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By Joe McLean (Pictured above, getting his hole!)



Well hello again lovely people,just a wee update and race review from last Sunday at Lochgilphead. What super weather we had at round 2 on Sunday last at the great Achnashellach track which was prepared to perfection the previous week by that great ambassador for the sport ,Sean Doherty, Sean spent a few days re-doing parts of the track and generaly making things more user friendly for us old codgers .He did a grand job as the track was in superb condition and the weather which held up till the end of the last race made for a great weekend for all that made the pilgrimage to the stunning venue ,thanks Sean and also to Stewart Campbell the track owner for having us for round 2,we can only hope for more of the same next year.

The meeting got off to an early start with the race 1 boys showing how it should be done,in the pre 77 class it was the resurgent Gary Britton that cleaned up here with 3 consistent rides culminating with a win to claim the top spot from new boy to this class big John Fullerton in second and another Britton the sex god Ewan in 3rd.                               The fourstroke class was dominated by Keith Stanford who seems to produce a super turn of speed at this track to take the 3 wins in this class just in front of Sam Sibbald and ex champ Rick Caldwell in third after some great racing. The 125 evo class was dominated by Willie Penrice who seems to get faster every time he sits on a bike with the minor placings taken by Damien Carter in 2nd and Ewan Campbell 3rd. The youths gave a great display of riding skills and a good turn of speed to please the massive crowd of spectators that had turned up at this event .It was young Kyle Mcclure that took top honours from Harrison Grossett in 2nd and Conor Paton in 3rd.                                                         Next on the agenda was the over 50s class and John Crawford seems determined this year to win this crown but current over 50 champ Jim Grieve who had a brief swarree into the twinshock class but realised it was too fast for him made a storming comeback into the slower over 50s class with 2 wins and a 2nd to claim the overall from John who will take a bit of catching this year now and in 3rd with a great score was John Lamont who rode out of his skin at this track and a mention must go to Robbie Allan in 4th after a mega long lay off from moto x he still shows plenty skill and determination from his previous experiences on motorcycles . The super fast Twinshock class just seems to grow and grow at this club,with Brian Alexander continuing his winning ways with 3 wins from the multi talented Gordon Morrison with 3 2nds and the long time Twinshock hero of the club Paul Chiappa in 3rd and in joint 4th was Craig Smith and the classic nobber fisherman Walter Bonkmore who both rode well but the top men were gone.  The 250 Twinshocks again produced some great close racing and new kid on the block Callum Kilgour again scored a hattrick of wins to claim the overall from poor old Richie Mcfadden with 3 seconds and Lewis Hart just pipping David Stanford to 3rd. Richie caught his foot in a rut near the end of race 3 while leading and thought he had twisted his ankle but still managed to finish 2nd,his leg swelled a bit on the way home so his travelling buddy ,Grant took him to the local A and E where an X.Ray showed a broken Fibula ,amazing ,well anyway we wish him a speedy recovery and he tells me he hopes to be back in the saddle at round 4 at the superb Duns Motocross Tack on the 10th June, he can always volunteer to Marshall at round 3 at Powmill on the 27th May ,the easiest earned £50 on the planet ,yes that is what we now pay our Marshalls and we appreciate the work they do as it is and always has been a thankless job and a thorn in the side of many motocross clubs but we are sorted now on that front. Conspicuous by his absence from this class was the music guru Graham Miller but I hear he was pumped up the rear in the early hours of the Sunday morning ,I hope it was not too sore and you should go to the Doctor for some cream if you haven’t already been creamed and we hope you are back soon. Enough of my rantings and back to the race report. The Evolution open class just goes from strength to strength in this great club,it was good to see my old team mate Tam Grant back to his fast charging riding style and he looks to be just about back up to full speed but he could not hold off the special skilled Paul Johnston who was flying and took the 3 wins from Tam in second from youngblood Roy Potts who took the 3rd rostrum spot . Bryan Colligan was the top scorer overall in the 2 stroke open class after a hard fought tussle with Gregor Campbell and Andrew White with new boy to this class David Simmonds in 4th Peter O,Neill who had a puncture free day in 5th . The Monoshock open class was won by the fast and steady riding Des Halewood from Greg Maxwell in 2nd and the super fast John Adamson who suffered a broken chain in race 1 that spoiled his overall result but he showed great skill in winning race 3 on Sean Doherty,s old evo Yamaha but it wasn,t enough as Des and Greg had done enough in the earlier races for the overall 1,2. So to round up,it was a great meeting with plenty action and close racing in all the classes and we now roll on to round 3 at Powmill on the 27th May.If we have any budding track builders who think they can lay out a decent track at Powmill, come along on the Wednesday before the event and show us your skills ,you might even get paid for the effort.On the subject of payment ,we used to pay Monty £60 per event for doing the race report but I have not seen or heard from him since last October so I have been doing it for nothing in the meantime,if any budding reporter wants the job let me know and if Monty is absent you might get the job.I don’t know if Monty will be a Powmill but if he is he will be doing the report.

As some of you may have heard we are running a 25 year celebration event at Powmill in August. This will be a 2 day affair but only normal racing on the Sunday.The Saturday will be a recreation of our first event and will be Twinshock only .If your bike has one yes 1 shock absorber on the rear it will not be allowed to race on this day with one exception which will be any pre 77 yamaha ,yes pre 77 only as these were allowed back in the day at our first event .So are we clear here,no Monoshock bikes on the Saturday event apart from pre 77 Yamaha,s . Your Chairman and his floozy promise a programme of nice things for the Saturday, Le Mans starts,past masters parade ,a big tent with a band called Duke Street .Guests of honour include Mr Twinshock Bill Brown, multi champion Paul Chiappa ,Graham Ferguson and representatives for all our sponsors. Due to the cost of putting on such an event everybody will pay £5 at the gate ,if it is in your vehicle and is breathing it will be £5 that includes animals,kids ,anything that is living even the goldfish if you bring it .If you want to argue about this just don,t come as we don,t have the time to argue ,plenty warning even if you are racing it is a fiver to get in, but the good thing for Saturday riders is the entry fee to race will only be £20 plus membership ,day or full ,the club will cover any licence costs on Saturday only .Adults only pay at the gate on Sunday again only £5 to include a big juicy programme ,is this the cheapest club in Scotland ,oh aye joe oh aye I hear you say .Entry forms for the Saturday 25th August are included with this newsletter . As the club wants all members to be aware of our sponsors a programme has been mailed to all current members and if possible it would be great if you could use our sponsors as they are great people and it pays them to pay us to help you with discounts and great service so everyone is happy. Please support and use our Sponsors as without them we may not exist,thanks.

Dance tickets went on sale on Sunday and big Rick reports a massive amount sold so if you missed him last week be sure to catch him at Powmill as the amount of tickets is limited and when they are gone there will be no more, £15 per Adult on the 3rd November at Strathaven Hotel ML10 6SZ.No refunds .Rick and Gaz promise a night of unadulterated fun,fun,fun.

Team Challenge latest points are as follows . ONESTOP Racing have extended their lead and are now on 394 points In second with having hopped up the leader board are Dial-A-Tow with 282 points .                                                                   In third with 257 points are Colin,s kings and making steady progress up the board are TEAM ARGYLL with 255 points.

Graham will have sorted all the championship points and results and they can be seen on mylaps via the club forum or farceboak.Also plenty and I mean thousands of cracking photos by our regular photographers at Lochgilphead,we thank you all as without you all things would be dull.

Could you have a wee read of the club rules at the back of your free programme , we don,t have many rules so please adhere to them it saves us time and hassle.

That’s aboot it this month ,cheers joe

Twinshock March 2018


Another year and what a super great event to kick start our 2018 racing season.We were lucky to get good weather on the day but the previous rain and snow made the track tricky with a few damp patches here and there,not everyones cup of tea but for most it was superb. Great racing in all classes and the spectators were treated to some brilliant

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September Newsletter No 2



Well folks ,here is another dose of joses dribblings from September in this great wet year of 2017. Never before have we witnessed so much bad weather at our events in the same year, well let,s hope the last round at Glenfarg is better for us on the 8th of October.We will be running a parade lap again as a show of support for our friend and fellow rider Sean Doherty who was badly injured 2 years ago ,Sean will lead the parade on a quad and all riders will be welcome to take part. I am sure it will be well supported and documented on film and DVD by our band of superb photographers and film makers.


The event at Alloa on Sunday went swimmingly well considering the rain we had,last race was off the track at 2-30 .last van pulled out the field at 7-00 pm . Not very good for the guys that had a long wait but what can we do about the weather ,other clubs get the same bother so it is not just a twinshock thing . Big Monty was back from holiday ,he had his big zoomer and his note pad out so the full race report and DVD of the meeting is out now on the club website and in the TMX .He is getting better at the repoting as we wean him back into the twinshock scene but I read his great report and he goes on about something being dusted,well if you saw dust on Sunday Monti youhave better eyesight than me as all I saw was glorious mud.


The new race format seems to be working well no first turn pile ups or any accidents to speak of on Sunday so we will continue in this fashion for the foreseeable future.I got a report of a committee man tampering with the start elastic behind the starters back ,if this happens again whoever is the culprit will be barred from this club as safety and respect are paramount in the club.The secretary (me) makes the race format for every meeting and every rider gets a copy when signing on.The starter is in sole charge of the start of every race so obey both or the consequences could be dire . We had few new faces racing on Sunday and some old timers making a comeback, I hope you all enjoyed your day and maybe come to Glenfarg where hopefully we will have a good dry day where it will be more pleasant for us.I see the mono entry is down we may have to put them in with the over 50s soon if things get much worse, check your format when signing on just to make sure you know the script.


There are still a few dance tickets left so if you want to be there I would advise you to get your tickets at Glenfarg .They are only £15 per adult and are not transferable or refundable as every ticket has to have a name against it for fire regulations .A big Buffett ,A big raffle , A big Dance and A load of trophies to hand out .Your vice chairman, Hoppy has indicated that he would give out the prizes as long as I am there to tell him what to say , I will have to have a good think about that one .


The club memberships are up on 30-10-2017 ,Memberships will be due for renewal at the A.G.M. which is planned for 26th November 2017 .Any items that any member wants put on the Agenda must be with me by 30-10-17 .Anything after this date will be binned .I will be proposing that we do away with a committee as it only causes friction and animosity as was witnessed on Sunday. The club runs fine with senior officials and has done for years.    The Dance on 18th November will go ahead as planned and we are still on the scrounge for raffle prizes .GET YOUR TICKETS SOON AS THERE ARE NOT MANY LEFT .ONLY £15 per adult.We still need all annual trophies returned thanks.

The Team points are as follows and things are on a knife edge and all to play for at Glenfarg .After a good showing in the mud at Alloa the Red Rockets are now in the lead for the first time in history ,it must be said that Hoppies men again scored well but alas all too late in the year for them. Still 4 teams in with chance of winning this great team event .


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No.2 March 17 Newsletter


Howdy folkers on this lovely day in March , such a wonderful time to be writing this page or pages of news for you all to savour while watching corrie or some other pish on tv. Well what a start that was to our season last Sunday at Drumclog. First it is good to report no major injuries but there were a few wee nasties and we hope James Mclean, John Kenny and Dean Rutherford make a quick recovery.While browsing through the thousands of cracking photo,s on F book I came across some of young Ian Harrison and Callum Laid coming to grief in separate incidents ,they looked nasty but from what I gather they both walked away with no major injuries . That is the bad side of our sport now for the good side . I have never seen so many happy people at Drumclog ,a nicely prepared track,a super burger van with very tasty baps, friendly parking attendants,Rick-n-Gaz, gorgeous chicks at the signing on and free coffee at the Mickey Oates stand. Yes it really was a super start to our season ,there was close exciting racing in all the classes but the most enthralling for me was the smallest field on the day ,the Evo class yes great racing all the way down the field but the duo between Jonty and Gav at the front was motocross at its best.Would you believe that only 4 riders went under 2 minutes for a lap on Sunday and 2 of them were on Evo bikes ,I must mention the other 2 as they were flying as well in their class ,day member Aiden Christie and John Adamson who has declared his intention to do the full season with us ,I hope so young man so I can study your lines then dream of what I could have done .I see Monty has a super pre race report on film on his U-Tube channel and the full race meeting DVD will be for sale soon ,they are quite cheap and very good value for money,I will be buying one myself they are that good. The full race report by the big man will be on the club website and in the T.M.X. soon as well.

Parking was a bit of an issue on Sunday ,if we keep an area clear for emergency ,first aid vehicles and race control vehicles ,that is what we expect people to understand and obey, I went to see the timekeeper for 10 minutes and when I returned 3 yes 3 motors parked in a forbidden area .Not only did the race in progress get stopped but the meeting was held up until offending vehicles were moved .Make no mistake I will not hesitate to take this action again or even cancel a meeting because of this selfish action by individuals thinking they can park where ever they like .The First Aid Vehicles must have clear access at all times .While I am on my high horse there better not be any litter left at Drumclog as I hate lazy litter droppers and they will be barred from our events.

The tickets are on sale for our Annual Dance at Alloa Town Hall on the 18th of November 2017, now you might think oh fuck it the noo I will get them later in maybe June or July well they are selling fast and not many left now so if you don,t want to be there just wait till June or July when they will be sold out maybe even May depends on the weather. Only £15 per person not refundable 7-00pm. Till 12-45am ,then it is doon the toon fur a burd of which there is an abundance ,I even think Lee Britton might get a tingle.

The OMNITOOL-RHINO BOILERS TEAM CHALLENGE is carrying on where it left off last year with the Onestop Team out in front . This team underwent a reconstruction during the winter months with 2 of the stars taking a back seat this year but have recruited well with 2 new members scoring in abundance and 1 flopping but I suppose with the new rule that Vice Chairman Hoppy got passed at the A.G.M. where there are now 6 in a team and the worst score is dropped they now have the incentive to not be tagged as a flopper ,it is ironic that Hoppy flopped in his team this time. I was thinking of starting a new monthly flopper list where all the low team scorers got named and shamed , mibby jist mibby next month . Anyway here are the current standings after round one 

4th DIAL-A-TOW 154

a wee footnote ,if Brittons Had Talent had entered they would have been running
amock .   See you all at round 2 at sunny
Achnashelloch Farm Lochgilphead on the 23rd April                                                                              

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Thursday, May 24, 2018
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