and hopefuly we can have a stress free day with no injuries or mishaps.Big Rick and his band of fine Ayrshire lads will no doubt be out in force on the Sunday morning to greet you all and we may have a surprise in store as we just might have some old mates returning to the fold .

We have ordered a consignment of new Wulfsport Hoodies in Blue , Black and a nice Pink for the ladies in all sizes ,these will be £20 each . Also on order is a big load of Adult Polo shirts ,I heard they were minted, these will probably be £15 each .We are also stocking up on a selection of kids Pit shirts ,the price for these is unknown at the moment but they will be cheap.

Most of the club Sponsors have signed up again this year.A couple have dropped their support but I have managed to enlist replacements so we will still be flying high and your programme will be ready for round 2 on the 24th April at Achnashelloch Farm Lochgilphead.

The Omnitool/Rhino Boiler Team challenge seems to get bigger every year. Now in it,s fourth year and for the first time we have all the past winners entered .Here are the teams so far in alphabetical order . 

ARGYLE   Ballistic   5   Brittons Fast   Boys   Dial a Tow
30 R. Mcfadden   16   J McLean   127 G Britton   29   J Hopton
22 J Doherty   1   P Chiappa   200   A Britton   55 D Pullar
86 G. MccLure   25 C Smith   172   l Britton   92 K   Smart
7 A Aitken   60 C Wilson   271 J   Britton   156 L   Smart
129 A Shields   119 M Wilson   721   E Britton   6 C   Robertson
Manager S Doherty   Manager Jose   Manager G Britton   Manager J   Hopton
Dial a Two   Omnitool   Onestop    
147 G Robertson   161   J McKell   2 M Vandermerewe    
525 S Robertson   141   D McKell   5 A Joiner    
65 S   Pullar   111   S Baird   9 Tom   Grant    
88 B   Pentland   45   G Whyte   18   J Colligan    
811 C   Meechan   44   R Caldwell   28 J Mclean    
Manager R Robertson   Manger J McKell   Manager A Joiner    

  We have made a small rule change to allow the Manager of each team to be a non rider if the team so wishes ,it is easy to see the reasons why but hopefully there will be no complaints about this. It has come to my attention that some team members have not joined the club yet and therefore cannot score points, it will be up to the team managers to make sure your team is in order and make sure they behave in a childish manner at all times. Any more members that want to lodge a team can do so at any time throughout the season. £10 per rider to enter and trophies and cash at the end of season dance to all participants, not bad eh.  


A wee footnote to Sean Doherty and Donnie Bruce and any other rider that has been injured doing what we all love doing, riding our bikes. We hope you are keeping fine , if you need a visit or any help with anything just let any of us know and I am sure you will have a lot of good people like yourselfs wanting help you or even just have a chat .     thatsyerwhack joe                                                                                                                                                                                                          


Thursday, August 13, 2020
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