Welcome to the Scottish Twin Shock Scramble Club web site.


TSSC (Scotland) Ltd was formed in 1993 


Welcome , We are based in Scotland and we will have 10 meetings scheduled in our calendar for 2017, at various venues throughout Scotland.  

All tracks are different & vary from, Natural grass terrain, Stubble parks to actual purpose built Moto X tracks. With these varied tracks we accommodate something for every rider. 

The Natural & Stubble Parks are generally tracks that are built the day before the meeting, so you are racing on virgin track that has not been battered by a thousand bikes before you which is extremely great fun. 

Looking to join the club? - Click on this link APPLICATION FORM to print a form  

2017 IOPD Licence    Click on this link IOPD LICENCE  to print a form 


No No No !!!!!

Remember - tear offs have been banned. These are a hazard to livestock that use the fields we race in and are an eyesore.


TSSC Forum

Click on the tab above to view, join and post comments on the new Forum. Get some use out of it and have some fun, but remember - ungentlemanly comments and language will NOT be tolerated. - The club reserve the right to delete comments and members (irrespective of who you are).

PLEASE join the forum, even though you do not plan on leaving any posts. That way the club can contact you direct by email for club updates. (your email address is not visible or available to others)


See ya... Rick

Sunday, November 19, 2017
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