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Well folkers that is round 2 done and dusted, great weather, a superb crowd of people (apart from the litter bugs) and one of the best run meetings that I have ever attended. The amount and quality of members just seems to increase year on year in this club, we are the premier motocross club in scotland I would think at this time.

 As i said it was a great meeting and the only real complaints I got were about the price and quality of the food on sale at the burger van, we will have that sorted for round 3 at powmill when our resident burger van man, william is back. Big monty has a load of photos and a full dvd of the meeting. Monty will also have the race report from round 2 on the website and in the T.M.X news.

We have been having issues with litter and a few members have made some wise suggestions, ian gerrard thinks we should charge spectators to get into our events, good comment ian but we do at some events and others it is not really practical. Wee davy mckell says we should give every rider at signing on a bin bag, what next davy, shake there boaby after they have a piss, i think the majority of litter is left by spectators so this too would be a waste of resources. Jimmy harley says we should increase the entry fee by £5 to cover the cost of paying a couple of people to do litter duty during an event, in fact jimmy and his mates that cant do the jumps could be our litterband at some events. Our consultant on these issues is gary litter, he had to leave our last meeting early as he was opening a kids playgroup in the north of england. He will be at powmill and anyone caught leaving litter will be banned from the club, sorry no more warnings, the time has come now that we must clamp down on this. You have been warned.

On the subject of warnings , you will see on all your entry forms a closing date which is always 1 week before the event. This will now be adhered to at all events and will apply to every rider that takes part in our events. All entries that are late even by 1 day will now pay the extra £10.No exceptions.

Gary Britton has approached me to offer some extra incentives for the omnitool-rhino team challenge. We are working out the best way to go about this but there will be added prizes at this years dance for the participants of the super event. Current points are as follows.

  • team argyll       383 points
  • ballistic 5          311 points
  • dialatow           293 points
  • brittons G.T.     279 points
  • rhino                244 points
  • baxters S.T.      236 points
  • whiskey throttle 31 points

The only movers this month are dialatow who jump from 5th to 3rd   and a bad show from rhino who fall from 3rd to 5th.

Our next big event is at the superb powmill track on the 25th of may, we expect a large entry for this event and may have to put a limit on the amount of entries we can take so if you want to race there you better get your entry in early and if you want to save a tenner, ditto. Powmill is 1 of the few tracks that we charge spectators to get in to watch, the guy on the gate has told me of people in the past making all sorts of excuses not to pay, well here is some news for all you idiots, i will be at the gate and if anyone tries to cheat the club out of admission charge they will be ridiculed so badly that they will leave the place in shame and the meeting will not go ahead until they are well away from the venue. If you are not entered to race you must pay at the gate to watch or go away.

We still have a large selection of zippers and hoodies made by Wulfsport, these are top quality and very cheap. I will not be restocking this year so if you want 1 or 2 you better be quick, only £18 each in blue and black and for the larger chjap we have them in red. Also in stock at the bargain price of only £32 each, we have the wulfsport ride jackets in all sizes, small to xxx large, these are limited supply and when there gone there gone.

If any landowner or track owner has any issues with me or the club please speak to me or any of the committee before making untrue statements on facebook.

thatsitthenoo joe

Monday, August 10, 2020
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