August 2014 (again)



Here we go again with another newsletter in the month of august. The meeting at tinto last sunday was a real cracker. Great track and super weather made for a super day for most of us. The bad news is that we had a couple of injuries. The Garden familly of father and son both succumbed to the track conditions and were treated at trackside and now both seem to be fine. Then there was young Ewan Campbell who also fell off and was kinda dazed for a short while, i saw him late in the day and he looked ok, and the worst was big boy Graham Naismith who had a jaunt over the bars and on landing very heavy sustained a nasty  thump. The latest we have is that he lost 2 teeth (it has been rumoured that he is taking over the club soon), 3-5 broken ribs and a nasty back injury of which we do not know the extent. His team manager, Ian (the jinx) Gerrard, will keep us informed on the forum how Graham is progressing and we all wish him and the others a speedy and full recovery.

Big monty has the full race report on his page on the website and it will be in the T.M.X. On friday. Also the big yin has loads of super action photos for sale and the full coverage on dvd ,order  any of his goodies by phone or email through the website ,his no. Is 01383 720631. Also i see wee Dod Smart has been taking plenty good photos at our meetings, I don't know if he sells them but you can see him at all our meetings  swaning about like a team manager with a lady that would get a slot in any fashion show as a top model by his side. His team riders are nos 92 and 156, nice they are too, I think our litterman, Gary has been eyeing them up but that is another story. Anyway if you want any of Dods photos just search him out in the paddock.

I bumped into Jodie Martin at Tinto, what a lovely wee wean she has just had and proud dad Jason is back on full song on the bike as well, things are looking good for the Martin family and granny Linda never even got pelted with stones while lapscoring this year.

We will be holding a raffle next week at Leuchars for the benefit of someone and we would be very grateful if you could donate anything as a prize or prizes, Dave Pullar Snr and his family will be organising and selling tickets so see any of them to drop off prizes or buy tickets from. We are also on the cadge for raffle prizes for the annual dance which will be the same venue as last year at Galston in Ayrshire. The cost is the same as last years super knees up at only £10 per person. As it is an adult occasion  and the air gets a bit blue it is advised that children wear ear plugs and will be charged at adult prices therefore all tickets are £10 each. Any raffle prizes for the dance can be handed to big Rik Caldwell no. 44 or big Gary White no.45 I also think there bitches the McKell bros will handle them as well.


We also need all the annual trophies back asap so I can get them engraved with this years championship winners . Please hand back all trophies to me at the soonest possible time or drop them into Dunfermline Motorcycles where i can collect them from.


The latest on Wee Smitch is that he had a small stroke and has a brain injury from years ago (haven't we all). He is on medication and he assures us that he is fine and will be scrutineering for many years to come. He also tells me he is selling a Maico but cannot remember if has sold it or gave it to Paul for a makeover, personaly if i wanted any bikes tarted up i would give them to mad mitch, I have been told he does a super job.


Round 8 is next sunday at the super Leuchars track near St. Andrews. I have been informed that the track has been freshly graded and is in perfect condition, this should be a cracker as well.


The latest team points with still 3 rounds to go that is a possible 900 points per team still to fight for.-


1—team argyll  =  1174 pts

2—brittons got more points   = 930pts

3—dial-a-tow  =  929pts


4—ballistic 2  = 753pts

5—baxters souper tools eh   = 747pts

6—rhino racing  = 685


7—needin whiskey n throttle  = 104pts


The big movers, indeed the top scorers at Tinto were Brittons got Talent, who again leapfrog the Hoppy Howlers into 2nd place. It is all to play for now as we get well into the last meetings of the season. Baxters tools are on the move as well. What a thrilling season this has been and it is getting more exciting by the minute.


thatsitthenoo joe


Saturday, July 11, 2020
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