August 2014


Here is your news from the month of august in this year of 2014.

Our event last sunday at lochgilphead made a promising start in the morning, bright sunshine, a superb track all freshly prepared for us and a super entry of very nice people ready to race their shiny bikes.

During race seven the heavens opened and down it came, yes rain like we only hear about and that was the end of what was looking like a superb meeting.

Monty will have the full race report on his page on the club website once Sandy shows him how to load it up and it will be in the TMX news. We only gave out trophies to the top 3 in the first block of races but if you raced in 2 races you will get those points. I have been getting grieff from certain mono and 125 riders about the position that they finished in their races, well lads keep this up and i can assure you there will be no 125 class or 2 stroke class next year, i have enough to do without getting my time wasted argueing about points, if you think you are so good give us a hand with the lapscoring. I will be checking the dvd when i get it from monty and if these points are correct as per the lapscore sheets i will be deleting you from the results. End of.... As usual big monty has loads a super photos and the dvd of the shortened meeting, all at very good prices. On the subject of bargains, we still have, hoodies and zippers for sale and still only £18 each. Most sizes, once these are sold there will be no more clothing till next year so get yours bought soon..

Our next event is at tinto park, rigside on the 24th of august, some of us had a run out at tinto a couple of weeks ago, the track is in super shape albeit a bit stony but jennifer promised me she would be doing a bit of stone picking before our event so it should be a great meeting if it stays dry.


1..ARGYLL RACING = 1034 pts

2..DIAL-A-TOW = 793 pts


4..BALLISTIC 2 = 681 pts


6..RHINO ONE OH = 605 pts  


Hoppies dialatow mob leapfrog the brittons into second spot but it looks like the argylers have it sewn up. It has been rumoured that our litterman, gary has been entrusted with the team managers job of team argyll, well he is doing a good job, i bet he will be bending over backwards to keep them on top.

Thatsitfurthenoo joe

Monday, August 10, 2020
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