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By Joe McLean (Pictured above, getting his hole!)

April 2016




Well fockers that is round 2 done and dusted and what a superb meeting it was .great weather for a change and that unmistakeable friendly twinshock atmosphere all made for the best meeting in Scotland last Sunday .There was a superb entry at the Argyll track at Lochgilphead and some excellent racing in all the classes made the journey all worthwhile .The Saturday night entertainment was first class with your chairman keeping everyone happy with his lively banter .


The team championship is shaping up nicely and it looks like Callum Loudens ONESTOP team have increased their lead at the top of the table.the positions and points are as follows.


1st ONESTOP = 413 points         2ND BALLISTIC 5 = 362 points       3RD DIAL-A-TOW = 353 points

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August 2015 Again


Another great event this month , round seven at Tinto Park Moto ,Rigside  was a cracker. I am not slagging our past meetings at this venue but i mnust say that last Sunday,s  event was the best , the track was primed to perfection and a few  small changes  to the layout made for a very brilliant event. .Considering that the Kendal club clashed with our event  this year our entry was up on previous visits to Tinto. On the subject of Kendal ,it has been reported back to us or me  that a few people were spreading rumours at the Kendal event the we ,yes us had moved our date to clash with the Kendal event  this year .

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August 2015


  Well well well my old codgers ,that is round 6 done and dusted and what a super meeting it was. There were a few that welched at the thought of getting dirty but the true scramblers and hardy souls they are just got wired in and enjoyed themselves with great pleasure.The few rain showers throughout the day made for some spectacular riding skills and the large spectator contingent as always thouroughly enjoyed the first class action.

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Thursday, May 24, 2018
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