January 2016




Well folkers that is us into the new year and I bet some of you have not even washed yer bike since Glenfarg. Now is the time to be thinking of getting everything in place for the coming season .Do you have your membership and IOPD licence yet. The SACU will be accepting our IOPD licences this year with a surcharge of £3 for insurance so likewise we will be charging a £3 surcharge “just because” . We will be accepting any official competition licences this year but they will all incur the ” just because” £3 surcharge This should keep everyone happy and smiling.


Have you checked when your transponder subscription is due. To renew your subscription you have to do it direct to . The cost for 1 year renewal is £40 or 54 euros if you live in that zone, so this is a reminder to you all ,it is up to you to make sure you are activated and your transponder is working with our system. You can contact the club timing guru ,Graham Anderson at any of the practice sessions that Sandy and Hoppy run in Fife when the weather is better to have your transponder checked or see Graham at the start of any of our events and he will check it for you.


We will be charging spectators £5 to get in at our meetings this year ,if any of you or any other people that read this have any issues with this ,you can go and watch something somewhere else for free , if there is such a thing, we pride ourselves in giving value for money and we have the right to charge when ,where and how much we like and as a good well run committee we reserve the right on such matters . Just clearing that up before we get the non paying moaners starting a debate on how this small group of grown sensible adults should run the club .Now that we have got that sorted as a bonus for spectators we will be allowing spectators in free at round 1 on the 27th of March at Southhalls farm Drumclog .This is a New Year welcoming gesture by the club and might happen now and again as we see fit.


The club will be ordering clothing soon and the most popular item just now seems to be the hoodies, so that is what we will be getting ,we will have them for sale at Drumclog at round 1 and I will try and keep the price as low as possible.


Your chairman ,big Rik Csaldwell has taken over the running of the original club website and he has all the forms for this year on there already likewise Ian “superfast” Gerrard is on the ball with the new website and you can also get all the forms and info there as well. .These 2 websites will be running for the foreseeable future for the benefit of all members and pubic alike. If any member wants to put any items for sale or discuss any topics on the websites please feel free to get in touch with Rik or Ian via the website or on facebook and they will get you sorted as they really are a couple of the best guys you could ever meet.


I went onto the old website site last week for a browse through the photo,s . Well I was surprised to see all the photo,s gone. I knew right away that sandy must have had some kind of computer problems so I got in touch with him and I was correct but all will be sorted soon as he is a super man at doing things for the club and he responds very fast if we ever need his assistance .so they should be back up soon. On the subject of cameramen ,I hear that our old mate Monty is sick of the other mob and is looking for a new venture and he is a very good man as well. who knows we might see him back in a new role soon.That would be a turn up for the books if we got Monty back on the payroll and yes he would be welcomed back with open arms.  


The classes are filling up fast and a couple of surprises in store so far,the 4 stroke class has more riders then ever at this time of year but the 125 evo class and the modern 2 stroke class could be on their last legs as only a couple have registered so far,if this does not improve soon we may just run the 125 evo and 2 stroke championship as a points only if there are 6 or less at each event ,or worse, just like the over 40s last year they could both be cut out of our programme altogether this would be a shame as it was once thriving .So the ball is in your court lads if you want these 2 classes to continue you would be advised to get registered now before its too late.


The open twinshock class is also on the up and this is good news as we are a twinshock club and this is the premier class to be in and where one man has dominated for so long that is getting a bit boring but new faces abound and hopefuly someone can give Paul a   run .Last year Smitch set the paddock alight by leading the premier class but he began to falter after three rounds apparently when Paul asked him for diesel money one day en route to round four Smitch took a stroke and never fully recovered as the thought of paying a fiver for a lift to Tinto was a bit too much to take .Any way could you dethrone the great Paul Chiappa if you think you are fast enough get signed up now for the great super 2016 Twinshock Championship.


New in from the I.O.P.D. They are strongly advising all clubs to BAN .HEAD CAMS OR GO PROS that are fitted on the crash helmet, this is due to riders getting injured more severely if they are involved in an accident with the head. we will have to call a committee meeting very soon to discuss this further and see if we will follow their lead.

Thatsyerwhackthismonth joe