July 2015

                  Twinshock Scotland Newsletter July 2015

  Well that is us halfway through the 2014 racing callender . A super meeting at Glen Fruin on Sunday. One of the best laid out tracks that we have raced on and after a week on Donny,s big digger ,wee Sean had the track all level and ready for the bowling  season,thats how good it was .A real good smooth fast flowing track and some cracking racing ,the only downside was the showers that came and went after the interval.

We were finished racing by 3-30 p.m. then the real monsoon let loose  but the hardy half dozen got wired in to get the track dismantled and we had held the trophy presentation and were on the road home by 4-30 p.m. .just a wee reminder to anyone that goes home early ,please read rule no.   Yes thats right no trophy and don’t ask a mate to collect it for you as in future this will  not happen. Sadly due to foreseen circumstances we will not be at garelochhead next year on the first Sunday in July,we have a super track lined up for that date in the Echlefechan area so that should be really good. The points were on the club Facebook page on Sunday just before Songs  Of Praise started so you should all have had time to study your progress or otherwise at the great meeting on Sunday. I heard a couple of our evo riders turned up on Sunday ,walked the track then went home as they thought it looked a bit damp and slippy,well what did you do lads,jump into bed with yer wife and get some of the same. Your great race reporter has a marvellous race report for this event and you can read it on the new club website  or the old website which is still up and running ,both websites will be getting amalgamated soon to avoid any confusion. There are a few good photographers attending our events these days and they are most welcome to take photos or film any or all of the races as long as we don’t get threatened  with any law suits everything will be hunky dory.Our resident picture taker,Caroline Napier  is currently enjoying a well earned break with superfast hubby Scott in Canada  ,we hope they are having fun and we look forward to Scott returning to the saddle soon.

  The next event on the Callander is round 6 at Ardoch Farm Raceway ,Dalry, KA13 7QJ ,on the 2nd of August 2014 This is a new venue for us  and as usual is sure to be a great event. The signing on will be starting at 8 a.m. as usual and we hope to get racing underway before 11 a.m. .I heard  through the grapevine that an ex member might be making a comeback at Dalry with his comedy duo of big Rik and wee Jock doing the piss takes while he does the filming,we will have to wait and see as we really miss him.Or is it him that really misses us,maybe a bit of both.who knows .

The club has a vast stock of the well liked wulfsport club t-shirts still for sale and they are only £10 each, now i am not one for bumming up any make of clothing and i am a stickler for quality and i have never in recent years came across any make of t-shirt that comes even close to the quality of our club ones. Get yours at our next event ,and while you are at it you can also purchase a paddock jacket for only £35 ,a bargain never seen before and never to be repeated.

. I have been instructed by a collector of huqvarnas  that he is thinning his collection and has for sale various runners ,racers ,cr models and wr models  .pre 77 and twinshock.for the low prices of ,from £1200 to £1400 ,yes thats right they are so cheap that they put the twinshock robbers to shame ,where else could you buy a race ready bike for that i know most of the time wasters and i have  instructions to count and check potential buyers money and credentials before you can see the bikes,so no cash,no myself if you are interested  07743912936. Just a footnote ,they are garaged next to his kennels,he breeds rottwielers and bull mastiffs.

  Team News . The team challenge is looking like a walkover by the Ballistic 5 ,who collectively score 248 .maybe next year we might get a team that can challenge them.The other teams are very closely matched and only 21 points separated 4 of them on Sunday with the top dogs being the M.O.D. TEAM  with 144   and bottom of the table was Hoppies no hopers with 63 points  in 6th . Anyway here are the totals so far this year.


1st  Ballistic 5              on  1111 points   

2nd  Onestop Racing  on  843 points                                                                                                                                                        

3 rd  Dial-A-Tow          on   727 points                                                                                                                                                            

4 th   M.O.D.                ON   654 POINTS 

5TH    Brittons Got Problems  on 567 points

6th    Dial-A- oh fuk it    on 271 points

  Thats about it this month so we will see you at Dalry on the 2nd August then again in August  at Tinto on the 23rd so 2 great events in store for the month of August this year .

Seeyassoon joe

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