September 2014



Well folkers that is another great meeting done and dusted, great weather and a super team running the event coupled with the best riders on the planet made for a cracking days racing at Leuchars last sunday. This event was rescheduled to leuchars as the original cardenden track had some internal issues and has been closed until further notice.

The racing was very exciting and super to watch, although the track cut up a wee bit during the day, all the true scramblers dealt with it without any problems, while the so called racers stood and watched like wet socks on a washing line. I saw a few classic diddies (as lugs calls them) spectating, I think they had a meeting among themselves to discuss the issue of bumps as they had never seen any before, the word in the paddock is that a big coup is on the cards at their agm, I await with bated breath to see the outcome, should be thrilling.

The full race report will be on Monty's page and in the TMX News soon so you can get the full update then. The points were posted at 5 o'clock this morning, (yes been up since 3-30 am ) and should be on the website very soon, if anyone has any issues or queeries about the points especially the 2 stroke class which has had 4 riders thinking they won the last race when in reality not a word from the real winner makes 5 winners of race 14, well the results are as I read them on the lapscore sheets, I trust our lapscorers more than any rider and I will back them before any rider, so I think it is now time for the 2 stroke class to supply its own lapscorers or the class will be ended never to be resurected in this club.

It was a pleasant surprise to see the part time photographer back on duty, that is twice he has appeared this year, yes Sandy (07711 650936) is back and will have his usual portfolio of pictures on the website very soon. Big monty (01383 720631) had the tool out doing the filming for the dvd which is on sale now and covers the whole meeting, very good it is too, I wonder if we will see all the holeshots ,he will probably have a few hundred photos as well. Both super guys can be contacted via the website . I think wee dod smart had his tool out as well and puts his pictures on the website too. The Pullar family organised a raffle for the benefit of Graham Naismith who had a nasty spill at tinto and is still in hospital, as far as I know awaiting an operation on his back. Ian Gerrard is keeping us informed and that is the latest that I have heard. Anyway the said raffle drew in nearly £500 and donnie bruce added another £100 to take it to nearly £600, all the prizes were donated by sponsors and friends of the club and i would like to thank you on behalf of Graham for everything. Thanks to Mickey Oates, Dunfermline Motorcycles, Top Tyres, Dial-a-tow, Better Bodies, the club, Donnie Bruce, the Pullar family and anyone else that donated prizes and also a big thank you to all those that bought tickets as that is what made it all worthwhile. We also wish Graham all the best and hope he has a full recovery mate.


On the subject of raffles this brings me on to the dance which is at Galston on the 25th of October, we are on the mooch for any raffle prizes for that momentous occasion. Tickets are on sale at Glenochil next week and are limited to 100, all trophy winners will get priority, so if you are not a member or have not won a trophy you may not get a ticket as they may well all be sold out. They are still only £10 per person, no discounts for children as it is essentially an adult event and if children do attend they are advised to wear ear muffs during the presentation.


Big Rick caldwell will be selling tickets at Glenochil and I will have a few so be quick and get them bought soon. Please could we have the anual trophies returned to me asap so i can get the new champions names engraved on them in time for the dance .


The A.G.M. Is on the 23rd of November at the Stables Lounge in Crook of Devon, 2-30 pm. start. Any thing that any member wants on the agenda will have to be with me in writing 4 weeks before the meeting so i can get it on the agenda ready for discussion, any one that wants to add any new classes to our already overloaded schedule, go and think again, we will be reducing the number of classes as some are uneconomical and some are just a nightmare.


The latest team points are as follows. Gary britton has shown his loyalty to this team challenge and will be sponsoring something special this year for all participants.



1 – team argyll = 1305

2 - dial-a-tow = 1135

3 – brittons got it = 1105

4 – ballistic 4   = 915

5 – baxters soupers = 847

6 – rhino race   = 792


7 – whiskey throttless = 104


It can be seen that the only movement recently in this great team challenge is the tussle between Dial-a-tow and Brittons got talent and yet again they swap positions as the fifers dial in some good results and some tidy class jumping and the Brittons cannot complain as they did a similar manouvre earlier in the season, this should be a thriller right to the end for the second slot as the argyll team look to have it sewn up but hey wait a meenit they are only running 3 riders just now and with a possible big load of points still to play for it might turn into the argyll nightmare so to speak, we wait with dedicated excitement in our bodies for the outcome.


I would like a bit of rider feedback from the Leuchars event as we may be going back next year if the majority of you liked it. Personaly from my point of view it was rather bumpy but from a club point of view it was really good and we should seriously consider going back next year, but i await your comments guys.


I have a few medium to small hoodies and zippers left at only £18 each, I will have them with me at Alloa on the 21st of September, if you would like to buy one i would urge you to buy it then as i am not restocking this year. The next meeting at Glenochil will be the penultimate round 9 of an amazing 10 round series. How time flies. Here is a thought for all you young guns, me 58 and my bike 33 finished all 3 races at leuchars and even maneged a holeshot at the combined age of 91 years old, just saying.


We hope to see you all at Glenochil next week the 21st for round 9 and a rumble in the stuble, with a bit of luck we will have the pleasure of watching Gav Robertson the newly crowned Brittish Evo champion at Glenochil.


I would like to on behalf of the club wish all the Scottish guys that are going to Farleigh Castle this weekend the best of luck and bring home the gold, but most of all stay injury free, good luck lads, I cannot make it myself as trotting comes before jolly jaunting around the country but enjoy anyway.


I have just realised that i have been doing this paperwork since 3-30am. This morning, it is now 11-30am. Looks like I am a right mug, 8 hours for the love of scrambling, aye right.


Any complaints about points, or anything else in the club could you please keep them to your self, thanks .



         avdunenuffthenoo joe


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