August 2015


  Well well well my old codgers ,that is round 6 done and dusted and what a super meeting it was. There were a few that welched at the thought of getting dirty but the true scramblers and hardy souls they are just got wired in and enjoyed themselves with great pleasure.The few rain showers throughout the day made for some spectacular riding skills and the large spectator contingent as always thouroughly enjoyed the first class action.


We now have a great starter and timing team in place and headed by team leader Allan Hughes they all performed as expected ,even newby to the team Big Gaz White who revels in the pleasure of telling people where to go and what to do,apparently he had a sheltered upbringing and suffered a lonely existence as a youth with no mates and he really struggled to get a burd ,well he is now coming out of his shell and has a stoater of a wife and a guy with a similar upbringing in the shape of wee Davy Mckell as his best mate now ,by the way wee Davy is some shape tae., if he was an easter egg i bet you would love to eat him ,.

  On the subject of easter eggs ,i heard Spud humpty dumpty Wood was having bother on his sporting estate with poachers bagging his rabbits and crows,well sly old Spud set a trap and low and behold you would not believe who he caught on video,non other than that old poached egg Wattie ( ELMER FUD ) Bickmore, yes poor old ELMER now lives a lonely existence and uses the rabbits as sex toys and makes a nice crow pie every day to keep his paunch in tip top fatness ,well Spud told him he was going to sue him and elmer said come on then i have not had a good pumping since Nobber Anderson pumped me with an old set of ohlins and an alpha one frame.  ( i think i am losing the plot ,maybe we need monti back to do the newsletters ,)

  Anyway it was a cracker of a meeting and if things go to plan we could be going there twice next year,just a few adjustments to make then we will be sorted.  Did you hear about Smitch the Sandbagger, seemingly he had been playing the phsyco  with Paul for the last couple of weeks ,thats all i know .

   Allan will have the full race report on the new website and in the T.M.X News soon .and Grahame has the points sorted and sent to Gordon for updating the Championship positions. The Team points are as follows with the only big scorers  being the Dialers and the Brittons but no position changes ,it looks like The Plastic 5 have it in the bag and the NOBS are falling faster than Craig Meechan  at Garelochhead .

1..BALLISTIC 5 –                        J.Mclean , P.Chiappa , C.Smith , M.Wilson , C.Wilson                 = 1354 Points              

2. ONESTOP RACING -            M.Vandermerwe , B.Bruce , D.Fullerton , J.Mclean , D.Watson = 944 Points      

3, Dial-A-Tow -                        J.Hopton , D.Pullar , C.Robertson , D.Allan , K.Smart ,                  = 913 Points        

4, M.O.B -                                J.Harley , J.Cameron , R.Hamilton , N.Chatham , S.Napier           = 746 Points   

5,Brittons Got Talent           G.Britton , J.Britton , A.Britton , G.Miller , A.White                        = 677 Points    

6.Dial-A-Tow                          S.Pullar , L.Smart , S.Robertson , W.Pentland , W.Carstairs         = 337 Points   

We still have a large stock of the very good quality club  T-Shirts  for sale for only £10 each,in various colours and sizes ,we  also have the superb value wulfsport club racers  jackets for only £35

Most of you will have noticed that we have a new website under construction by the very diligent club member Ian Gerrard ,he will be amalgamating both websites soon and a new updated forum will be included ,give him another couple of weeks and it should be sorted .Any member or club supporter that wants anything put on the website,news,snippets,photos,dvds,etc. Should contact Ian directly via the website or as he is burdless you will see him and his mate Jimmy Harley trawling the red light areas every weekend looking for a bit of excitement.I should put you two in contact with ELMER  and you could all meet up and pump the dead rabbits and enjoy a nice big craw pie.

  Our running costs are going up all the time and i have consulted a few committee men to see if we can save some cash .The latest is that if we can get another 2 people with first aid qualifications we could manage without getting in outside help, so anyone that has a first aid ticket and is willing  to help out at our events and get paid please let us know soon .

Our next event is at Tinto Park Rigside Lanarkshire and will be round 7 of this great Scottish Scramble Championship ,we hope you can make it as there is nothing else on within 100 miles that is worth bothering about.

That is about it for the first news of August joe  



Thursday, August 13, 2020
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