May 2014

Newsletter May 2014


Here we have a newsletter from the man at the twinshock club in scotland. He is a nice man if there is no litter and no nasty comments left on websites. So for this month he is a nice man.

We had a very super event at powmill last sunday only slightly marred by a couple of showers but all in all it was a terriffic meeting.

A very well laid out track, wide and flowing, with the odd technical section thrown in just to keep you on your toes. Our new resident start and finnish team are on the ball when it comes to keeping the days racing going. So thanks to linda, kieran and allan for doing a superb job.

Monty was busy all day taking pictures and doing his thing with the video equipment, he will have photo’s and the dvd ready for sale any day now, he will also have the full race report on his website page on the club website. On the subject of the website, it is currently undergoing a major uplift, Sandy and his bitch are busy getting it upgraded and making it more user friendly, if you are having problems just now please bear with us and it will be all good soon.

I went up to the track on monday to check for litter and yes it never fails, there was some odds and ends lying about, I filled a carrier bag with the stuff, this is still not good enough but i have seen it a lot worse so i suppose things are getting better. On the subject of litter, i heard some old classic diddies were touting for entries at their meetings, if people want to race at your shite tracks they can decide for themselfs where they go, our riders are busy enjoying our events without you lot pestering them.

I also had a classic punter saying that he thought members got free entry if spectating at our great meetings, well the answer is no, but at our next 2 events, stirling on the 15th june and garelochhead on the 6th july all spectators will get free entry. In fact all riders in the pre 77 class that have raced at all our previous events will get free entry to race at garelochhead on the 6th july as a token of goodwill from me. I may do this at a future meeting with another class, so be loyal to your club and you may be rewarded. Only riders that have raced at all 4 events this year including stirling will be legible for the free garelochhead entry.

I heard that the smxf meeting at elgin last sunday turned into a bit of a nightmare for a few officials and riders, i dont have the full details but apparently a rider ignored a yellow flag and caused mayhem when colliding with officials that were attending to another accident. We as a club would like to wish all injured parties a speedy and full recovery and hope to see the smxf back to full strength soon. This shows what can really happen when a rider or riders disregard the marshalls warnings of danger. I would like to warn all our riders that if you ignore a flag signal, be it red or yellow you could be barred from this club for life, yes it is that serious.

The track building at stirling will be on wednesday the 11th of june at 4-30 onwards. We will need a lot of help as the big mell swinger monty is back shift and cannot attend that night. Myself and allan hughes will be going up next week to make a new road in at the bottom of the pits and we could be doing with a hand from anyone with a jcb that is local to stirling of course you will get paid handsomely for your services. The track at powmill is getting fully graded tomorrow in preperation for next years event. It is all go just now with the digger work as we prepare for what looks like another record breaking year, membership is at an all time high with 242 members this year and record entries at our 3 meetings so far this year. I heard it said in 2010 that the bubble has burst well not this bubble, we are flying high and long may it continue.

Some of you may not have heard about a slight disagreement on facebook regarding litter at a previous meeting, well the outcome of it all is that they have barred me for life from the said track, bear in mind i had barred myself 4 days earlier so them barring me was neither here nor there, anyway as long as i am running the club we will not be back to the said track and we have in place a contingency plan for next year to cover the said event and it should be great .

For reasons outwith our control we have had to rearrange our return to cardenden moto park on the 7th september and we will now be racing at comerton farm leuchars on that date. Jim (clanger) richardson for various reasons has felt that he had done enough at cardenden and was virtually running the place single handed, that and vandalism lead to him pulling the plug and closing the place so we had no option but to arrange another track for that date as the future of cardenden looks uncertain at the moment. I think jim had served about 12 years doing all sorts of work to get the place to where it is today but sadly with no help and his enthusiism gone he has decided to spend more time with his family. I dont blame you jim, that is how i feel a lot of the time but not just now as this club is so good that it is brilliant.

The organisers of the robbie allan 50-50 event on the 19th and 20th of july have relented and will now let riders over 40 years of age compete at this event, so if you want a fun day out and to see plenty super stars from the past get your entry in to john or jean mccrink now 07811 698157. This should be a super event and twinshocks are included in the programme of events. We will be at tinto park on the 24th august as well for round 7 of the premier scottish scramble championships.

Big chris monty is taking charge of the club stand at the great scottish bike show at ingliston highland centre on the 9th and 10th of august, any member that wants to help out or have a bike on the stand should get in touch with him asap as he is at an advanced stage in the planning of this excercise, contact him on 01383-720631 and he will keep you right.

Team points after round 3, team argyll are still romping ahead but a full team of rhinos saw a good leap into second spot and the movie stars from brittons got talent are not far behind in third, the big fallers are the ballistic 5 who saw jock cameron suffer from cheap chicken sickness and callum wilson suffer from lending his bike to someone that couldn,t look after it properly scoring efall.

Argyl l 577 pts  

Rhino 491 pts  

Brittons 430 pts 

Ballistic 425 pts 

Diala 411 pts 

Baxters 384 pts 

Whiskey 78 pts


We still got hoodies and some zippers for sale and club sport jackets, get them at stirling in a couple of weeks. Mind and pick up yer litter.


thatsitthenoo joe